Daily Archives: September 22, 2011

“Sorry, you have used your upload quota.”

Alas, I have just received a sad, sad message from WordPress.com.
They are insisting I have used my upload quota and cannot add any photographs to this blog.

HELP! Oh no!

I await, breathlessly, the verdict from the Support Fellas and Dames at this site.

The truth of the matter is that I paid them a whopping–OK, let me check in the files–$19.97 via VISA Credit Card–on August 1st for five delightful gigabytes of space.  Enough to last about a year, depending on how carried away your blogger becomes with her photographic zeal.

Please, WordPress, answer me quickly and let us fix this Mess!

The photos are considering rebelling, sitting there so patiently in their folders. 

I could paint many word-pictures for you instead, but never mind.

I am sure by tomorrow–at the latest–this little difficulty shall be mightily resolved and I’ll be writing the Tech guy a love note thanking him for his prompt and efficient service.

Since we have no photos to entertain us, let’s play a little game.

Here is your question:  When was the last time you were dealt with one of life’s little challenges and you turned it around to your advantage, toward the positive, without wallowing in nervousness or suffering or grief? 

C’mon, I know you do it all the time.

When were you able to view a pressing situation from a positive light?

I eagerly await your replies.