Barry steals my camera & photographs deer

Oh say can you see...

I have no will power these days.  In the morning I say, “Forget it, Blogger. No blog today. You’ve had enough to say.  You’ve blogged for 30 days in a row.  Silence now!”

At 4 p.m. all Will Power goes out the front door. 

The sly Blogger says:  “But, excuse me!  I must blog!  I have photos in the queue.  We don’t want the photos to pile up, do we?  We must speak!”

By the dawn's early light...

Thus I find myself at the computer once again.  On WordPress.  Staring at the words “Add New Post“. 

What to talk about today?

All last year, during the 365-day Outdoor Blog commitment, I talked only about What Happened Outdoors.  It was actually quite simple.  You went outside the front door and reported whatever presented itself.  It could be boring.  It could be exciting.  But you steadfastly reported What You Saw and Heard and Felt.

Deer glances up, assessing situation.

This year it’s trickier.  (And more fun!)  I can write what I feel.  What I think. Even if it has nothing to do with the outdoors.  Some of the readers who enjoyed last year’s post ran in horror.  They liked the outdoor reporter better.  The reporter who added some thoughts and feelings, but kept the focus on the outdoors. 

Deer returns to munching grass.

Nonetheless (all the more?) today I shall report some doings.  Are you ready? 

I VOTED!  (This is not a something of which I am proud.  I was one of the most ill-informed voters in the Universe.  It was shameful, what happened in the privacy of the polling booth.  Shameful.  You can blame it on our lack of television.  Or the lack of desire to be more informed.  I don’t even want to tell you how I voted for some of those University Regents.  But, suffice it to say, many parties were covered.  I voted Green Party, Democrat, AND Republican.   Shhh…you’re not suppose to say this in public.  Let’s continue on to more acceptable dinner-table conversation…)

I walked three miles with my friend, Bertha.  These weren’t three ordinary miles.  I can tell you this because she doesn’t usually stop to read the blog–although she probably will today, because I’ve mentioned her name.  But this woman is one of the fastest walkers in the Universe!  Truly she is!  She walks so fast that smoke appears on her heels.  So fast that the dogs can’t keep up with her.  The cars can’t keep up with her!  We walked so fast I am still attempting to recover.  Had to come home and nap.

I was downstairs doing laundry and photographing light on spider webs–light on spider webs, can you imagine??–when Barry came home.

“Where’s the camera?” he shouted.  (We both love the new camera, we do.)

I climbed up our circular stairway and mutely handed it to him.  He opened the front door and began talking to one of our neighborhood does.  He talks to them all the time.

“Hey, doe-head!” he says. 

I am momentarily envious that he has the new camera.  How close is it focusing?  How close is he getting a photograph?

He hands me the camera.  I download the photos.  Awww…isn’t the doe cute?  Shouldn’t a blog be published?  Who said a blog shouldn’t be published anyway?  Even though we swore we wouldn’t write a blog today…

Oh no!  After thought!  What a terrible headline!  What will husband think?  Should blog-writer have written the word “steal”?  After all, the camera belongs to BOTH of us.   I willingly placed it in his hands.  Honey, I’m sorry.   You took the BEST photo of deer thus far with this camera.   Thank you!

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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28 Responses to Barry steals my camera & photographs deer

  1. holessence says:

    Barry – Great photos!

    Bertha – With this type of a bio, I’ve simply GOT to meet you: “She walks so fast that smoke appears on her heels. So fast that the dogs can’t keep up with her. The cars can’t keep up with her!”

    • Kathy says:

      I suppose you could keep up with Bertha, Laurie. You could. Even when walking faster than the running deer. You come up and visit us and maybe, just maybe, I could arrange a walk. Or would that be a RUN?

  2. K Odell says:

    lol- will power? do we need to start bloggers anonymous? My name is K, and it has been 3 days since I last blogged!

  3. Elisa's Spot says:



    • Kathy says:

      Yes, Elisa? Do tell!

      • Elisa's Spot says:

        OH sheet! I forgot to say!! roflmao i was/am very excited!!!

        On the way back from the garage with the car tonight at sunset, around 2 corners I thought and I smiled…wow the trees are very bare here and WOW that is a very large bear….BEAR
        and i opened the door (lost mind there)
        and i talked to the bear!!!
        It sat down and sniffed and looked at me and sorta did a weavish thing with its head. So, I backed the car up!

