Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

We’re not in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan anymore, Toto.

Flowers, blue skies, palm trees. We're not in Michigan anymore, Toto.


Blacks Beach--no swimsuits needed down there.


Who cares about looking for nudists? Look at the flowers, the waves, the beach...


Pardon me for a moment while I admire some of my favorite guys in the world.


While Chris teaches his class, let's watch a softball practice while sipping a coffee from a coffee shop overlooking the fields.


Barry takes a picture of our companion at the coffee shop. Gosh it's nice to be outside in 72 degree temperatures.


Let's take a spin around the UCSD campus while we wait for Christopher


Nice sculpture, don't you think?


The window in the room where Chris is teaching. Wish I could sit outside the window and listen. The door is open, though, and you can hear the students laughing. Last day of class before exams.


Aren't reflections in windows fascinating? Especially when you can't determine what is being reflected.


Barry appreciated the campus fashion more than I did!


The sociology building where Christopher is teaching his class. He's in his fourth year of a doctoral program and TA's a section


In which we eat Ethiopian food with our hands while a nice server offers to take our picture. Do we look exhausted? It was a long day...


We are not in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan anymore, Toto.  Yesterday we awoke at 3 a.m.  (RISE AND SHINE!!) and drove to the Marquette airport.  The lady at Koski Corner’s asked us if we’d eaten our “Pazskis” yesterday.  It’ s a tradition around these parts.  You eat jelly roll donuts on “Fat Tuesday”, the day before Lent.  She said she took her insulin before eating hers.   We shook our heads, bought a sandwich, and proceeded to fly across the country to visit our son Christopher in sunny, warm San Diego.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  I already have twelve more photos ready to publish and haven’t even started taking pictures yet today!