Don’t be scared…

I’m going to tell you a ghost story today.

Don’t be scared.

Hallway lights--beneath which the Librarian once walked.

I wasn’t going to tell you a ghost story.  All week I pondered.  “Should I or shouldn’t I tell my readers about the ghost at the Landmark Inn in Marquette last weekend?”

The truth was–I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good ghost story.  Who wants to be the ruin of a magnificent ghost story about a fair maiden on the top floor of the Landmark Inn who wasted away after her lover dashed to his death on the floor of Lake Superior, never returning to his beloved?

Chairs? Ghosts?

Here is the Infamous Ghost Story as presented by the Inn (where Kiah and I stayed last weekend during a wonderful wedding celebration for her friend, Amber):

Ghost Story of The Librarian (from the Landmark Inn’s Website)

During the 1930’s when the Northland Hotel (Landmark) opened, it was the social and cultural center of town. Downtown Marquette was considered a larger town in the Northern Midwest where many in remote outposts came for supplies. An Ore boat’s arrival was a major event bringing a crew to enjoy shore leave before the ship sailed again, full of iron ore.

One crew member was a regular visitor to the town library and caught the eye of the spinster librarian. Being 30 and unwed was a hopeless situation for a women in that day, but hopes revived as the librarian fell in love with the visitor. Her love was returned and the two decided to make Marquette their home.

The crewman left for his final cruise on the big lake. He would collect his pay and return to marry his love. As fortune would dictate, the ship met with one of the infamous Superior storms and was swept away taking the crew to a cold wet grave.

The librarian never recovered, she couldn’t work or eat and soon died from her broken heart. It is said that she looks out from the Lilac Room on the 6th floor and waits for her love to return.

Don't be frightened...

OK, that was my introduction to the ghost. 

I decided it was my duty–as a blogger–to make contact with the ghost and see what was up.

Let’s back up to last Thursday night.  First, I wrote a blog about a leopard dress which attacked me in Target.  This entertained me tremendously as I wrote the story while sitting in the upper tier of the Landmark Inn’s bar and sipping a fine Chardonnay. 

My heart was light and happy and filled with delight and–upon laying down in bed–decided it was time to make contact with The Ghost.


Of course, most of you would probably wait for The Ghost to make contact with You.  In which case you would still be waiting.

I decided to approach her directly.  That means (OK, lean close, I’ll tell you my secret) you sit there in bed with your eyes closed and address the ghost in your thoughts.

You may laugh and think this is imagination.  But, dear reader, I have had at least sixteen incidents in which “imagination” turns out to be True.

This is how it unfolded. 


Don’t be scared.

“Hello, Ghost, this is Kathy,” I say in my thoughts.  “Are you there?”

No immediate answer.

“Hello!” I say cheerily again, waiting.

“Hello,” a voice in my thoughts replies.  “Oh hello!  How are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” I say.  “Hey, are you the Librarian?”

“That’s what they call me,” the voice replies.  “Who are you?”

“I’m a Blogger,” I say.  “I have to say–upfront–that I’m here to write about you.  So please don’t say anything you don’t want to see in print.”

“A blogger?” the Librarian replies.  (You can tell she’s offended.  It’s not a book.  She’s a Librarian.)

“Indeed,” I answer, perkily.  “So, how are you, after all these years?”

She pauses.

I wait.

“I’m doing much better,” she says. 

“Did your lover drown in Lake Superior?” I ask.

(This is where you might want to ignore my story if you–truly–want to believe the original version of the Librarian offered by the hotel.)

Out the top story window of the Landmark Inn--near where the Librarian lived.

“He didn’t die,” she sighs.  “He just left me.”

“He left you?” I ask, intrigued.  “I thought he died and you mourned him years and years and finally wasted away…”

“He left me,” she insists. 

“But I’m learning–” she says, continuing on, “to love myself.  You know, back then I thought that loving another person was the most important thing.  But I’m learning to love myself is the most important—”

(Oh, reader, you can call this my imagination.  You can.  Because that’s something I agree with entirely.  Honoring and loving ourselves is one of the most important things we can do.)

“I’m really not here much these days,” she continues.


“Because a few years ago, these people came to the hotel and tried to convince me that it was time to ‘come to the light’ and quit remaining here,” she says.  “So I don’t come back here often.  In fact, I may not be here much longer…”

“I can’t believe you’re TALKING to me,” she adds.  “Most people just come here and want to see a ghost.  No one wants to talk to me.  They wouldn’t believe it wasn’t their imagination.  Thank you SO much.   By the way, have you been reading any good books lately?”

So, there, you have it, dear reader.  My conversation with a Ghost.

You weren’t frightened, were you?

I DID say to the Librarian, “OK, nobody is going to believe that we REALLY talked.  Can you show yourself to me?  Please?  In the middle of the night?”

