“Don’t panic, Lady!”

Birds--before they fly away

Hello, Reader.

I trust you are having a lovely day, wherever you are.  OK, if you’re not having a lovely day, I trust you are turning it around to find some positive nuggets of gold hidden within.  (If you are an optimist, you do this naturally.  If you are a pessimist, please search.  The nuggets are there.)

It’s been fascinating this week.  Two readers–or three readers–have announced, “I can tell when you’re writing with something to say, and when you’re writing with nothing to say.”

OK, they used their own words.  But their message was the same.  (Three same messages in one week? Kathy, pay attention!  The Universe is nudging you!  Don’t disregard this with defensiveness!)

I begged to differ with all three blog readers.  No, no, no!  I always have something to say! 

Once I ceased becoming defensive, I thought about it.  Now what did they mean?  Which blogs did they determine were nothing-to-say blogs?  I reviewed current blogs.  Puzzled.  Puzzled some more.

The blogs which I LOVE are blogs which are “everyday-nothing-much-happening blogs”.  The kind of blogs where we sit on our deck and drink tea.  The kind of blogs where we muse about spiritual matters.  You know the kinds of blogs I have trouble writing?  The adventure blogs, the happening blogs, the doing blogs.  They remind me of the journalistic career which I tossed overboard. 

However, as my mother said, (HI MOM!)  “I really like reading the blogs and looking at the pictures about Heikinpaiva and the ice sculptures at Michigan Tech.”  My son said, “Mom, I like the blogs where you and Dad go on adventures!”

That’s why I put them in.  Because many people like getting a flavor of what’s happening here in Lake Superior Country. Because these blogs show the spirit of a unique area…an area that is different from other unique areas in the country. 

But those aren’t the blogs that tug at my heart. The ones that tug at my heart describe a feeling in the moment, a snapshot of thoughts or images, a sensation of joy or simplicity or “enough-ness.”

Chris and Seunghye. Hi Guys! See you soon!

Besides this:  Barry and I are eagerly awaiting our trip to San Diego to visit Christopher, his fiance, Seunghye, and her parents next week.  Her parents speak only Korean:  wish us luck!

It’s actually a miracle that we’re going.  I spent half the afternoon on the phone with Delta.  I had a strange thought on the way home from work:  “Check your ticket, Kathy.  Is it issued in your proper name, Kathryn?”  No, it wasn’t.  I called Delta.  A long conversation ensued in which–eventually–said ticket was changed to Kathryn.

On a whim, I said, “Can you check my husband’s ticket, too?”

San Diego

Turns out–gaspPanic! –he didn’t have a ticket.  Even though the kind agent assured me he had a ticket when it was reserved in January using Frequent Flyer Miles–he really didn’t.

“Don’t panic, Lady,” said today’s agent.

I started breathing–and meditating–and tried to keep the panic to a minimum.

An hour later, we were all set!  Barry has a ticket.  Kathryn has a new ticket!  We are San Diego-bound. 

I just can’t decide whether to bring la computer (el computer?) or not.  Whether to blog or not while meeting the future in-laws.  Stay tuned.  If I disappear for a while, you’ll know what’s happening.  If I don’t disappear–look for pictures of seals bathing in the Pacific Ocean!

2009 San Diego seals

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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46 Responses to “Don’t panic, Lady!”

  1. holessence says:

    Kathy – By golly, it’s a good thing you listened to that inner voice that said CHECK THINGS OUT! Hula Burgers, you and Barry could have been in store for one heck of an unpleasant surprise.

    • P.j. grath says:

      Hula burgers?! Never heard that before, but I love it!

      • Kathy says:

        I never heard of “Hula Burgers” before, either! My goodness, the things that you say, Laurie… I LOVE that the inner voice decided to give me a “red alert”. Thank you inner voice, thank you inner voice, thank you… Can you imagine the scene that would have ensued at the airport? Kathy would have been turned away (or would that be Kathryn?) and Barry wouldn’t have had a ticket at all!

  2. Robin says:

    Say hello to San Diego for me. And the seals, while you’re at it. 🙂

    I’m so glad that all worked out for you. I would have been in a panic, especially if someone told me not to panic as that always seems to be the time when one should panic.

    Your son and future daughter-in-law are a very cute couple. Wishing you lots of luck and joy with the future in-laws. Have a safe trip and, most of all, have fun.

