Look closer at everything you see.  Patterns reveal themselves everywhere!

Window curtain spring

Repeated spirals, repeated movements, repeated colors, repeated spirals, repeated beautiful patterns.

Piled chairs

Nature patterns itself endlessly, and we humans do, too.

Window grating

What is it about patterns that appeals to us?

What is it about patterns that limit us?


Peering closer at the pattern of your days:  what patterns strengthen and energize?  What patterns are no longer needed?  What patterns can be released?


Coming to you from the pattern of photographing and writing blogs and wishing you the best on this late January day.  

Love, Kathy

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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27 Responses to Patterns

  1. Elisa's Spot says:

    FRACTALS! The birds there seem so soft and solid. I like the way the appearance of their textures makes me feel.

  2. Tammy McLeod says:

    What a gorgeous radiator! At first I thought it was fancy cutlery lined up.

  3. Susan D says:

    Awwwww, wonderful use of patterns at the school! Magical photos. I am so in love with your bird photos this season. They are just extra special! My patterns are changing or merging in new ways … No, they’re not. I don’t know what I’m talking about! LOL … morphing; I’m morphing…

    • Kathy says:

      Ha! I knew you would recognize these from the school…well, most of them anyway. Glad you like them. Glad you don’t know what you’re talking about! (Neither do I…)

  4. Dawn says:

    I’ve always loved patterns…haven’t always caught what I see with a camera..but you’re right…there are patterns everywhere! That would be a good photo challenge..though it would be hard to beat that radiator!

  5. LOVE the radiator……Great shot.

    It is amazing how patterns can affect our view of the world.

    Great shots.


  6. Reggie says:

    Beautiful patterns – intriguing… and love how you make me think… “what patterns strengthen and energize? What patterns are no longer needed? What patterns can be released?” Thank you, Kathy.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Ms. Reggie, It’s always a fascinating study. We shouldn’t be afraid to release those patterns. Although it can sometimes be a challenge…

  7. flandrumhill says:

    That is one beautiful radiator Kathy. It makes my electric heaters look absolutely bland and dreadful in comparison. I love how even small simple patterns can elevate the everyday items we use to another level both artfully and spiritually. I think native cultures have a really good grasp of that. I don’t think we use patterns as deliberately as they do.

    I use fewer patterns in decorating my home compared to years ago. White or very light walls have replaced wallpaper. I refuse to paint my wood trim and doors, and the white walls allow me to focus more on their natural patterns.

    • Kathy says:

      I am wonder, Amy, when they put these radiators in the school? Forty years ago? More? Less? Patterns CAN elevate things to art, to the spiritual. I like what you say about the deliberate use of patterns. Have been contemplating nature’s patterns very much lately.

  8. holessence says:

    Kathy – That’s one heckofa gorgeous radiator – I haven’t seen a radiator in a month of Sundays — longer, even. And you’re oh-so-right about patterns, some positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing; while others are limiting.

    • Kathy says:

      Heckofa? I love it! And you! You would like our old old school. It’s a magnificent creation, built in 1910. If you remember, we celebrated our 100th anniversary last summer.

  9. Barbara Rodgers says:

    *What is it about patterns that appeals to us?
    I wonder if patterns suggest some sort of security, predictability, comfort. The eye knows what to expect and can relax. When I think of patterns I think of being organized, or in a good, productive routine.

    *What is it about patterns that limit us?
    Perhaps the same kinds of things in their negative aspect. Keeping us from taking in any new ideas or exploring the unknown or growing and spending time learning from other humans and cultures…

  10. jeffstroud says:


    Yes patterns are all around us, informing us, guiding us, taking us somewhere. Nature is the best pattern maker ever, endless sources of lines and circles, spirals…
    I am glad you have ‘seen’ this and have used it as a photographic tool to create fun art!

    • Kathy says:

      Jeff, this was great fun! I was passing by the window spring at the school and suddenly noticed the delicacy of its pattern and just had to–HAD TO!–find the camera. I’m sure you’ve done that hundreds of times.

  11. P.j. grath says:

    Making patterns and breaking out of them. Seeing them and seeing through or past them. Life is kaleidoscopic, isn’t it? At least, one would hope so. Vision would become static if patterns weren’t broken up and rearranged from time to time. Fly away, birds!

  12. Kiah says:

    Oh I love photos of patterns! I once missed an opportunity to take a photo of the longest row ever of UHaul trucks you’ve ever seen and it’s still on my mind today!

    • Kathy says:

      Kiah, I have been imagining that row of U-Haul trucks. That would have been an incredible photo! (I am convinced you will see it again. Maybe tomorrow? lol!)

  13. Karma says:

    When I had a photo-prompt in the hall to seek out a pattern or repetition, I had a really hard time seeking out anything interesting to shoot. Now you’ve found several, seemingly with ease! You have a wonderful “eye” for this sort of thing.

    • Kathy says:

      Karen, I am continually amazed how we all see things differently. How it’s easy for one person to see something, and challenging for another person to see it the same way. How one person can love a photo and another can dislike it. It keeps us humble, doesn’t it?

      • Karma says:

        Just came back to read your reply and found I that I wrote “hall” instead of “fall” LOL! Hope you know what I meant; I don’t typically find photo prompts in the hall. 😉

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