Okey-dokey now

Barry and his friend, John, and Kiah are out fishing today on Lake Superior this afternoon.  I think Dad really wanted to take his daughter on a fishing trip before she heads back to NYC next week.   Even though it’s only in the mid 50’s with a chilly breeze, they’re out there bobbing up and down in the Keweenaw Bay.

Hopefully they’ll return home laden with lake trout.

Lake Superior

Mama sits back at home–after begging some alone time–and has spent the last half hour sifting through old photographs.  (That was after working at the school almost five hours this morning in preparation for my absence later this week.  I am so lucky to have flexible work hours.)

Underwater rocks

The sun shines brightly now through the deck window.  As well as re-viewing old photographs, I’ve been re-reading old books.  Meeting them again like old friends.  Thinking it would be delightful to read something new, different, interesting.  But it often feels impossible to pick out a book on-line.  I need to peruse some books in Marquette, to leaf through the pages, get an intuitive feel if the book calls out to be read.

Snowbound Books is a wonderful bookstore in Marquette.

Just printed out outpatient Cardiac Unit Directions to Marquette General’s Heart Institute.  We’ll be there by 10:30 tomorrow morning for Barry’s “Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) with Planned Cardioversion.”  We hope they don’t find any clots and can shock his heart to get a regular heartbeat established.

We’ve had two days of fall-like weather with temps in the 50’s.  (That would be 12-15 Celcius.)  However it’s suppose to warm up starting tomorrow, with temps rising into the 70’s. (21 and above.)

The leaves on the trees still look mostly green.  No snow in the forecast–at least until next month!

Chair on deck. Book. Tea.

I am looking forward to a fun excursion later in the week.  Kiah is the maid of honor in her friend’s wedding in Marquette Friday night.  We have a motel room booked for two nights and I’m planning on just relaxing and hanging out in the Big City while she does the Wedding Thing.  Of course I’ll go to the wedding itself.

I asked Amber (the bride) with whom I will be seated.  I don’t really know the wedding-goers very well, so this could be interesting.  She named a couple of folks whom I almost know, so that sounds cool.

Hopefully Barry’s procedure will have gone well so this can all happen without a snafu.

Yellow leaf in woods puddle

Okey-dokey, that’s the news from this Quiet Afternoon in the Little House in the Big Woods. 

(Does anyone but a Midwesterner use the saying “Okey-dokey”?  Not that we use it much.  It seems to be disappearing from common slang so that my kids have never dreamed of utter those words. It means “Everything is OK here.” )

Log in bay

Speaking of words, did any of you ever call a couch a davenport?  Or a winter cap a chook?  What about calling a wallet a billfold?)  What are some colloquialisms from your neck of the woods?

I am going to try to get something accomplished now and not sprawl out on the davenport with a book.  Must figure out what to cook for dinner (anyone call it supper?)

Look at this giant brandywine tomato from our garden!

Okey-dokey, signing off now.  Thanks for listening.  Today’s blog feels like a diary.  **grin**

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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20 Responses to Okey-dokey now

  1. jeff v says:

    Roger that on the “okie dokie”. we’ve got all kinkds of wierd expressions. how bout “youz guyz”? lt’s “supper” at our house. and did you ever “red” the table after supper? i,e. clear it of the dishes and such. Somehow “davenport potato” just doesn’t sound quite right. or should it be davenport tuber? As far as my wallet, mostly I just call it “empty”. Heading north on Sat., looking forward to that hint of fall in the air. Good luck to you and Barry!

  2. Susan D says:

    Davenport, okey dokey, billfold = big nods of the head. “Chook” is a new one to me. Like the sound of that. A long-ago friend from Canada called davenports “Chesterfields” ~ such a classy term for something so home-y (not to be confused with homie, as in “my bro”).

    I am glad to hear of the fishing excursion today, and that you’ve had some alone time. Hoping there will be fish appearing soon in the happy hands of Dad and Daughter. Thinking of you all, and hoping that tomorrow brings joy and resolution to Phase One of the health issues! And thank you for the lovely blog and photos today. Much love and big hugs!

  3. I actually had a TEE done back in 2006. I was nervous about the procedure, but it ended up going just fine, and I don’t remember a thing! Good luck to Barry, I hope he gets all fixed up!! I guess I never considered that “Okey dokey” might only be a mid-westerner phrase – I use it all the time! I haven’t used any of those other colloquialisms, but my Dad has – also shears (scissors), and housecoat (bathrobe).