    • Kathy says:

      Robin, I am practicing seal-talk daily. lol! Too bad we couldn’t have been in San Diego at the same time. I am also glad that you–might–have panicked too. Perhaps that’s not the right thing to say. I am glad that we can have human reactions and get through them! Thanks for your kind words about Christopher and Seunghye. Can’t, can’t, can’t wait to see them again!

  3. Elisa's Spot says:


    oooooooooooooo ty for the seal pictures!

  4. Sybil says:

    행운을 빌어요

    haeng-un-eul bil-eoyo * in San Diego Kathy.

    * good luck

  5. Val Erde says:

    Oh I love those seals, curling up and floppy-flapping about in the sun on their rock!

    If you’re still here (or when you get back, or if you’re there and have taken your computer, I have something for you – and anyone else who’d like it, too – over on my blog. It’s a painting called ‘Do The Funky Duck‘. C’mon over and see.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    • Kathy says:

      We should be viewing the seals about a week from Saturday, Val. Can’t wait! Thank you so much for sharing your painting with all of us. It’s incredible. You are very gifted!

  6. Good luck meeting the future in-laws (congrats to your son and his future wife)! At least you had the foresight to check your ticket status – the last flight that I was on, there were two friends who (thought they) were flying together… turns out, one lady was on the correct flight, the other lady was booked on a COMPLETELY different flight! She never even bothered to look at her ticket!!

    • Kathy says:

      Feeling sorry for those two ladies, Holly. Gosh, after yesterday’s craziness, I can maybe see how that would happen. It was so confusing when I made the reservations in January (because we’re flying almost completely on frequent flyer miles which involved transfers and all kinds of odd steps) that the paperwork wasn’t analyzed with my usual Business Manager eyes. Thanks for your good luck wishes. So looking forward to this!

  7. P.j. grath says:

    You like the blogs where nothing happens? I wrote what I fondly viewed as a short story in which nothing happened. One critic friend said it isn’t a short story at all if there’s no conflict. Maybe I’ll post it on my blog. If no one else likes it, maybe Kathy will!

    I like your not-much-happening blogs, too, by the way, but also the adventure ones.

    • Kathy says:

      Be sure to let me know, Pamela, when and if you decide to post it. After I wrote this assessment–I like not-happening blogs and not happening blogs (hope you understand that)–I realized I was once again inaccurate. PART of myself doesn’t like adventure blogs. The other part does. It’s just not the heart-part. OK, will quit trying to explain this now…

  8. Karma says:

    Have a wonderful trip to San Diego!
    I like whatever type of blog you decide to post.
    I want to be one of those seals sunning myself on a rock by the Pacific Ocean. Does that count as a legitimate “want-to” as opposed to “have – to”? Perhaps I should add to my list of “someday” goals! 😉

    • Kathy says:

      Oh my goodness you are so easy to please, Karen! I want to be one of those seals, too. OK, for at least ten minutes. Or perhaps a mermaid who comes up amidst a group of seals. The seals wonder whether to accept the mer-woman as one of their own. They finally decide she can stay for ten minutes. She then swims away and finds a pod of dolphins. She swims with the dolphins for an hour, because they are more accepting. lol! (Sorry, the Inner Storyteller couldn’t help herself…)

  9. Susan Derozier says:

    Kathy – I love your first picture of the “choir on a wire!” My kids laugh when ever I see birds lined up on a wire and call out the above. Happy travels to San Diego and I can’t wait for your stories/experiences there. As to your blogging about specific topics or just what comes to you….when doing my journaling I always found that when I felt I had something to say it usually came out quite thin in context. When I simply sat down to journal as a routine, amazing things surfaced. I say… continue to trust that process within you…just as you did on your plane tickets. I love stories of intuition intervention. Have a wonderful vacation in the sun!

    • Kathy says:

      Susan, glad you like that photo. I took it on my last day in San Diego with Christopher in November, 2009. We were walking through a neighborhood and sun was coming up and the birds reminded me that it was time to fly home.

      You know, you Hit the Nail on the Head. When I am reporting journalistic happenings, it simply feels “thin” or “sparse” and not rich with texture, thought, energy, amazement. That’s the difference. The reader perhaps doesn’t always know or care about the difference, but the reporting stories don’t dance around the embers of the heart. Thanks for that distinction.

  10. Wow, good thing you checked the tickets and you didn’t get an unpleasant surprise at the airport!
    You know, those every-day-nothing-exciting-happened blogs are my favorite, too, especially if there’s a lot of text. I tend to just skim through (or not read them at all) if it’s some deep thoughts serious type of post. Those everyday posts are just more fun to read 🙂 And I’m sure you know how much I LOVE pictures!
    Have a wonderful time in San Diego!

