Trees and fog

At times fog seems to obscure our lives.

We humans face challenges and troubles and can’t see our way through the low-lying mist of clouds come down to earth. 

Swamp fog

The clouds leave their sky-home and visit rivers, swamps, highways and spider webs.

One must navigate carefully through the earth-bound wisps of clouds.  You don’t want to crash into another slow-moving vehicle.  Your eyes peer ahead, attempting to see what is now obscured, what sometimes appears confusing.

River fog

Yesterday, on our way to Marquette for Barry’s procedure (Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) with Planned Cardioversion) we were in high spirits, despite the fog.

The plants alongside the road seemed to shine with–no, could it truly be?–frost?  When the fog thickened near Michigamme we left the car with camera to photograph its beauty  and I noticed the almost-frozen leaf of a lichen.

Yep, readers.  It was frost.  (Although really not thick enough to capture in a photo yet.)

The in-land portions of the Upper Peninsula often get the freezing weather before the lake-warmed shore-dwellers.

The fog perhaps was the result of cold and heat meeting one another head on.  Two contrasting temperature systems coming face-to-face and producing obscuring fog.

It is as beautiful as it can be treacherous.

Shining web of life

The lace of the spider web as the sun peered through the fog shined beautifully into the day, always reminding us that life is an interconnected web.

Unfortunately, Barry’s irregular heartbeat did not re-establish to a normal rhythm when they shocked his heart twice during the procedure at the Heart Institute.


Just another foggy area through which to navigate with faith and hope and more procedures in the near future.  You know the fog will clear soon and sunny skies will again appear.  Thanks for all your goodwill, friends.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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39 Responses to Fog

  1. Keeping both of you in my thoughts, hoping that things will be resolved soon!! ♥

  2. Dawn says:

    I hope they have more answers for you both soon. xoxo The fog obscures some things and highlights others.

  3. Susan Derozier says:

    Kathy – I’m so sorry the procedure wasn’t a success. My prayers continue to follow you through the next steps to good health. Sending you light to lead you through the fog!

  4. Bonny says:

    Kathy, what a great analogy! The issues with Barry’s heart and finding the way….May you be led where you need to be. Bonny

    • Kathy says:

      Bonny, someone asked me yesterday if I was worried and I said “no”. I feel such faith that the direction will open up through the fog. I am glad you liked the analogy.

  5. Susan D says:

    Darn it all. I really hoped, as did we all, that Barry’s heart problem would resolve yesterday. I’m so sorry that there are more procedures to come and avenues to explore. Hoping for the best and wrapping you in a warm fog of thoughts and prayers.

  6. Motherkitty says:

    I will place both of you in my God box, and pray for you. I wish you serenity and many blessings.

  7. Sybil says:

    What a lovely metaphor and amazing photos. Glad you are both going through life with eyes wide open and not missing the things that matter. Wishing Barry improved health and a strong heart.

  8. Gerry says:

    It’s all a great mystery. Good to move through the fog together, in high spirits. Good to savor moments of great beauty. Best wishes.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, Gerry. I think our spirits faltered a little after the heart procedure failed, but we are both reviving hourly. The fog, perhaps, shall soon lift…

  9. Cindy Lou says:

    I KNOW he has a heart in there!! :} Just teasing! You’re all in my heart and prayers for whatever arises.

    Beautimous photos today, Kath…the spider web and the river fog are my favorites!

    • Kathy says:

      Ha ha, Cindy, funny! (I’m sure he has a heart, too. I’ve glimpsed it!) I’m glad you like the pics, too. It’s lovely to see your presence here again, my friend. Here, in Carla’s, at the school, wherever. I so appreciate you!

  10. Brenda Hardie says:

    Kathy you have such a beautiful gift for expression. The photos are lovely. I’m so sorry the tests didn’t go as hoped. I will continue to pray for healing and comfort. I’m sending your gentle hugs…can you feel them? 🙂

  11. holessence says:

    Wonderful photographs Kathy. And please know that I’m holding HeartLight (sacred space) for Barry.

  12. Barb says:

    Shocking Barry’s heart sounds – well, shocking. I hope you get answers and steady beating soon. Your photos are exquisite – I love fog (if I don’t have to navigate through it), and the spider web is fantastic. I talked to my friend in Eagle Harbor yesterday – she said it was in 70’s, but maples are turning.

    • Kathy says:

      Barb, the maples always turn up in the Keweenaw before they turn down in our neck of the woods. We just drove to Marquette, though, and saw sprays of red trees in the woods. Thank you for your thoughts. It’s been a rough week, but I am convinced it will improve.

  13. Looks like autumn is in the air. Love it!

  14. Robin says:

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    Beautiful photos, as always. Hard to believe you’ve had frost already.

    • Kathy says:

      It’s hard to believe, indeed, Robin! But we always get frost way, way before you southerners. 🙂 It’s coming, whether we’re ready or not…

  15. Karma says:

    Your river fog shot is lovely!
    Frost… noooooo! It isn’t even officially fall yet.
    Good thoughts and energy sent your way for the coming days as you find your way through the fog.

    • Kathy says:

      Gosh, Karma, why do we always have to have fall in the U.P. before the rest of you? Pout. We really should wait before this frost arrives. Loving your good energy and knowing the fog will clear.

  16. Tracy says:

    Kathy, keeping you both in my prayers!
    Love your photos. It makes me want to go out and get a “big girl” camera!

    • Kathy says:

      OK, Tracy, I both love and not-love the big girl camera. Sometimes it’s wonderful beyond wonderful and can capture lovely shots that the little baby Cybershot couldn’t even dream. At other times, I remember the days of innocence with Ms. Cybershot and miss the ease of snapping photos here and there without a thought. It’s always a compromise…

  17. Colleen says:

    Your photos and analogy are beautiful Kathy. Love and well-wishes to both of you. And yes, faith and hope will most surely guide you in this interconnected web we know as life. Knowing all will be well……

  18. Reggie says:

    I am loving those foggy images, but very saddened to hear that all is not well with your beloved Barry. Sending prayers and much healing your way.

    • Kathy says:

      Reggie, I feel your prayers and appreciate them so much. It’s sad that Barry is not doing well, but I trust that something larger than what we know is prevailing. I appreciate your friendship!

  19. dearrosie says:

    I can only repeat what others said before – I am very sorry to hear that the procedure didn’t work. I love your foggy pix

    • Kathy says:

      dearrosie, thank you. Barry has a heart cath scheduled for early October, followed by his knee surgery the following week. We are hoping it all goes smoothly with only sunny skies for a while…

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