Pounding rain, salmon fillets & old cars in the woods

When the woods starts growing out of an old car

Random Memorial Day facts.

1.  It is Memorial Day.

2.  A red-breasted robin pulls worms from the wet green grass outside the kitchen window.

3.  It rained cats & dogs an hour ago.  Thunder rumbled.  Lightening sizzled.  The electricity flashed off and on.  The microwave clock needed to be re-set.

4.  We received more than three-quarters of an inch of pounding rain.  I know, because I just checked the rain gauge for you.

5.  We hope some of our garden seeds–specifically the carrots–which you only plant to a depth of one-quarter inch–did not wash out and disappear from the garden soil.  We hope the cucumber and squash and brocoli and lettuce and onion plants will be OK. 

6.  The air smells sweet in the aftermath of rain.

7.  We plan to grill salmon later in the afternoon, if we’re safe from rain showers.  If not, we’ll cook the fillets in the oven.

8.  I walked this morning in a light mist.  Barry dropped me off way up the road, and I ambled home.  Walking in rain is always advised, unless thunder and lightning exist.  One can always change clothes later. 

Anyone want a ride?

9.  I am making a Quinoa Red Pepper Salad right now.  Quinoa is one of the few grains which is a complete protein.  I have never tried this particular recipe before.  Pondering making cookies with the leftover quinoa.  Pondering if I can make cookies without gobbling them too voraciously.  Do not want to gain a single pound before hitting the streets of NYC to visit Kiah next week.

10.  Hummingbirds have been sitting on our porch rail this year.  We’ve never seen them linger on the rail in previous summers.  Both the males and females sit.  They move their heads and tiny beaks rapidly from side to side, like they are watching a movie. 

11.  Birds are chirping now.  I do not know what kind, as I cannot expertly identify bird calls.  Only sometimes.  The birds are delighted with the rain.  Or perhaps they’re delighted the rain has stopped.

12. We still have to plant a) tomatoes, b) peppers, c) kale, d) swiss chard, e) beets and f) green beans.

13.  I leave for New York City next Tuesday.

14.  All the old car photos in this blog are “leftover” May photos which haven’t yet been used.  I don’t know why they are appealing.  Many people scowl when they find old junk in the woods.  For some reason, these old cars didn’t raise a scowl on this face.  Perhaps I was too busy picking off wood ticks.

Memories of yesterday

15.  I am wondering why I am steadfastly desiring to write a blog almost every day again.  Why, Kathy, must you continue to blog?  Don’t you want to take a break?  You don’t?  You might soon?  You don’t know?

16.  Started a fire in the wood stove today.  You know, to take the damp chill out of the house.  The strategy worked.  You can always open the screen door if it gets too toasty.

17.  Both Barry and I had to work today.  He always works on Memorial Day morning at the newspaper, so I go out to the school for a couple of hours.  Did payroll and other checks.  It was a blast.  Seriously.  I love my job, at least 89.4% of the time.

18.  I am avoiding the woods like a plague.  There is a plague in the woods at this time of year–a plague of wood ticks.  However, this is the time of year which baby fawns are born.  It’s always a toss-up whether to meander.

19.  The sun is–perhaps–almost–coming out.

20.  I have been sorting and filing old blog photos for about an hour.  Caught up until May 22nd.  Should continue filing through today’s date and then can cross that chore off the “to do” list.

21.  OK, that’s about all the facts which are randomly flitting between the ears right now.  The quinoa is almost done…hope you’re all enjoying your Memorial Day.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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32 Responses to Pounding rain, salmon fillets & old cars in the woods

  1. Karma says:

    What a great idea for getting all those random thoughts piling up in one’s head out. Stick ’em in a blog post and they don’t take up as much space in one’s brain anymore, I’d suppose.
    I’ve been curious about quinoa lately -seen some recipes but haven’t taken a chance on it yet. Could you really make cookies out of it? What kind of cookies could one theoretically make?

