When the air conditioning unit of your airplane malfunctions…

Travelers: Is your glass half full or half empty?

 I may become a Permanent Traveler.

I may leave home and travel forever.

Do you want to know why? 

It’s because when I am traveling I often get in the “Zone”.  You know what the Zone is, don’t you?  The Zone is that place where everything seems more connected, energized, perfect.  You feel joyous and creative and flexible.  You feel like anything could happen–and nothing could disturb your peace of mind. 

Things aren't always what they seem.

It started on the runway down at Fort Myers Beach yesterday.

We taxied for take-off.  We stopped.  Long pause. 

Captain:  Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for the delay.  There is something wrong with our air conditioning unit.  We’re talking to maintenance now and going to try to fix it.

All around me people start grumbling.  They’re getting nervous.  But me?  I am in the Traveling Zone.  That place where nothing can go wrong.  My inner Traveler is convinced that the plane could go down–go down, mind you!–and it would be exactly what the Universe intended.

(Although, I do remember several years ago during a trip from South to North when lightning struck all around the plane.  Turbulence shook the plane.  Do you think the blissed-out Inner Traveler sat there prepared to depart the planet?  Oh no!  I shook.  I prayed.  I hoped we wouldn’t die.  The plane had to land in Indianapolis for the night and we survived.  It was a temporary departure from my usual traveling calm.)

Back to yesterday.  We linger on the runway outside of Fort Myers for an hour.  Of course this makes many of us unable to meet our connecting flights.

I am, however, unflappable.  It is all Meant to Be.  Perhaps if we met our original flights we would all die in a lightning storm.  Perhaps I would have hit a deer while driving home in the dark.  Who knows?  The Divine Travel Planner is in charge.  We must just go with the flow.

I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t surrender to the Divine Travel Planner.  Why fight against “What Is”?  Why grumble?  Why fuss?  Why not wait to see–with grand excitement–what the Divine Travel Planner (DTP) has in store for the passengers who missed their connecting flight?

Guess what the DTP had in mind for those of us traveling to Marquette?  A night in the Four Points Sheraton in Detroit!!  Can you imagine?  How cool is that?  (Interjection:  I have succumbed to nervousness when missing flights when it was necessary to get home.  When it was important.  Then it gets challenging to remain completely accepting.)

I don’t understand the frowns on the faces of some of the other travelers.  They didn’t have to be home (at least it didn’t appear they had to be home).  They railed.  They grumped.  They frowned some more.

I cheerfully discovered the restaurant at the hotel and met the nicest waitress who is writing a book after discovering blogging.  Yes, you read that sentence right!  We chatted excitedly.  I drank a glass of wine, ate chicken fajitas and wandered upstairs with a cup of decaf coffee (with sugar!  High excitement!)  Read and commented on blogs for almost an hour before drifting off to sleep by 8:30 p.m.  Big night in Detroit!

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein

On to the airport this morning.  People were grumbling about airport search procedures.  People were grumbling about the early hour.  About travel inconveniences. 

People, people, people!  Turn it around.  The Divine Travel Planner has it in order.  No matter how crazy it looks–it is a gift.  An opportunity.  A present to unwrap!  There’s a reason why they call this moment “The Present”.  It’s meant to be unwrapped and enjoyed, you know.

I got on the last leg of the trip–from Detroit to Marquette–murmuring to myself, “Oh wouldn’t it be nice to have two seats to myself? Not to have a partner?”

And–sure enough–the DTP complied.  What a cool gift!  Two seats to stretch out in.  (But here’s the trick, folks.  If the DTP doesn’t comply and gives you a seat partner you think cheerfully, “Oh how wonderful!  Here is someone I am supposed to meet…”)

I don’t think of this as being a positive thinker, by the way.  When I TRY to think positively, I often end up getting caught up in dual thinking, trying to avoid the negative.  This is, rather, a tendency to recognize the gift of what is offered in the moment and embracing it.  If the DTP gave me some sad thoughts, I might just decide to cry for a while.  Grateful–of course–that there are moments in life to embrace sadness.