“I’m having trouble doing that these days,” she sighs.  “I’ll try, but it’s hard.”

Your blogger then, mercifully having fulfilled her duty to contact The Ghost, falls asleep.

She awakes an hour later to a feeling that her legs are being touched.

See the orb in this photo? I'm sure it's the Librarian, aren't you?

No kiddin’.

“Thanks,” she mumbles to The Ghost.  “OK, maybe I’ll blog about you–maybe–you can leave my legs alone now–”

And that’s the Story.  Please feel free to share your own Ghost Stories in the comments.  Or, if you don’t have any, feel even more free to talk with your dearly departed and TRUST that they are really responding to you.

Scout’s honor, I think they are.  🙂

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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43 Responses to Don’t be scared…

  1. Susan Derozier says:

    No actual ghost stories here but i do have a mischievous sister that I am convinced visits from time to time. One time I found a flower in my bed between the sheets. There were no flower bushes to match in the area and I had not been anywhere near flowers. it was fresh and small and beautiful. Another time when I had been talking about her, I walked out my front door (condo…and all cement) to find a large branch in front of my door. Thinking nothing of it, I walked two buildings over to the dumpster and deposited it. Two hours later I walked out to find the same branch in the same place. I have no neighbors of the sort to play such games and there were no matching trees around (all palm). My granddaughter also is convinced that Gretchen comes to her at night. I’ve always loved John Edwards because he makes that connection for us in such an honest and amazing way. So, yes I believe you talked with the librarian and who knows, maybe she received the truth of her situation after passing. Lovely story Kathy!

    • Kathy says:

      Susan, I love your stories of the flower and branches. What gifts! I often think that out-of-place objects or beings can sometimes be hints and reminders from our deceased loved ones. I have never watched John Edwards–we don’t have TV–and when we did, he must not have been on our channel. But I do believe that there is one consciousness that we can infinitely tap into. I liked that the librarian said she had learned many things. It was inspiring.

  2. dearrosie says:

    I believe you. My Mother died about 6 or 7 weeks ago and whatever others may say I believe she’s been sending me messages – in dreams and during the day. And I think she sent me here to read your ghost story. Why else would I come today when I’ve been meaning to pop in for months now???

    • Kathy says:

      Rosie, it seems that some of us will never believe in communicating with those who have passed on, while others of us believe it readily. I am glad your mother is still in your life, and that you’re open enough to feel that and perhaps hear her messages. Loved your blog about synchronicity!

  3. Barb says:

    Gosh – I had no idea you talk to spirits, Kathy, but I’m not surprised. I’ve never seen or talked directly to a departed soul, though I have had a few dreams of a spiritual or other-wordly nature. Usually, I don’t remember them until time passes and then suddenly something trigers the “script” of the dream and it will reel beginning to end in my imagination, exactly the way i once dreamed it. The few times this has happened the dreams seemed very significant to me and were peopled by family or friends who had died – in fact, had died a long time ago. I’ve always had a peaceful feeling about these dreams and am grateful for them. Surely, the “real” world isn’t the only dimension.

    • Kathy says:

      I talk to anyone, Barb. LOL! Spirits, humans, trees, why, I’ve even been known to address inanimate objects like peaches and cantaloupes. (“Hey, you fellas, everybody into the bowl! Want some pecans sprinkled atop you? Cocunut? Who are you calling a nut?) OK, now I’m really laughing. On a more serious note, thank you for sharing about your dreams. It seems so many people have such a unique way of communicating and sharing beyond our everyday rational world. I truly believe in the power of dreams. And that the “real” world isn’t the only dimension.

  4. Barb says:

    PS I love that last photo taken from the top of the inn – it’s magical.

  5. Reggie says:

    Of course you spoke to a ghost, Kathy. No doubt at all in my mind. Interesting conversation. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      A believer, Reggie! Excellent. I must admit to having a doubt in my mind. It all feels strangely like imagination, except the answers coming forth are nothing like what you would think. But once I had a conversation with a friend’s mom who just died and she told me four things. I thought, “What a silly bit of imagination!” and then my friend called after the funeral and said that everything her mom told me in my “imagination” was true, down to the details. Things like that happen. The boundary between imagination and other realities can be paper thin.

      • Reggie says:

        Wow, now that is interesting. When I’ve had such conversations, I also wonder how much is my imagination, and how much is ‘real’. Unlike you, I’ve not had any third party able to confirm or deny – but in your case, that must’ve felt amazing… a bit freaky, but amazing! 😀

  6. Dawn says:

    Do you think the ghost librarian doesn’t get to read anymore? That would be truly sad. Hope she’s somewhere happy now.