  2. Brenda Hardie says:

    Thank you for sharing your random facts of the day! I’m having a similar random kind of day. Tried to work in the garden before the storms come, but only managed to get the green beans planted…kept getting stuck in the mud! My shoes used to be sort of white…lol..now they’re all dirt. Mud to be exact! The birds are all over the lawn, feasting on worms! The spirea shrub is completely filled with blooms…never before has it had so many flowers on it..it’s beautiful! The sun tries to peek out but whenever it does you can actually see steam rise from the ground. The air is very heavy with moisture. The lilacs are done for the year…they might have lasted another week but were beat up by the pounding rain and now the wind. It’s never long enough…the sweet fragrance of the lilacs comes and goes so quickly. My lilies are blooming…bright orange in the midst of tall green grass…you can almost see the grass growing by the minute! It was just mowed a few days ago…right before this last batch of rainy days. Haven’t seen any wood ticks yet..thank goodness! ewww No hummingbirds yet either. The morning doves have a nest in the neighbors huge lilac tree so my son checks on it nearly everyday. Mama is still tucked in on her nest. Mushrooms are growing like crazy in the yards…not the edible kind either. Moss is showing on the siding on the north side of the garage. I’m waiting for mosquitoes the size of elephants to appear any day now! Your salad sounds yummy…maybe if you like it, you’ll share the recipe. And how do you cook your salmon?…I used to have it out east on a regular basis but wasn’t too fond of the mayo sauce that was broiled on top of the salmon. Oh and I still need to send you that recipe for that salad that I mentioned for your blog party! Better get on that…I’ll send it to your facebook email 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your random Memorial Day and by the way..I love the old cars in the woods…they look as if they’re begging for a story! If only they could talk and share the memories they have of the people they’ve known and the places they’ve been. Say hello to your visiting hummingbirds and enjoy your yummy meal today. 🙂 Happy Memorial Day.

    • Kathy says:

      OK, Brenda. It’s official. Maybe you should write a blog, too! I loved reading your random facts. We just grilled our salmon on the grill sprinkled with lemon pepper. If either of us wants mayo/dill relish, it’s provided at the table. thank you again for sending the salad recipe. It looks yummy!

  3. Elisa's Spot says:

    Thank you for sharing those moments!!! (Now which ones did I miss?) I am excited about the old cars and the lightning and the scent of outdoor cooking salmon and my mouth would really like to taste quinoa cookies and the brain would really like to wrap itself around the recipe! I am currently busy tasting fresh salad greens and dill and will now go sit with it, until something else comes along! Waves to Kathy~~~~

    • Kathy says:

      Elisa, I made half the quinoa recipe recipe (maybe ten cookies) and ate most of them already. 😦 Bad self-control. Fresh salad greens and dill sounds lovely. I don’t add dill too much, but like it when it appears. By the way, think of all the moments we miss in a day! Dozens upon dozens, forgotten…

  4. Susan D says:

    Darn it! My server is going off and on and I lost my original post. Will just say that I love the photos! Intriguing and mysterious, fodder for stories. Love the list, the humming birds description, the fact that you will see Kiah soon, the thought of Quinoa Red Pepper Salad (sounds really fresh and wonderful}. Sounds like a full and productive Memorial Day. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and activities. Hope the evening is delightful and that perhaps you’ll soon see baby carrots sprouting randomly about your yard.

    • Kathy says:

      Susan D, your server was flickering? Bet it is today with all this wind! I am so excited about the visit with Kiah. Quinoa Red Pepper Salad had fresh lime juice in it. But it wasn’t a really strong dressing. I think I would double the dressing next time. Ha ha about the baby carrots. I think Mr. Barry would mow them before they sprouted too high. But I love that image of random sprouting carrots in odd places.

  5. john says:

    Wonderful post! I can’t believe at the price for scrap metal these days, those cars stay out there. Once again I’ve learned something from you by looking up some of the vegtables you are planting. You and Barry are going to live to see your great-grandchildren get married 😉

    • Kathy says:

      That is for sure, John. We got rid of at least one old car in our yard (one of Barry’s two old car treasures) when the scrap company offered us enough money for it a few years back. Yep, we eat pretty darn good. I hope God factors that in–although maybe he’ll cash in on some of our other bad habits.

  6. Christine says:

    Love those old car body shots. I would have loved to have a try at that salad after we got done kayaking on the lake today. The temp is rising but so is the lake! Super list; you’ll have to refer back to it next year.

    • Kathy says:

      Kayaking on your lake sounds so fun, Christine. I guess your snow must be melted by now. (And, yep, don’t you love that kudo about blogging? We can always check back and see what was happening a year or two or three ago.)