But now I’m done traveling.  Back home.  It’s not always so easy to remember that there is a Divine Travel Planner implementing everything just perfectly.  For example:

I just sailed over to one of the dozens and dozens of blogs I visited last night and this morning.  Looked for my comments on their blogs–which took a long time to write.

HALF OF THE COMMENTS ARE MISSING!  Where did my comments go?

I could feel annoyance rising.  Panic rising.  Darn it!  How could so many of my comments have been eaten? 

“Don’t worry!  Be Happy,” the Jamaican voice sings in my head.  I frown at the inner singer, but start to remember the DTP philosophy.  OK, relax.  Breathe deep.  How can I view this in a way that flows with life rather than resists it?

I KNOW!  The DTP simply wanted another example of how to turn things around.  The DTP wanted this story to be part of this blog.  That must be it.  Must be.

And suddenly Gerry (from Torch Lake Views) writes an email.  She just found two of my comments in her spam filter.  YES!  The spam filter probably caught them because they came from the Sheraton.  Must be.

So all you regular commenters–you know who you are–check your Spam.  That’s where I’ll be hiding out.  You know, seeing what it’s like to hang out with the Spam.  Smile when you retrieve me, please.  It wasn’t my fault.  It was the Divine Travel Planner…

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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43 Responses to When the air conditioning unit of your airplane malfunctions…

  1. Sue says:

    Hooray, you’re home, and it looks and sounds like you had a mighty fine time! I’m with you on all of the above….I love traveling and the delights it brings…..even when things don’t go as planned. I love a surprise! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, Sue, you would be one of those in-the-flow travelers. I can just see you loving the surprise. I wonder why some of us respond this way and others of us just get grumpy? Do you think the reason we love traveling so much is that we get to experience The Zone?

      • Sue says:

        I think that it’s that there are no worries and everything is new again. If we travel without expectations, we get to experience life again as we did as a child. Is that what you mean by the Zone? If so….than yes! 🙂

  2. holessence says:

    Kathy – Inner Traveler, and Divine Travel Planner! I just found multiple comments from you in my WordPress spam folder (and have replied to each of them). I do think it’s because you weren’t sending them for your normal location.

    This is a great post!

    I remember a very bad landing in San Diego. The plane landed so hard that all of the overhead compartment bins popped open and many things came falling out. People were utterly panick-stricken! Some were crying, some were screaming. I was thinking, “How, exactly, is this going to help the situation?” I think I was more disturbed by what was happening with the people around me, than by what had happened with the landing.

    • Kathy says:

      Laurie, I am glad you were amused by this blog. And liked it. I suspect I ended up in spam because I was a Hobo and someone interepreted that as Spam. You know, like being labeled a terrorist. Watch out for your blogs! She’s going to blow them up from the Sheraton! (Excuse me, probably need more sleep or somethin’… LOL) Smiling at your reaction to that very bad landing. I can just imagine your thoughts.

  3. Yep I found two of your comments in the spam as well Kathy. They have been retrieved and responded to with little to no effort and I did smile… “what is Kathy doing in the spam?” Now I know:)

    • Kathy says:

      It’s funny that the Spam-catcher would interpret comments from the Sheraton Hotel as spam. I am glad some of you found them hangin’ out there!

  4. Susan D says:

    Welcome Home, Happy Wanderer! Or, at least to home base, since you may follow through with becoming a p.t. (permanent traveler). I’m so with you on getting into the “zone” when traveling. I feel unemcumbered and light,as if none of the day-to-day pulls and obligations can “get” me while I’m driving across the country or flying in a big silver bird. I’ve met some interesting folks over the years, or just have fond memories of free-flowing thinking and dreaming while passing blissful hours alone on the road. I’m glad you landed back at home base safely, full of fun stories to share…

    • Kathy says:

      Good morning Susan D. What DO you think of our snow on the ground? Brrr…just went rummaging in the basement for a warm sweater to wear to work. YES! Unencumbered and light…that’s how I feel. It’s a Magical Space, indeed. Now. How do we transfer that Magical Traveling Zone to our home life? How do we remain just as carefree and light when we’re in our daily routine? That’s the question of a lifetime!

  5. Prius Envy says:

    It sounds like we travel the same way, you and I.