    • Kathy says:

      You are a Lover of Pictures Extraordinnaire! You seem like one of those people to whom a photograph contains a thousand invisible words, a million invisible sentences, a billion feelings. Am I write? (ha ha, didn’t mean that typo. It was a Freudian slip.) Thank you for your well wishes. It SHALL be a magnificent time!

  11. Colleen says:

    Hi Kathy…..personally, I love those seemingly nothing-to-say-blogs. Although I’ll have to take your word on which ones they might actually be!! Adventures are a gift and a wonderful part of life, and so much fun to share but don’t you find that it’s often the simplest and quietest moments of the day that touch us the deepest. The older I get the more I find this to be true…….. even though the pull of a good adventure is still mighty strong 🙂

    Wishing you a most wonderful time in San Diego and many walks along the beautiful Pacific ocean.

    • Kathy says:

      hi colleen (sorry, am in a lower case mood tonight)…i so adore you! i know you know that. i have decided that everything we say really isn’t the truth. i don’t know why i say stuff like “i don’t like my adventure blogs”. that’s not accurate. what’s really accurate is that adventure blogs are fun but don’t make this heart go pitter-pat-pitterp-pat. that’s what i meant to say! so looking forward to next week…

      • Colleen says:

        Honestly, if someone asked me right now to define truth….I don’t think I could. It seems to be relative to every moment and certainly different for each of us. When you really think about it (or don’t think about it!) how could it not be 🙂

  12. Susan D says:

    Along with liking or loving all your blogs, I’m a huge fan of your blog titles! Today’s is no exception and, as usual, covers more than one specific event or feeling, etc. SO glad things worked out in Ticket Land and that both Kathryn and Barry (or is his real name, perhaps, Baron?) are good to fly!! What kind of interesting experience awaits? It will be so fun to hear your reports!

    I remember a recent exchange between us about people showing their love for us in different ways … I wonder if you’re being shown some love in “different” ways this week?

    As for moi, I’m really tired after all that blog partying! My right foot was still barely tapping to the music by Day 2, and I’m full to the gills from all the party goodies … that was one shindig! I know it won’t be long before there’s another one! Won’t be long at all …

    • Kathy says:

      you are my friend for life. you LIKE the blog titles! love, hugs, kisses on your cheek! sometimes i thik the blog titles are stupid, but you know, they give me so much joy & tickles & laughter to come up with them. thank you thank you. i am looking forward to seeing you in person tomorrow. it will make my day! as for your wisdom concerning the different ways people show love…yes. yes. yes, again. please keep reminding me of that. i had a riot partying! it was so fun. we have so many leftovers. although my daughter said, “you are out of control, mom.” lol! i am still laughing. it is so fun to be “out of control”!!

  13. Reggie says:

    Kathy, quite honestly, I love ALL your blogs. 🙂

    The hold-onto-your-seat-folks adventurous ones, the I-wonder-what’s-around-that-corner investigative ones, the I’m-off-to-meet-and-have-tea-with-someone-really-interesting journalistic ones, and the I’m-in-a-really-quiet-and-peaceful-space-and-I’d-like-to-share-it-with-you insightful and philosophical musings where you nudge us towards listening to our own inner voices.

    And certainly none of us will ever forget the Impromptu Blog Party!!! Sooo many people came rushing over, bearing all manner of gifts and getting to know each other… sigh…

    You have so many different sides to you, Kathy. It’s always a pleasure to drop by for a chat. Like Susan D, I’m a huge fan of your blog titles too.

    Safe trip to San Diego! If you aren’t taking El Computer, please at least take El Canon? 😉 We want some more pictures of seals!

    • Kathy says:

      ALL of my blogs, reggie? how i love you! ha ha…it always seems about honoring the different sides of self, and not dismissing or being embarrassed by the many parts which appear. sometimes i forget that myself. el canon IS going to san diego, never you fear! it’s just el computer (aka ms ellie) that is, as of yet, undecided. because you and susan love my blog titles i will unabashedly search for more crazy ones. thank you!!

  14. emaclean says:

    I haven’t been to San Diego in years. Fond memories of the San Diego Zoo and in while in graduate school, I ate my first escargot in some nice fancy French restaurant. Typical Californian–why go to France when you can stay home in eat escargot?

    Have a great time!