  7. barb says:

    I am checking my head with one hand while I type with the other. Today, we walked through thick forest, and I thought of you and you-know-what. I didn’t mention t____ to my husband because I didn’t want to ruin his hike. I wonder if they’re prevalent in OR – it’s so damp and cool and misty here. Now my scalp is itching… I, too, love the character of the cars in your photos. Now I must go check myself further.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh, Barb, I am sorry I mentioned the t____ word again. Bad Kathy. You don’t have as many of the t_____’s, though, do you? I am sorry to make your scalp itch. Now I’m itching. Alas. 😉

  8. Colleen says:

    Agreeing with John!

    Our hummingbirds sit on the balcony rails and do the same thing. It seems to be a good vantage point and they can keep close tabs on “their” feeder. I’m wondering if your little guys might have a nest nearby.

    Have been doing some voracious cookie gobbling myself today. Well, two or three, maybe four…..the perfect way to use up some healthy whole grains 🙂

    It sounds like a wonderful trip. Kiah must be excited.

    I hope the sun came out and your salad was yummy and that those random thoughts continue on their way, out into the universe, spreading their many blessings……

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Colleen! Maybe the little ones have a nest in the spruce tree nearest the house. Maybe that’s why they’re hanging so close. Oh gosh, Colleen, I succumbed to voracious nibbling. It’s better to not even make those cookies! Kiah is excited and I am excited. Can’t wait to spend time with her and see where she lives now!

  9. Dawn says:

    Such a fun walk….love the photos of the cars (even if they weren’t from this walk!). I haven’t seen my hummingbird pair do the deck railing thing…but it’s early. Have fun in NYC! I know you will!

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Dawn, glad you liked the old cars. Me, too. Let me know if you hummingbirds adopt the deck railing posture. It may be the latest thing.

  10. P.j. grath says:

    Quinoa. I was calling it kin-OH-ah but am told it is KEEN-wah. I bought some and fixed it, but it got a bad review. Perhaps I can sneak it out again in a different recipe. How was your salad?

    New York City? That’s a fur piece from the U.P., girl!

    • Kathy says:

      YES! Kee-wah. Yes. That’s how we say it. We’ve eaten it like it’s meat for the past five or six years. the salad was good. A little bland. I would double the dressing next time. the cilantro was delicious. Cilantro is the New Green. I keep telling Barry that every day. He went to the grocery store to buy cilantro for me last week and actually called it (to a fellow shopper) that d*** cilantro. shame on him!

  11. Robin says:

    I’m curious about the quinoa salad as we’ve been eating a lot of the stuff lately. I’m transitioning to a vegan diet so I expect quinoa will be a regular staple around here.

    The old cars look like art (sculptures) in the woods, made especially for the woods to grow in and around them. I like them, especially the way you composed them in your photos.

    Enjoyed your list of random thoughts. Have fun in NYC. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      We’ve been mostly vegan (except for fish) for 5-6 years. Now we’re transitioning back into a little bit of cheese and sometimes an egg. But trying not to stray too much from our good diet. They DO look like sculptures in the woods! That must be why I like them. Thanks for the NYC well-wishes, Robin. And good luck on your diet!

  12. I like these kind of random posts 🙂
    I’m curious about the quinoa (which I’ve never heard of) salad, too! How did it turn out? Would you mind sharing the recipe? Only if the salad tasted good! 😉

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Micheala. The salad turned out OK. Not wonderful-superb, but OK. If it was wonderful-superb, I would share the recipe. I’ll let you know when one of those comes along.

  13. holessence says:

    “…at least 89.4% of the time.” You crack me up.

    We love quinoa. In our house we say KEEN-wah, wah, wah (like we’re singing because we’re happy to have it)…

  14. Barbara says:

    Love the auto memories of yesterday deep in the woods – reminds me, for some odd reason, of when I was little and got upset every time my parents traded in our old car for a new one. I felt like we were betraying an old friend and I felt sorry for it because they had rejected it. In summer camp we learned a song that went, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other, gold.” Why couldn’t we keep our old car-friends out in the woods? Then I could have kept visiting them and not had to wonder and worry about what happened to them!

    Hope you have an amazing time in New York!

    • Kathy says:

      Barbara, we used to sing that song in our Girl Scout camp, too. It’s a lovely song. It’s delightful that you were able to see past the metal to the soul of the vehicle and meet it as a friend. That’s why I like you!

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