    I cringe at the sound of baby cries and plead with the universe I don’t have to sit next to the gelatinous noise-maker. Once in the air I vividly imagine the impending engine failure detail by detail with every bump of turbulence. I conclude that Karma is out to get me which is why I am on this delayed flight due to maintenace issues in the middle seat of a prop plane, and vow that if I survive this nightmare I will pay it forward with more generosity and abundance than ever before.

    It’s nice to meet another glass-half-full traveler. 😉

    (Funny blog, I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to putting my fate in the hands of the DTP)
    -Bianca and the Girls with Prius Envy

    • Kathy says:

      Dear Prius Envy, thank goodness when our glass is half full! When you survive your traveling, do you remember to pay it forward with generosity and abundance? If so–it’s all worth it, I think. Thank you for visiting…and now you’ve got me thinking about how to pay it forward today.

  6. georgia mom says:

    Welcome home! The travel grumbling here in the Atlanta area is the way in which people are being checked through the various methods of identifying potential terrorists. Too invasive!! Talk later. GA Mom

    • Kathy says:

      Yep, Georgia Mom, that was a lot of the grumbling. One lady tried to get me indignant about all of it, but I didn’t have the energy to be sad yesterday. Can’t wait to talk with you!

  7. bearyweather says:

    Travel does make you look at life differently … and the “troubles” always provide a good story.
    (you are not in my spam … so, you probably did not stop by)

    • Kathy says:

      Yikes, Bearyweather! I had better explain whose blog I’ve visited and whose I haven’t. I started back at the blogs before leaving for Florida and systematically visited the blogs of those who commented on The Eagle has Landed and Another Bird in Paradise. I am working my way forward from those blogs. Won’t miss ANY of you, promise! (You must not have commented on either of those. If you did–you were visited. If you didn’t–see you soon!) OK, interrupted my yoga to come over to the computer and tell you this because all the voice in the head did was try to answer you. 🙂

  8. Karma says:

    I found your comments in my spam filter too! How odd is that? I found them previous to your post, though, so I zapped them back last night! Hopefully you found them there.

    Kathy, I think you’d be great fun to travel with. Your attitude about the way things are meant to be is a nice way to look at things.

    • Kathy says:

      Karma, it would be fun to travel with you! We can frown at all the grumblers together. No…we won’t frown at the grumblers. We would be too happy to frown at the grumblers! Gosh, I am feeling decidedly like a Pollyanna right now. 🙂

  9. Colleen says:

    Welcome home Kathy. I am so excited to read about your experiences with The Divine Travel Planner and being in the travel “zone”. This is exactly how I ALWAYS feel when I’m travelling. EXACTLY! For as long as I can remember. I was so excited, reading your words, that I was almost tripping over them 🙂
    From one would be/could be Permanent Traveller to another…….

    • Kathy says:

      Colleen, it makes me so excited to realize that others feel EXACTLY this way! I am so happy. Isn’t that wonderful? Shall we be Permanent Travelers together?? YES!

  10. Carol says:

    Yes, your comments were in my spam too, but I knew who you were and I said “it’s okay, Kathy can be trusted. She’s not a terrorist out to sabotage my blog, not at all. Just let her in!”

    As to DTP – that’s just fine if you’re not a control freak. Not that I am, of course, but I do know some people are. Like my Hub. You know what it’s like when two control nuts want to be in control of the same thing at the same time?

    • Kathy says:

      Ha! Carol, how funny! Thank you for trusting me. I was getting in with those spam types, though. Some of them were really fascinating. You should try it. LOL! OK, you have two choices, my dear. Ditch the control person for your next trip and see if the flow overtakes you. OR decide that the control person is a gift of the Divine Travel Planner! (Let us know how that goes, OK?)

  11. Karla says:

    Wow Kathy it looks like you had a fabulous time traveling and visiting your parents in FL. I know I did just reading and viewing those beautiful pictures. Did you get a new camera?