  4. Good luck with Barry’s TEE tomorrow, hope it goes well!

  5. Susan Derozier says:

    How about “bubbler” for water fountain? I’ve used all of the above and am sure, now that you’ve scratched the surface, more will arrive just as I am trying to fall asleep. Your pictures are wonderful and I’m glad Barry and Kiah got some water time before she has to go back. I’m sure it will be hard seeing her go. You are in my thoughts and prayers for splendid results on the procedures. Do enjoy the wedding!

  6. Brenda Hardie says:

    Glad Barry and Kiah got out on the lake today 🙂 and that you got some alone time. I will be praying for everything to go well for Barry tomorrow.
    Yep…I use okie dokie but not davenport..it’s always couch or sofa and never heard of chook. My dear friend in Missouri thinks it’s just wrong that I say dinner for supper and lol now I find myself saying supper while he says dinner lol :D. Funniest thing I ever heard though was when I lived out east for awhile…people said “amblance” for ambulance and “rad-ee-aiter” for radiator (as in the ones inside the home for heat) I laughed myself silly. Course they all said I was the one with the accent! And they never said “pop” it was always “soda”. 🙂

  7. Charlotte says:

    Used all of the above except Chook (never heard it before). The beefsteak rates a big “WOW”.
    Barry good luck tomorrow.

  8. emaclean says:

    d-a-v-e-n-p-o-r-t spells davenport, davenport
    it’s a kind of loveseat, loveseat
    it really makes my heartbeat, heartbeat….

    Yup, I have heard of a davenport! haha! Sorry, I’ll have to really wrack my brain for the rest of those lyrics, but I certainly remember the tune.

    Thinking of you and Barry and wishing the best regarding the conversion. Friends who have had it done say it’s a piece of cake.

    Tomatoes look scrumptious!

  9. Dawn says:

    Tomato heaven.
    Good luck to both of you – you remain in my thoughts.

  10. Carol says:

    okey dokey, yes. davenport yes. supper yes,until I grew up and suddenly it became dinner. Don’t know how that happened. Billfold yes. Chook no. Remember when boots were made of rubber and meant to keep your feet dry? Remember when washers had wringers and dryers were lines strung outside?
    Hope Barry’s procedure goes well!

  11. holessence says:

    “I’ve been re-reading old books. Meeting them again like old friends.” Ohhhhhh, I love this — me too! (goodness gracious, that tomato looks scary big!).

  12. I spell it different but use it often. I must be an old foggie, eh?

    Hope Barry’s procedure goes well and the wedding has beautiful weather for the photographs and video.

  13. Tammy says:

    Blessings to Barry for his procedure and love that you support father-daughter fishing trips!

  14. Karma says:

    That tomato looks wonderful! Just how I like ’em!
    I guess the fact that we call bubbly drinks “soda” is a New England thing; others refer to it as “pop” I think. Our local word for a big sandwich is a “grinder”.
    Oh, and we (my family anyway) say “okey-dokey, smokey!” Not sure where the smokey part came from. Maybe the bear?

  15. Dawn says:

    Hope Barry’s procedure went well!!!

  16. Claire says:

    OKEY DOKEY is alive and kicking here but usage is declining. Hope all goes well for Barry tomorrow..

  17. Robin says:

    We use Okey-dokey a lot here, but Ohio is considered Midwest so I’m not sure it counts unless you factor in that I’m not from here, I just live here (as the song goes). I’ve been here so long, though, that I feel as if I’m from here.

    In West Virginia, where I lived briefly, the call a winter hat a toboggan. I also like the way they say I swan instead of I swear. I grew up in New Jersey with such classics as youse guys.

    I’m getting caught up with you and hoping as things go along that all has gone well with Barry.

  18. Cindy Lou says:

    How ’bout “making wood” or “panking down the snow”? There’s some good Yooper terms to go along with chook! Glad you had a day to relax – that book and tea in the sun looked pretty darn good to me!

  19. Kathy says:

    Loved reading your comments and listening to some of the other interesting expressions used in your neck of the woods. (Do you all use the express ion “neck of the woods”?) Barry’s procedure didn’t go as well as we would have liked–they were unable to shock his heart back into a proper beat–darn it. Thanks for all your concern and prayers. So appreciate every one of you!

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