    • Kathy says:

      Only someone who loves libraries and librarians like you would think of this, Dawn! Gosh, I never thought to ask her. OK, I will close my eyes and ask her now and see what she says. One second please. “Of course I still read books!” she says indignantly. “How?” I ask. “You shouldn’t have to ask,” she replies. (On that note, I think I won’t ask her anything more…wait a sec…she just said she is enjoying reading what you commenters wrote.) **smile**

  7. Barbara Rodgers says:

    What a beautiful orb! I’ve never seen a golden brown one before! I do get meaningful messages from my mom and my grandparents – but I’ve never tried initiating contact before. Perhaps I’ll try your method some day.

    • Kathy says:

      Back in the mid-80’s the local Native Americans decided to teach me, mostly because they said I was a “dreamer”, Barbara. (Perhaps a psychologist might have called it someone with a lot of “active imagination”.) I believe the gateway between worlds can often be active imagination and an ability to let go beyond the personality. Please do try to initiate. Advice: let go, trust and flow. These seem to be key in establishing rapport.

  8. holessence says:

    Kathy – Great way to capture the FEEL of the ghost story with the opening, almost-sepia-tone, EERIE photographs — I LOVE IT!

    • Kathy says:

      Laurie, I loved how the photographs turned out. (They were actually the inspiration to write this story.) They looked like ghosts haunted the halls… I tried to actually put that first photo in sepia to see if it looked better, but liked it in the original way it turned out. Thank you!

  9. Carol says:

    Of course you talked to the ghost, Kathy. Of course you did. Here, have this nice cup of soothing tea and lie down for just a bit.
    Truly, I do believe that ghosts visit sometimes. My grandson visits and when our cat died, he came down to let us know she was with him. When he visits, he makes the musical toy that I kept in his crib when he visited me start for just a few seconds.
    But then again, perhaps you should have a bit of wine instead of the tea.

    • Kathy says:

      I wonder if the ghost liked wine or tea, Carol? I forgot to ask her. I’m not 100% sure that we did establish definitive communication. Anyone who doesn’t believe in ghosts–those who believe purely in the rational world–would think this was all crazy-stuff. I invite all the disbelievers to think this is only a story. Only a story. Only a story. Only a story…

  10. Martha Bergin says:

    Hi Kathy, Wonderful blog! Loved your orb picture. I was thinking about my Michael, you remember. You contributed generously to the project of building the electricity-generating roof turbine in his memory–or at least contributing to the education of a student who would try to do same… well, as far as how Michael is doing, he seemed to be greatly relieved and happy to be “gone,” it seems. What I get from him is that he was completely “at a wall” here, and has many more opportunities for growth on the other side. I know it sounds very odd to say, and honestly I never heard of someone being happy that they died! But I guess there are many unique circumstances in the universe, and I trust that it is true, because that’s the message I keep encountering! Weird, huh?

    • Kathy says:

      Martha, I totally believe the message that Michael is sending you. I have actually “heard” this message before, several times. There seems to be a freedom on the other side that we don’t always experience here. I am glad that Michael is doing well…and that you were able to communicate with him about it.

  11. Susan D says:

    I’m so delighted that you decided to share the ghost story. I’m in love with your telling of it, and with the photos. I just know that the lady ghost was happy to have you ask after her and that she trusted you with the truth. You touch all dimensions with your joy, Kathy.

    My favorite experience of the ghostly variety involved singing (solo) Killing Me Softly with His Song …. waaayyyy back in the 70s. I recorded it. When I went back to listen to the tape, there at the very end of the song, angelic voices joined my voice in perfect harmony! An incredibly sweet happening!

    Love you 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Really? Truly? You heard angelic voices singing with you? Oh how incredible… Well, I’m not surprised. I can see why the angels wanted to join in with harmony. Glad you enjoyed the story. You were mostly responsible for me finally putting it in words after a week. Love you, too.

  12. Claire says:

    HI this is an amazing post. The story is a belter and your telling of it captivated me. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Sean says:

    I love a good ghost story. And I totally believe you. I used to live in an old hotel that had been converted into apartments. I would hear a whole gaggle of them sometimes, and at all hours of the night. I would close my eyes and they’d start, as soon as I opened my eyes it would be quiet again. It’s amazing what you can get used to when you’re only paying $175 a month.

    • Kathy says:

      Yep, I can imagine you getting used to this at $175 a month! Smiling…Sean…next time remember to talk to them in your thoughts. They will probably answer back!

  14. You have a gift for writing – I love reading your posts!! Funny that you should mention a ghost story, and that I should just happen to read it this morning…. last night, I was sitting on the couch watching TV, when all of a sudden the door at the bottom of the stairs (right next to the couch) opened…. not just opened, but swung open at least 6 inches! Yes, it was fully closed!! I thought my son was coming downstairs because he needed something, but when I got up to look, no one was there!! Spooky?? My house WAS built in 1928….

