Do squirrels eat wild mushrooms & do you like questions more than answers?

Do red squirrels eat wild mushrooms?

You’re wondering if red squirrels eat wild mushrooms, aren’t you?  You’re wondering if I really saw a red squirrel fiercely chomp into a wild mushroom, leap five inches into the air, grab the wild mushroom between its jaws and run wildly up into a nearby tree before releasing the mushroom and scampering back down, wildly scolding the dinner-spoiling photographer, aren’t you?

Are the leaves still beautiful up north?

You’re also wondering–like 99.99% of all tourists visiting our fair north woods–if the colors still gleam beautiful red, yellow, orange?  If the leaves still wave in exquisite colors on the trees?  You’re wondering if half the leaves have fallen on to the ground, aren’t you?  You’re wondering if we now have to fire up the lawn mower and chomp the leaves into tiny bits to allow better mulching for the soil, aren’t you?

Seen many deer lately?

You’re beginning to wonder–aren’t you?–are there any answers in this blog?  Do only questions exist?  Where are the answers?  Can a blog of only questions provide any satisfaction?  Can you find the answers to the questions hidden within the questions?  Can you comment with only questions–while providing answers hidden in your questions, of course?

Seen any good reflections lately?

Did Kathy enjoy the Book Club she hosted at her house last night?  Did the seven women like the potato kale soup which contained the hidden ingredient of fennel?  Did the book club members enjoy the James Oliver Curwood books they read during the last two months?  Did their mouths drop open with awe and amazement as they watched a DVD called “Bear” inspired by our home-town author, James Oliver?  Did we all know that James Oliver Curwood wrote his books from our fair Arvon Township back in the 1920’s?  Did we know that the books–while easy reading–are actually intriguing and fun and filled with twists and turns? 

(Did Kathy finish washing her dishes yet?  Finish her meditation?  Or is she lost in Blog World once again feeling energized by creativity?)

How 'bout gray squirrels?

Has Kathy bought her new camera lens yet?  Is she procrastinating?  Does she have any time to take pictures these days?  Must she take pictures this weekend because she doesn’t have anymore in the current folder? 

How 'bout deer curled up in a ball on your lawn? Seen any of them lately?

Do you love the photo of this deer?  Don’t you think she’s sweet?  Do you care that the photo is soft and fuzzy and unfocused?  Do you like how she blends into the background, how she relaxes fully in plain sight? 

Do you have lots of questions?  Aren’t questions more fun than answers? Do you insist upon answers or can you live with the questions themselves?

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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31 Responses to Do squirrels eat wild mushrooms & do you like questions more than answers?

  1. Jeff Stroud says:


    I don’t have any questions now, you answered them all with your blog and photos!
    Always fun to journey with you!


    • Kathy says:

      Aren’t you a lovely friend, Jeff? Are you sure you don’t have any questions? Are you sure I anwered them ALL? Can you hear me laughing?

  2. holessence says:

    Did you know that I always (yes always) glean something wonderful from reading your blog posts — regardless which one of the three I’m reading?

  3. Tammy McLeod says:

    Well, I do like answers but I really try to create questions that aren’t a yes or no answer. Hmmm, inspiration for a blogpost. Thanks Kathy.

  4. Kathy says:

    Tammy, am I impressed with your answer? Am I happy that you’re inspired for write a blog post on this subject? Will I read it? Are any of these questions that aren’t really yes or no answers? Is it hard to answer comments with questions?

  5. great post! I love that red tree! We don’t see much of that here in California.

  6. Colleen says:

    Yes, it seems as if this is what life is about…the questions. The answers may come (or not) and then might go. And they might change overnight or even in the next moment but the questions are always there.

    I love your “reflections” photo. And yes to your question…..every moment of every day!

  7. Kiah says:

    Are you silly today?

  8. Susan D says:

    Ever since I read this delightful post, can’t get that old Moody Blues song, Question, out of my mind.

    “Why do we never get an answer when we’re knocking at the door
    with a thousand million questions ….”

    “And when you stop and think about it
    You won’t believe it’s true
    That all the love you’ve been giving
    Has all been meant for you.”

    Today, I can’t say it any better. Thanks to Kathy Drue and Justin Hayward.

    The squirrel and the mushroom, and the “misty” deer are my fave photos today…..

    • Kathy says:

      Don’t Justin Hayward and I thank you? Isn’t it interesting when songs sing themselves inside our heads? Are squirrels fierce when it comes to mushrooms? Aren’t deer soft when they curle up on the lawn? (Is this driving everyone crazy?)

  9. Carol says:

    Do I like answers to questions? Yes, I think I do, how about you? Did the laying down deer really want you to just go away and leave it alone? Do red squirrels sometimes get high on wild mushrooms? Do squirrels, in general, act a little crazy sometimes? And do those same squirrels get a little grumpy sometimes? And what did you have for breakfast this morning anyway?

  10. Kathy says:

    Carol, am I delighted you played along? Did I have to stop answering comments from former blogs to run over here and answer you? Do you think the deer got spooked and ran away when it saw the long lens of the camera and thought it was a gun clicking away at her? Do you think squirrels need drug treatment centers after an autumn of mushrooms? Do we think squirrels have the same kind of emotions as humans? Do you think I ate–what did I eat for breakfast?–Kashi wheat Chex type cereal with almond milk? Do you think you are right if you say “yes”? Will we be excited when we give ourself permission tomorrow not to write in questions?

  11. Elisa's Spot says:

    Did you know that I always think in questions? Are you aware that my insides lit up at this special blog that helped to order the cleaned and the uncleaned awarenesses until giggles bubbled forth in delight?

    • Kathy says:

      Do some people–such as yourself–ALWAYS think in questions? Do you ever answer yourself? Do questions delight you as much as me? I’m thinking they do, aren’t you?

  12. Dawn says:

    Very good questions Kathy! Husband, my aunt and I visited Curwood castle down here in Owosso a year ago September and I wrote about it here:

    Sept 7 2009 if that link didn’t work… 🙂

    After my visit I read one of his books too..but I don’t think it was Bear. I loved his writing room overlooking the river…


    • Kathy says:

      Am I really amazed that Curwood had a castle down near Owosso? Wouldn’t I like to visit it some day? Am I still asking questions the next day? Did you know that the next Curwood book I am reading is called Flower of the North?

  13. Karma says:

    Do I think that you would be a perfect contestant on Jeopardy? 😉

  14. Martha Bergin says:

    Love your questions, Kathy! And I love your pictures!

  15. Great trip through the Fall…..Including ALL the questions!

    Due to my profession, there are a lot of questions ti be answered. I find that I am usually the one doing the answering…….

    • Kathy says:

      Kim, sounds like you get lots of questions during your days? Oops, did I almost forget to put that question mark at the end of that last sentence? Isn’t this funny?

  16. Cindy Lou says:

    I was going to be a smart aleck and go through just listing answers to your questions…..decided it would take too long! Just know that you and your silly self have me smiling away at this early hour!

    • Kathy says:

      Wouldn’t it be fun to answer all these questions if we had time? Don’t we love this Indian Summer weather we’ve been having? Are you drinking tea now too?

  17. barb says:

    Do you know why I came back to visit you and saw this older post I wanted to read? Do you suspect it was because I saw the brilliant colors of fall? Or, could it be because I thought maybe your wish of seeing a deer lying in the field came true? Do you think reflections ask more than tell? Who knows?

    • Kathy says:

      Am I impressed that you’re commenting in questions, Barb? do I want to know why you came back? Did I just go back and read your comment again so I could see that you came back because of the fall colors or the deer wish? Who knows indeed?

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