Great Buddhist Nannies and long white rabbit ears

Don’t you love Gmail?

It offers such pertinent advertising suggestions above your email inbox.

Eavesdropping in on some of my recent emails–which, I’m sure, involved meditation–something I try to do daily–it decided that I needed a “Great Buddhist Nanny.”

A Great Buddhist Nanny?

For children who are now 25 and almost 30?

And, pray tell, what might be a “Great” Buddhist Nanny?

Great Buddhist Nanny?

I am thinking Google may have come up with the term “Nanny” because my kids used to call my parents “Nanny and Papa”.  OK, some of them still do.  Some of the nieces and nephews call them “Nan” or “Pop”.    Google probably hasn’t discerned that yet.

Google has also discerned that we need a “Heart Cath.”  Yep.  Barry’s going in for this procedure on Thursday.

Today we visited YouTube and watched detailed explanations of the procedure.  It looks very simple and uncomplicated.  Except for the part about having to lie very quietly for five hours afterwards.  I suggested to Barry the advisability of taking a photo of him lying amidst all sorts of electrical wires in the heart unit.

He eyed me with a disturbed gleam in his eye.

“I don’t think so,” he said (although hesitantly.  You could see his journalistic self was pondering this.)

“Wait a minute,” I said, “Aren’t you the newspaper columnist who wrote publically about your family having the flu and vomiting all those years ago in GREAT detail?”

“Paybacks are hard, Mr. Editor,” I replied.  “I have a blog now.  ANYTHING is fair game after what you’ve put me through in the newspaper for over thirty years.”

Mr. Editor looked sheepish. 

He should.

In last week’s paper–I kid you not–he referred to me as–wait a second, let me look and quote properly:  “Dear wife Kathy is growing long, white rabbit ears nibbling her way through the rest of the Drue garden greens, all by herself.”  (You see, he’s on blood thinner, can’t eat Vitamin K, and he’s missing all the garden greens, which are loaded with “K’.)

Baby rabbit. Before he grew long white ears.

Are you blog readers sympathetic yet? 

You should be. 

I sat there–minding my own business at work on Friday–this is a true story–and the substitute teacher, Ruth, poked her head in my office and said–I swear this is true: “Your husband didn’t tell the truth.  You don’t have long rabbit ears.”

Off she walked toward gym class, laughing.

My rabbit ears twitched indignantly.

Seriously, it doesn’t bother me at all.  I’m not a scared rabbit.

But anyone who can publicly take such liberties shouldn’t mind a photo of Himself wrapped in electrocardio equipment, should he? 

OK, I probably won’t.

Unless he approves 100%. (Which he might, considering…)

And he usually runs his editorial columns by me before publication, and, really, why should I mind being called a rabbit?

Although I don’t need a Great Buddhist Nanny.  Honest…

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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30 Responses to Great Buddhist Nannies and long white rabbit ears

  1. Elisa's Spot says:

    Ponders and imagines what a Great Buddhist Nanny could be….even after googling….it is funnerer to contemplate Great Buddhist Nanny, and NO i’m not giving up my spot from under the hive to make room for this nanny-type person hmmph!

    • Kathy says:

      Don’t know why this struck me so funny yesterday afternoon, Elisa. A Great Buddhist Nanny! (Perhaps I need one?) Funny to hear you googled it, too.

  2. holessence says:

    Laughing hysterically!

    “Paybacks are hard, Mr. Editor,” I replied. “I have a blog now. ANYTHING is fair game after what you’ve put me through in the newspaper for over thirty years.”

    I love it!

  3. Susan Derozier says:

    Kathy you have me laughing out loud here and my cat is staring at me in a rather curious way. At least Barry didn’t give you a moist wiggly rabbit nose! Clearly the ears have much more grace and dignity.

    Tell Barry for me that the hours after truly are the hardest of the test. I had a more recent one done where he went into my wrist instead and that was much much easier. Thought you might want to ask about it for any possible future tests.

    I was so excited to be able to access you easily once again. Whatever had to be fixed (as you had said would) must be fixed. It seems that many things are “not working” around me of late. My phone has been out of commission since last Tuesday. After four tries to get a person on the line, I was promised it would be fixed by yesterday. When it wasn’t, I went online to see the email they had sent me and they changed the date to Oct. 27! I’m livid and again can’t reach a person. I don’t want to diss technology because it has brought me to you. However…… there are days!

    Thinking of you in your autumn heaven!

    • Kathy says:

      I will tell Barry what you said, Susan. He is actually–almost–looking forward to the test and getting this process moving forward. Glad to hear that you could access the blog easily again. Don’t know what happened. Our phone wasn’t working yesterday. It only rang half a ring–hey!–I wonder if it started after I read your phone comment!! No, I think it happened before. We’ll see if it works today. Otherwise I might start dissing technology. tee hee.

  4. Dawn says:

    Best wishes to “Mr Editor” during the procedure! Hope you can eat your way through some more garden before the first frost!

    • Kathy says:

      Mr. Editor appreciates your good wishes. Actually, the only things left in the garden are swiss chard, kale and bunching onions. The kale actually tastes best after the first frost. If it wasn’t for that fact, we’d be taking down the garden fence now.