    • Kathy says:

      hi there, erin! escargot! shall we dine on escargot in san diego? that is the question… it souds like a dr. seuss story could be written about escargot… wondering if you went to grad school at UCSD? that’s where chris goes. excuse the lower case. i am in love with lower case tonight.

  15. wolfsrosebud says:

    Leave the puter behind. Take your camera and an empty notebook. Experience the time with your loved ones and share later…

    • Kathy says:

      just don’t know, wolfrosebud. here’s why. there will be several hours of alone-time when barry & chris will be doing other things. won’t i want to be writing and blogging and feeling the joy of that? hmmm….the jury is still out. we’ll see what develops! thank you.

  16. jeffstroud says:


    the nerve of those bloggers telling you they can tell the difference when you have something to say and when you don’t! Good for them, but I think you always have something to say, it is just how you say it. Wether it is just a story, a musing, or an adventure report, you are usually amusing and entertaining !

    Well good luck with the trip to San Diego, my friend Joe just moved there from NYC, just in the last couple of days. So I may get there one of these days after all. I was going to move there years ago… another story, another time.

    Bring you camera of course, a computer/laptop you can always borrow, if you feel the urge!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Kathy says:

      jeff, the three people who all said that were family/close friends and i didn’t really think they meant it negatively. they just thought they could discern between a something-to-say-blog and a nothing-to-say-blog. or maybe they were just reading my energy and trying to label some difference. i always have something to say, you’re right. it’s just that different parts of ourselves are always sharing…and they’re not necessarily the same part. sometimes our fearful part is communicating, and sometimes our photography self, and sometimes our everyday self, and sometimes our philosphical self, and sometimes our artistic self…and so it goes. i bet your friend joe & i will pass on the street. we’ll never know we have a friend in common!

  17. Carol says:

    I love the blogs that just meander through the mind, and I love the blogs that tell a tale. I read a variety of them, and I think the important thing is that the blog reflect the writer. So the main thing to remember is “you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself”. Ah yes, memories of Ricky.

    • Kathy says:

      hi, carol! i keep remembering that pleasing thing, and then forgetting it. you are so right! we must please ourselves, because it’s impossible to please the multitudes. now–to remember that, once and for all…

  18. barb says:

    Usually, I have nothing to say, but I say it anyway – those are the kinds of Blogs I like. Your posts mostly seem like conversations with a friend. That’s how I consider you, I guess – as a person I’ve come to know and like. Have fun in San Diego with your son and his future bride in the SUNSHINE with no ice and snow.

    • Kathy says:

      ha, barb! i sit down at this computer so often with nothing to say. and yet sit, mesmerized, watching a voice come forth and express itself. that is one of the joys of blogging, to me. i like the feeling of conversing with friends. both inner friends and outer friends. it’s suppose to be in the mid-60’s next week in san diego. that’s thirty degrees warmer than it is here!

  19. Dawn says:

    Some of my best blogs were about nothing much…when I went back and read those a year or more later they reminded me of little things in my life and they made me smile. Yours will do the same for you. Heck with everyone else!

    Have a wonderful time in CA…how exciting to meet your future daughter-in-law’s parents! Has she been up to the UP yet? That should be fun…so different than Korea..I’m guessing!

    Don’t worry about us..we’ll be fine while you’re gone. Really.

    • Kathy says:

      glad you like those nothing-much blogs so well, too, dawn! you will be happy to know we’ve spent most of the day up in houghton/hancock. i thought of you. yes, christopher’s girlfried came to the UP a couple of years ago. she loved it! she thought our house reminded her of a “pensionne” in south korea. that’s a small cabin in the mountains where people go on vacation. i’m not worried about you guys when i’m gone…more worried that i will be inspired to create & share and don’t want to bother chris by stealing his computer. we’ll see…

  20. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Chris & Seunghye are a handsome couple! I bet Seunghye will be exhausted from her role as translator – she will have the most talking to do! I hope you and Barry have a wonderful trip and visit!

    I’ve never had to decide whether to bring my laptop or not, Tim packs it up and brings it automatically, which I find endearing… Perhaps blogs are like people, they shift like the tides on the seashore, with so many moods and ways of being. Variety is the spice of life!

    • Kathy says:

      They are sweet, aren’t they, Barbara? Can’t wait to see them…and I’ll bet Seunghye will be so tired of translating by the time it’s all over. That’s for sure… That is sweet that Tim brings the computer.

      As for blogs being like people, each having their own moods and ways of being in the world…yes. Yes. And yes, again.

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