        And opened the door(mind still lost)
        and had a chat with the bear. I thanked him for stopping and chatting he grunted, got up and wandered away!!!
        NOPE camera NOT in car sigh
        YAY A BEAR!!!!

        • Kathy says:

          Elisa, I am simply delighted and amazed! How wonderful that you conversed with a bear today. What a wonderful way to start a day… Thank you for sharing that with us.

  4. Colleen says:

    Well……I, for one, am very interested to hear that blogs have minds of their own. Hmmmm. One’s imagination could definately run away with this one. We non-bloggers learn something new everyday.

    Your dawn colors are very lovely, very similar to our winter dawns here. Such a special time of the day. Do the deer take refuge on your property for the month of November. Just wondering.

    • Kathy says:

      Blogs have such minds of their own! I am almost always befuddled by which direction they want to go. They turn left and they turn right and then upside down and the blogger can only follow wondering where the heck they are headed next.

      The dawn yesterday was absolutely beautiful here. I ran outside on the deck in bare feet–bare feet mind you!–to snap these photos. As for the deer, they are here on and off for much of the year. They leave for most of the winter to bed down in the cedar swamps.

  5. Dad says:

    Kath—Glad you voted!!!! You need Latte before you walk with Bertha again! Dad

  6. Carol says:

    Your photos are always so perfect. IF I blog tonight ( my mind is in neutral) it will probably be another one of those aimless ones. I’ve always blamed it on my wandering mind, so I’m very glad to hear that it’s the blog that’s doing it.

    Elisa, you have got to start carrying a camera with you always!

  7. Great Pictures!!
    Yes I believe Laurie could have smoke on her heals too….

    I would just to get a gaze at the area around you…it looks so peaceful…

  8. Marianne says:

    The doe is so cute! Very funny, “My name is Kathy and I can’t stop blogging.” Very, very funny! Maybe it’s late and I’m giddy or I’m, as I shared on my blog, “Drunk with gratitude.” (hehe) I like the bare forest and the beautiful cloudy sun colours too.

  9. Cindy Lou says:

    I actually felt more informed than usual this year (like you, in the past, I played some pretty interesting ‘games’ to pick those regent guys?!?) thanx to the League of Women Voters insert in the Gazette. I read through all their positions and then took the handy ‘clip and take to the polls’ piece with me! Felt quite proud of myself for a change!

    Elisa, how very cool you got to visit with a bear! 🙂

    You and Barry share so well – all ‘youse’ guys’ pictures are great today!

    • Kathy says:

      I honor you, Cindy Lou. Last time I was super (just typed ‘supper’) informed before voting. Barry warned me with an evil eye that I should get my act together. Sigh. I should have called you!

  10. jeffstroud says:

    I always like to humor your find to write with, even if barry did not steal the camera… it gets readers attentions. Plus you have taken the everyday events of life and made them humors, exciting and even interesting!
    Yes Barry took some great photos of the deer, yet I really like the first sunrise shots!!!

    • Kathy says:

      I don’t know where the humor comes from, Jeff. My son told me recently that I’m not that funny a person. ha ha! However, other people (like Susan D) think I’m hysterical. Isn’t it funny how we have different sides of ourselves? I’m much more outgoing in writing than in person. What about you?

  11. Karma says:

    Perhaps even more telling about your headline is the fact that you wrote “MY camera” – you say it belongs to you both, but your headline just might be sharing how you REALLY feel, LOL! They do have a tendency to cause feelings of possessiveness! 😉

    • Kathy says:

      It’s funny, Karen, I had to fore-warn Barry about my possessive headline. He got all indignant and said, “It’s YOUR camera! It’s not MY camera!” I told him it’s both of ours. I said, “what if I die?” He rolled his eyes and said again, firmly: “It’s your camera.” I said, “It’s both of ours.” We’re at a stalemate.

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  13. Robin says:

    It’s a great deer photo. 🙂 I think I know what you mean about feeling momentarily envious when handing over the camera. I feel that way when my husband takes the camera. Notice I called it “the” camera as M would say it’s my camera and I would say it’s ours.

    I have a friend like that, one who “walks so fast that smoke appears on her heels.” It takes a day or two to recover from walks with her. lol!

    • Kathy says:

      I am glad you have had similar experiences, Robin. I wonder why our husbands insist the cameras are ours? (The tops of my feet hurt two days later. No kidding. That’s how fast we walked!)

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