  5. Really hoping Thursday finds you both well, beginning and end. Myself, I’d like the pictures, but my husband would insist I pass. Indeed, last year I had an anaphylactic reaction to a wasp sting and asked for documentary photos, but he assured me that I didn’t want pictures of “that.”
    By the way, I kind of like the thought of you with long rabbit ears. Perhaps they’re only visible at a certain angle and in certain light? Perhaps they’re your fairy side 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      I was going to take pics before his last procedure (the heart shock) but it just didn’t “feel” right. I think it’s interesting that you wanted photos of your reaction and your husband didn’t. Funny. You like the rabbit ears image? I wonder if only mystical sorts–or those who have meditated a long time–might see them? **grin**

  6. Barb says:

    Gosh, I never look at the ads – maybe I should! I’m sure the internet has more info on me than I could even imagine. Good Luck to Barry in his cath procedure. Kathy, you might want to leave the camera at home. Bring a good book instead. I’ll be thinking of both of you.

    • Kathy says:

      Barb, I never look at ads, either. That’s why it’s funny that I noticed this one. Yep, the Internet probably has us pegged–and we hardly know it. I will for sure have a good book on hand! Thank you so much.

  7. Claire says:

    Well I hope that Thursday passes without a hitch and that Barry’s procedure goes well and Kathy that whether or not you take your camera that your nerves stay steady. As for The Great Buddhist Nanny I am still wondering. Take care.

    • Kathy says:

      My nerves were pretty steady last time, Claire. Luckily, they kick the partner out of the room before things get too crazy. Otherwise, I would probably pass out. I’m still wondering about that Great Buddhist Nanny, too. Thank you…

  8. Dawn says:

    I’m thinking you should have that picture anyway – the future is uncertain, who knows when it might be needed. 🙂 Seriously, my best thoughts are with you both.

    Long white ears… hmmm

    • Kathy says:

      Dawn, last time it just seemed too inappropriate to drag the camera into the heart unit…I’m suspecting it will this time, too. Although you never know…wagging my ears your way.

  9. Marianne says:

    I think I could use a “Great Buddhist Nanny”, Kathy. I imagine myself sitting at her feet while she expounds her wisdom. In fact, out of interest, I’ve thought about searching for Buddhist type monasteries for women. Now, I don’t know if this is what Google is referring to, but just thought I’d throw my pennies in.

    Hope all goes well with Barry today and he lets you take lots of pictures.

    • Kathy says:

      I want a Great Buddhist Nanny, too, Marianne. Maybe she would help with meditation tips. Let me know if you find out a good monastery. Maybe I’ll join you. 🙂 Thanks for the good wishes.

  10. Maybe just pictures of the equipment and an arm, or a nose, or some innocuous part rather than full body? I am, it would be good for a historical reference, would it not? Because someday he’ll want to share the tale with his grandchildren. Or not. My husband would simply give an emphatic “NO”. What he shares or says about me “is different”. That old double standard thing, which he recognizes and I do not. Good luck to Barry and to you!

    • Kathy says:

      You know, you are right, Carol. Maybe someday he will love to share the pics with future generations. He really wouldn’t mind if I do share the pic–I would get his permission first. We’ll see how it goes…

  11. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I never noticed the ads on gmail before so I went to see what you were talking about… Mine is offering trustworthy sitters for pets and children, neither of which live in our household.

    Love your long white rabbit ears! 🙂

    Will be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to Barry on Thursday. Perhaps some earphones and music would help the five hours of lying quietly pass more quickly?

    • Kathy says:

      If only we HAD some earphones… Alas… That is a very good idea. Will pass it on to The Patient. Interesting that you had “sitter” advice, too. Kinda similar to Nannies.

  12. Ha! Get him back! In any case, you should take plenty of pictures of him. I mean… he has to lie still and can’t really do anything to stop you, right? You never know when you’ll need a little blackmail material 😉

    Good luck on Thursday!

    • Kathy says:

      Oh gosh, Michaela, if I start blackmailing him then he’ll start blackmailing me and there will be no end of it! If we want to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary next year, I think we’ll have to just keep it light. Thanks for your good wishes.

  13. Karma says:

    I had no idea that Google “reads” your email! I guess that would be because I don’t use my gmail account. I have noticed that FB does seem to pop up interesting little suggestions off to the side however.
    I agree with Michaela, LOL!
    Best wishes to Barry.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks, Karma. Yes, Google seems to read key words in your email and then offer ads. I pay no attention to the ads–except when the words “Great Buddhist Nanny” popped up. LOL!

  14. Colleen says:

    It’s funny, about those ads, if Rick and I paid attention to them we’d be getting dentures, considering the advantages of walk-in-tubs and getting fitted for all manner of orthopedic devices. Oh, and the best ones….. romance for single seniors, and everything that goes along with making this a possibility. It started when we turned 60…….

    Best wishes to Barry, knowing all will be well and that he’ll be helping you eat those greens soon. Assuming, of course, that he likes eating those greens.

    Thinking of you, many blessings…….

    • Kathy says:

      Really, Colleen? That’s what we have to look forward to when we turn 60? **grin** The way things are going around this house lately, maybe we’ll be buying a wheel chair. Can’t wait until that knee surgery next week. Hope it works. P.S. He’s off the Cumadin before his surgeries so we had a HUGE helping of greens–and cilantro–tonight. Mmmm…. thank you for your blessings. We’re off to Marquette tomorrow to do pre-procedure lab tests.

  15. Robin says:

    I don’t know…. a Great Buddhist Nanny might be interesting to have around. 😀

    Hoping all goes smoothly and well for Barry.

    • Kathy says:

      Robin, do you think a Great Buddhist Nanny might help us through the Rough Parts of Life? I am hoping so. I am thinking, perhaps, we might all benefit from one. Thank you for your good wishes.

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