    • Kathy says:

      Oh Holly I could hug you all the way to Lansing and back. 🙂 How I love to write! So last night you were visited by a ghost? How cool! I think most houses built in the olden days still have ghost energy. Most of the time they are energetic “holograms” from the past, but sometimes they can be actual beings. I can’t tell you the number of people who have spotted old-timers in their old-time houses. i hope you weren’t scared.

      • It actually was a little unnerving!! I had to go upstairs just to check on my kids, and make sure they weren’t playing a trick on me!! I kept looking back at the door to make sure it wasn’t going to do it again. I’ve often wondered about this house…. and exactly WHAT the history is here!!

  15. Brenda Hardie says:

    Thank you Kathy for sharing your ghost story with us. I am so glad you did because I know you were hesitating.
    I think you truly did have a ghostly experience….why not? The interesting part is the communication you and she had. I’ve been visited by ghosts before, 1 in particular but we never spoke…seemed like words were being passed back and forth but nothing ever actually spoken. She was an old woman, shorter than me, always wearing a gray wool coat…with that wool that is kind of curly (I”m not sure what it’s called) and a rose colored, knit hat…I loved her hat! She appeared to me as a kindly old woman and I didn’t mind her presence. She started visiting me during the night…she liked to tap me on the forehead and wake me up, then she would just stand there and look at me. She sometimes would poke me in the ear…maybe because she was frustrated that I couldn’t “hear” her …? And sometimes she would walk around the house…opening doors, especially the basement door, which was always kept locked. She used to open the kitchen cabinets and rearrange the contents and every morning when I found the kitchen in disarray, I would get frustrated and put everything back. Finally it dawned on me that she liked the kitchen a certain way, so one morning I simply finished her rearranging and left it that way. She never changed it after that! 🙂 I asked the neighbors, who had lived in this neighborhood for many years, about the woman who first lived in the house. They told me about her…her name was Estelle. She was a small woman and was always cold. They said she smoked constantly (I thought it was strange that I never “smelled” smoke in her presence) They told me she was very a very particular housekeeper…liked things a certain way. They said she died in the house. They asked me why I was interested. I told them of my experiences, knowing they might think their new neighbor was crazy) and they were shocked. They were speechless when I described her coat and hat. I asked what was wrong and they told me I had just described her favorite coat and the hat she had knit for herself…she had many hats but this one was her favorite and she wore it even in the summer. She was rather eccentric, always doing things her own way. I was the first home owner in this house after she died. I moved out when the hospital nearby bought the entire neighborhood for expansion and they tore down some houses and moved others. My house was moved, to another town so I hope the woman did not get lost!
    And that is my most “involved” ghost story 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      That is an AMAZING story, Brenda! I love it! How wonderful that Estelle appeared to you and you were able to verify it so wonderfully with the neighbors. My question is: were you scared? If I had experienced that visceral of an experience I might have been scared. Thank you so much for sharing this.

      • Brenda Hardie says:

        My very first reaction when she appeared to me was fright, but very quickly I felt soothed and comforted by her presence. No words were spoken but I clearly felt she communicated to me. And aside from the sometimes annoying habit she had of poking, or tapping, or sometimes tugging on my toes, she was simply a comfortable presence. Oh and the kitchen cabinet event was rather frustrating until I figured out what she wanted. lol The whole experience really opened my eyes to other possibilities around us…it “grew my soul” 🙂

  16. Colleen says:

    I’m loving your story too, Kathy. And yes, have had very similar experiences, most often when travelling. In fact in the past developed a set of gentle (and hopefully respectful) requests…… please, if you have something to say or communicate, I am willing to listen/hear but please (requested with great respect) could you try to be clear….I’m not so good with riddles and subtle nuances when my heart is beating way faster than it should be! And please, please, please don’t fool with my electronics or the fire alarms or turn on the taps or tramp around the room all night or knock my things off the dresser….I’ll try to be open without all the commotion. They seem to like Rick and his car keys, much to his consternation 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, yes, we need them to be clear for sure. And no messing with elecronics! Especially computers. I haven’t lived in a really old house, so haven’t experienced many of the encounters that many people describe. Tell Rick I hope they leave his car keys alone…lol!

      • Colleen says:

        We haven’t lived in an old house either but often stay in older/ historic places when we travel. I guess it’s just part of the experience with some of these beautiful old places. And it’s always been benign, often more playful than anything else. Except for the odd sensation of something a little more, once or twice. I sometimes wonder if it’s to do with Rick (smiling here) as his grandmother was highly sensitive to this kind of communication and interaction. And yes, the car-key stories are pretty funny ….in retrospect! “Lyle” at the Groveland Hotel seems to have a great fascination with Rick’s keys. It has certainly added another level of adventure to some of our travels!

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