drinkin’ a frappuccino & chillin’ in the big city of houghton

shhhh….shhhhh….i’m in a coffee shop now…in houghton.  our weekly shopping trip.  barry is at a hockey tournament game.  we’ve had a wonderful afternoon in the “big city”.  i have shot–wait a second, will check–oh gosh, 50-100 photos.  photos of an ordinary weekly shopping trip in the city.  we small-towners go to the city to buy stuff we can’t purchase in our little towns.  gosh, it’s been fun!  i think i may have embarrassed poor barry because i’ve taken so many pictures in restaurants, grocery stores and book stores.  you can’t see the photos now because the uploading equipment sits in the drawer at home.  alas.  you shall have to wait until tomorrow for photos.

but you can pretend you’re here.  can you hear the espresso machine?  can you taste my hazelnut frappuccino?  never mind, i really shouldn’t share, you know, germs and things.  you can order your own and we shall sit here and talk for the next–oh, my–almost two hours until the hockey tournament is over and barry reappears.

i am still pondering two things.  one.  should i bring the computer to san diego?  called christopher at dinner.  he said i could use his.  but still…i am attached to ms. ellie (that’s the name of this computer.)  and i know some of you have advised that i ditch the computer and focus on family time, but here’s the scoop.  there will be hours when we’re sitting in a bookstore or christopher’s apartment when no one will be around (except me, barry, chris) and that would be a perfect time to write a quick blog.  barry will be reading a newspaper or sleeping and chris will be working on his dissertation, so shouldn’t kathryn be blogging?  that is the question which has not yet been resolved to this blogger’s satisfaction.

two.  what should we wear to meet the in-laws?  should we dress up?  or are jeans ok?  i am not expecting you to answer these unanswerable questions.  just letting you know the stream-of-consciousness thoughts which are floating through along with this frappuccino. 

three.  how many calories do frappuccinos have anyway?  yikes!  i have never considered this before.  this may be my last frappuccino if they really have something like 2,000 calories. 

ok.  shhh….we shouldn’t talk too loudly in a public coffee shop.  no wild & crazy laughter!  ok, we can laugh.  we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t laugh.  i shall share pictures with you tomorrow.  saturday at the latest. 

do you want something else to drink?  we’ll be here for awhile.  you never know how long hockey tournaments will last.  let’s just kick back and chill, as they say.  anyone who is drinking an icy frappuccino in March is chillin’ anyway…  🙂

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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27 Responses to drinkin’ a frappuccino & chillin’ in the big city of houghton

  1. Elisa's Spot says:

    I walked several miles in the grocery store this morning with E. I smelled the wafting coffee from the Coffee Shop in the corner, a reward for continuing to walk! I also got my hair cut much differently than normal. I haven’t any images of it yet. I got another huge stack of books from the library and forgot to get the bookclub one. Next time. I found a journal today, I liked it and it made me think of you. Earth and sky and a fairie sort of earth based woman on the cover her hair flowing back into mountain and earth. Very nice colors on it. I do not really write in such things, never really was able. I do not know why. Hope you are enjoying your coffee.

    • Kathy says:

      i don’t know what i am enjoying more, elisa. writing in lower case or drinking this frappuccino. it is not going to last for two hours, though. i am going to have to buy another drink. preferably something without caffeine. i would like to see a picture of your journal. i like fairies. ever since i visited the fairy kingdom for a whole afternoon at age 11. (should oe reveal this in a public blog? lol! i admit i’ve never been back…) hope you like your haircut!

  2. holessence says:

    Kathy –

    I can smell the coffee from here and the scent is divine! I’m a tea drinker, but I love (!) the smell of coffee.

    1. You and I both know that if you left Ms. Ellie behind you’d be miserable.

    2. If you are meeting the in-laws at Christopher’s home, then dress casually — like you would in your own home. If you’re meeting them at a restaurant or something like that, then I’d go Nice Casual. Save the dressy stuff for the actual wedding.

