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Finding my famous niece, Jillian, in Houghton on Thursday evening

OK, readers.  First we have to define the word “famous”.  I’m calling my niece, Jillian, “famous” because she’s in Martha Stewart’s Wedding magazine (somewhere around page 100) in the spring issue.

Now we know she’s not famous like Cindy Crawford or Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole Smith (I just had to look up names of models because, well, frankly, I don’t really know any except for our Jillian.) 

In our family it doesn’t take much to be famous.  I’m pretty sure my husband is famous because he’s had a weekly newspaper column in the L’Anse Sentinel for over a quarter century.   My brother, Tim, is probably famous in the Thumb of Michigan because his business has vans upon which are printed the family name. 

I don’t know.  I’m just givin’ you examples of how arbitrary “fame” is.  In a small town, half the population is famous.  Heck, I might even be famous to readers of this blog!  (ha ha, don’t stretch it, Kathy…don’t let it go to your head…)

Two of my three beautiful nieces, June, 2009 (Tianna & Jillian)

Anyway, our Jillian is nineteen years old and living in Singapore.  (Although her family lives across the street from my mom and dad downstate in Yale.)

She’s really done remarkably well in the modeling business.  She’s been married at least a dozen times.  (I AM KIDDING!  She has never been married.  But she’s been a photographed bride so many times you wouldn’t believe it.)  She’s been in the Ambassador Magazine in Detroit (click here for some pics), the winter edition of Martha Stewart’s Wedding, the cover of Female Brides in spring, 2010, Her World Brides, Detroit Style Line, Hour Detroit, and the first edition of an Indian fashion magazine called Iris. 

Heck, those are only the magazines my mom knows.  Who knows how many other magazines she’s been featured in?

Close-up of Martha Stewart Wedding magazine, spring issue

Before anyone starts remembering what a rough-and-crazy world fashion modeling can be…I want to tell you about Jillian.  She’s one of the sweetest most ordinary girls I know.  (I mean–a young woman.  Yikes!  She’s 19 already!) 

She’s got a wicked sense of humor, a sharp wit (like many of us…) and a keen intelligence.  She recently started college in Singapore and she’s volunteering at an animal shelter.  I don’t know when she has time to model anymore. 

Except she must!  Because we saw her in Martha Stewart magazine in the Houghton bookstore the other evening.

Hello, Jillian!  It’s good to see you–even though you’re far away.  Even though I sometimes see you and Tianna and Keely on Facebook.  (Tianna and Keely are the other beautiful nieces who are equally famous in my eyes.)  I miss you guys a lot.  Even though it’s so fun seeing what you’re doing in your beautiful lives!  (sorry, crying a little bit.)

Does anyone think I should go to visit Jillian in Singapore one of these days?  Hmmmm?  It sounds awfully good to me.