    • Kathy says:

      Karla, I am THRILLED to see you. I must go visit your blog and see how you’re doing. I am happy you enjoyed visiting my parents and seeing the beaches…

  12. Dawn says:

    You were in Detroit? And you didn’t call me! LOL I was in bed asleep by 8:30 last night too!. Then our power went out at midnight…so odds are you had a more relaxing evening and morning!

    Glad you’re home safe.

    • Kathy says:

      Dawn, how funny. Can you imagine me calling you? “Hello, Dawn, you don’t really know me but you really DO know me. Just wanted to let you know I am NEAR BY.” I would love to meet you one of these trips, though! For sure…

  13. Reggie says:

    What a wonderfully open and relaxed attitude to have to life, Kathy. This was such a mellow, chilled-out post to read.

    Oh – and I also found a comment from you lurking in my spam folder last night! I was HORRIFIED! Surely my blog would KNOW that it came from YOU?! I immediately clicked “Chaps, this definitely isn’t spam, this is my friend Kathy”, and moved it to the Approved Section. Phew, close call.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Reggie! Thank goodness you were HORRIFIED! Thank goodness you Approved. Oh, Reggie, you are the best. You wouldn’t let me linger in Spam a moment more than necessary!

  14. Cindy Lou says:

    I love to enter the Travel Zone with the DTP….for all of the reasons you shared. And I really don’t mind getting stuck in airports (Minneapolis and Denver are my favorite places!) – there’s such a wealth of people watching and it just doesn’t bother me. I don’t travel much right now – but I can’t wait until retirement….getting all excited just thinking about it! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Oh, Cindy Lou, think of all the trouble you and me could get into in the airports. You would be much more crazy than I would, I am sure. You must return to an airport SOON. As soon as you can manage it. It’s calling you!!

  15. Jessica says:

    Yep I found a comment in my spam box last night. And I promptly put it where it belongs. Glad the DTP arranged such a great trip for you and that you made it home safe and sound 😀

  16. sonali says:

    Well, Travel! I have loads of stories, I’d be flooding your comment box! I too love travelling, and journey breakdowns or any surprises are truly Fun. It comes as a bonus! But, the thought of DPT had never striked my mind. Thank you for the wonderful concept! 🙂 I usually go trekking and camping where I meet new people and exactly as you mentioned “Chatting Excitedly” with amazing folks helps me gather those treasurable memories. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      This is so cool that so many folks love traveling and think of it all as FUN! Sonali, how cool. Isn’t it great when we can chat with folks and gather those memories? Never forget the DTP from now on! smile…

  17. Marianne says:

    Very well said, Kathy. I enjoyed the story and the photos. Thank you and welcome home.

  18. Cindy Lou says:

    Hey! How ’bout a bunch of us meet up somewhere and travel together? Wouldn’t that be great fun? :)Oh the adventures we could have….

  19. Robin says:

    lol! I found you in the my Spam filter too. Your comments are now resting properly where they should be. And I was given a great surprise by finding you (instead of the usual pornography) in my Spam filter. Yay! So you’re right. It all works out. 🙂

    My Inner Traveler is anxious-ridden about the flying part but otherwise, she can go with the flow too. I once enjoyed a night in Phoenix, Arizona as a result of a missed connection due to weather problems. I was grateful not to have been forced to fly in a storm and to have the opportunity to visit Phoenix even if all I saw was the hotel and the hotel pool. I knew it was hot in Arizona but it was my first experience of just how hot it really is. I had no idea before that what 110 degrees feels like or that if you go for a swim you don’t need a towel because the air is so dry and hot that you’re dry in no time! I thought it was pretty exciting stuff to learn about.

    • Kathy says:

      So there I was…sitting among the Pornography Spam. YIKES! I don’t think I want a visual on that thought, lol.

      I am sorry about your flight-fear and hope that one of these days you’ll get on a plane and it will be completely gone! Love the story of your night in Phoenix. That sounds like a wonderful surprise, even though it was 110 degrees.

      • Robin says:

        Oh, but see… that was the good part. There was no pornography spam. It was the best spam filter visit because it was all you. So no worries there, you weren’t mixed in with porn or drug sales or whatever it is they’re trying to in the cyrillic alphabet.

        And 110 degrees isn’t so bad if you really subscribe to the theory that it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. lol!

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