    3. I think frappuccinos have approximately one-gazillion calories. Unless, of course, you wave a red plastic fork over it before you drink it. That removes all calores, but leaves all of the flavor.

    • Kathy says:

      1. i am so afraid you might be right, laurie!
      2. our meeting will be at a) christopher’s home and b) a restaurant.
      3. oh no! one gazillion calories??? i am looking everywhere for that red plastic fork. i will grab one out of that girl’s hands if she lets down her guard….lol!

      • Reggie says:

        A red plastic fork removes calories??? Oh my gosh, thanks for the tip, Laurie!! ‘scuse me for a moment…

        “Another double-chocolate-double-thick-milkshake-with-chocolate-flake for me, please!! Oh – and please bring a red plastic fork!”

  3. Dad says:

    Wish you were here to go to Starbucks with me!!!! Dad

  4. Colleen says:

    Hi Kathy, I’m loving your lower case. It’s fascinating how even the smallest changes can make us sit up and smell the coffee……. or maybe it’s the roses. Can’t quite remember all of the things we’re supposed to sit up and smell but I do know that it’s good when we do 🙂

    Our daughter-in-law’s parents/family are from China/Hong Kong and speak pretty good English but prefer Mandarin. We also have business aquaintances who are Korean and are now friends. They are all wonderful people and communication has never been a problem……even when a common language isn’t shared. I have a feeling that Chris’s future in laws are going to love you and Barry!

    Oh, darn. And here I was, thinking that frappuccinos were calorie free! Don’t you just love coffee shops….

    Have a wonderful evening.

    • Kathy says:

      isn’t it fascinating, colleen, how lower case can change everything? lol! love it when we wake up and smell whatever’s around us. really, you have a daughter-in-law from china? cool! it will be so interesting to see how we all relate without a common language. i know chris has been doing it since they’ve been here for a couple weeks now. don’t know why i never thought about the calories in frappuccinos before. darn it. i love love love coffee shops!

      • Colleen says:

        Julie and her sisters were all born in Canada but speak two languages…… as does our grandaughter. Who in turn so very patiently teaches her Grandmother!

  5. kiwidutch says:

    Coffee and I have a checkered history, (long story) so I’ll skip the coffee and get to the point which is Ms.Ellie.
    Yes, DO take her with you, then all you have to do it weigh up the situation i.e. Is this a suitable blogging moment ? and decide accordingly how to spend your time.
    If family are around more than expected, then Ms. Ellie stays packed away, but if they have work to do then you will make it easier on them by working on a blog post so that they don’t feel obligated to entertain you when there is actually a dissertation to be written.
    If you take her and she doesn’t get used, no harm done, (I’m sure you d/load hundreds of photos onto her so she will get used) and if she’s not there and you have hours of free time then you WILL miss her.
    Either way you are sure to have a fantastic time… enjoy the coffee 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      good morning, kiwidutch. are you an on-again off-again coffee person? that’s been my story. yes, i agree with you about the suitable moment scenario. to exercise wisdom. when i did the 365 day committment and went on vacations i had to blog everyday. that got challenging. i don’t want to do that anymore…but would love to have the option if the mood (and time) strikes. you also used the correct word when you said “weigh up the situation”. the only reason i wouldn’t take ms. ellie is because i carry her in my backpack and she’s a heavy little one. thanks for your well wishes! we will enjoy the trip…and any coffee along the way, too.

  6. Reggie says:

    I agree with Kiwidutch, Kathy. Take Ms Ellie along – just in case.

    • Kathy says:

      it’s feeling that way now, reggie. i just don’t want to be begging christopher for his computer and stealing his space by uploading photos. it would feel better to be sitting with him in a coffee shop…each of us with our own computers and barry with a newspaper. that’s the assessment today…we’ll see how i feel on wednesday morning!

  7. john says:

    Gee, I guess we had it rather easy. We had a tradition of going out for pizza with each of my three son’s in-laws the first time we met after the engagement. The last one was the easiest since my son and his fiancé had been hanging out with the same bunch of friends since he was a sophomore in High School.

    We thought it was pretty exotic when our first one married a girl from the North side of the city. Then, oh my gosh, after they were married they actually bought their first place on the North side. He shut all the gossip up pretty fast among us West siders when he said he did it so he would have a head start driving up to L’Anse. You really do have a bit more of a challenge. In the end love conquers all so I’m sure it will be a wonderful night to remember.

    (I wonder what it would have been like if one of the boys married a girl from L’Anse???)

    • Kathy says:

      yep, john, you had it easy! sounds pretty exotic when your firstborn married a girl from the north side of the city. lol! as for our second-born, she’s dating a fellow from egypt right now. this is bound to be interesting! (as for either marrying someone from l’anse or baraga or skanee…i’m not ruling it out yet. but it’s probably not going to happen. it would have been delicious having grandchildren that close, though.)

  8. Ahhh….. coffee drinks – how do I love them, let me count the ways!! If you don’t drink them all the time, then don’t worry about the calories!! I say, take the computer – it’s better to have it, and not need it… then want it, and not have it!! Good luck meeting the in-laws! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Let us count the ways we love coffee drinks, and let us count them again! The popular vote is saying “take the computer”. i am leaning toward that direction myself. I promise not to compulsively blog, though. I promise.

  9. Barbara Rodgers says:

    It’s amazing (and wonderful) how international families are becoming… My cousin’s daughter just married a man from Taiwan. Seems to me, if we have family and friends all over the globe there will be fewer excuses for greed and war. I think I’ll have a nice warm cafe mocha if you have a little more time to chat today! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      I love this international flavor, Barbara! So love it… We shall eliminate the need for war. We shall all become one global family…sigh…wouldn’t that be lovely? (Always time to sip and chat!)

  10. Carol says:

    I’ll have a chai latte, I think. That would be good. But take Ms. Elle with you – just because she comes along doesn’t mean she has to dominate your time. Besides, you might need to upload some pictures to make room on your card. I mean, if you can take 50-100 pictures on a shopping trip, whatever might happen in San Diego? As for meeting your future in-laws – are they from Korea, or have they always lived here? I think native Koreans are more dressy than American Koreans might be. But then again, you’ll be in San Diego where just about anything goes. I think Nice Casual would be good. Twill pants and a nice top, that kind of thing.

    • Kathy says:

      mmm…chai latte. Make that two! Ms. Ellie shall not dominate my time, no. That wouldn’t be right. But you are so right! I can be such a crazed camera person at times. And I do NOT want to clog up Christopher’s precious computer and maybe inadvertently delete his dissertation. Like your dressing-up idea. Thank you, Carol.

  11. Karma says:

    are you typing in all lower case because you are whispering? That’s okay.. i can whisper back. you said we didn’t have to answer your questions, but i would like to share some of my mama’s wisdom to answer the question about bringing the laptop – bring it. mama said it is always better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. mamas are smart, aren’t they? 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      yes, we were whispering. not to disturb the other coffee-drinkers. although i do not know why. some of them were talking and laughing loudly! i think mamas are very smart. i think yours may be write. (ha ha, get it? write! i mean ‘right’…)

  12. Your post made me smile… nice way to start the day 🙂 And i can smell coffee, too!! Wait…. that’s probably because I have a big huge mug of it sitting right in front of me!
    I say bring your laptop. You’ll probably wish you did, if you left it at home, and using someone else’s computer just isn’t the same.
    Don’t worry too much about what to wear when meeting the in-laws. I’d keep it casual, UNLESS you’re meeting at a fancy restaurant.

    • Kathy says:

      good morning ms. click! i’ll bet you could smell the coffee…mmmm….we don’t have any creamer in the house so i didn’t make any today. jasmine tea instead. i don’t think it’s going to be a fancy restaurant. more casual. i would like to buy a new pair of casual pants! but don’t think that’s going to happen. huge smile back atcha!

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