The joke my 90-year old friend shared

OK, readers, be forewarned.

I do not tell jokes well.

Hence, I rarely tell jokes at all.

However, I just returned from coffee and sinful snacks with my 90-year old friend.  Her name is Anita.

She likes to tell jokes.

It’s hard to remember her jokes until I get home.  Usually I try to tell Barry and botch ’em up bad.

However, this time he laughed.

Hence:  Anita’s joke:

There was a husband and wife celebrating their 60th birthdays.

A fairy godmother appears and tells the man and wife that she will grant them their deepest wish.

The woman says, “I have always wanted to travel the world!  I would like tickets to dozens of locations around the world.”

The fairy godmother waves her wand. 

Dozens of tickets appear.  The woman is ecstatic! 

The fairy godmother turns to the husband.

“What would you like?” she asks.

He thinks–and very quickly says–

“I would like a woman thirty years younger,” he says.

The fairy godmother nods, and waves her wand, and WA-LA!!–

The man is now 90 years old.

(I hope you are all laughing now.  I laughed when 90-year old Anita told it.  Barry laughed when I told him.  Let’s hope it’s just as funny in print.  If not, try to imagine Anita telling you…  If it’s still not funny, drink some more coffee and have another brownie.)

If any of you readers have a nice funny–clean–that means not sinfully dirty–joke to tell, please comment and share.  I’m sure the rest of us would appreciate a laugh.  I reserve the write (pun intended) to edit racy jokes.  I’ll laugh and then erase ’em.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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24 Responses to The joke my 90-year old friend shared

  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. holessence says:

    Kathy – Len and I BOTH laughed!

  3. Lucienne(Alluvja) says:

    That was a good one, thanks for the giggles 🙂

  4. jeffstroud says:

    Too Cute Kathy! I get it! LOL!

  5. Elisa's Spot says:


    Why did the monkey fall outta the tree?

  6. Martha Bergin says:

    I imagined that a wonderful ninety-year-old woman was telling the joke. It was funny! : )

  7. Susan D says:

    That was a good one! I, too, can imagine your 90-year-old friend telling it. Thanks for sharing.

    Knock knock

    (Just kidding. Hahaha)

  8. You’ve probably heard the one about the Zen master ordering a hotdog from a Brooklyn vendor – “Make me one with everything”…

  9. Claire says:

    I too can kill a joke in its retelling so I will write his one down as it definitely worked when I read it – I almost guffawed but I was controlled and smiled in a refined fashion. Great Joke. You can tell your friend Anita that her joke has now gone global!

  10. Dawn says:

    Cute! I don’t tell jokes well either. And I forget them…so I don’t have any to share!

  11. It got me laughing (which is hard to do this early in the morning)!! Thanks for the good start to my day! 🙂

  12. Tammy says:

    I’m also really bad with jokes but this one started my day perfectly.

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  14. Carol says:

    I love it! I can never remember a whole joke, only bits and pieces of it. Which, of course, means you don’t want me ever trying to tell one.

  15. LOL
    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  16. Barb says:

    Laughing here in CO, Kathy. Tell Anita her joke is a hit!

  17. Karma says:

    Adorable joke Kathy – and I bet Anita was adorable telling it. 😆

  18. brandieroberts says:

    Love it! And passing it along to my husband!! 😉

  19. Kathy says:

    I am glad you guys enjoyed Anita’s joke! She ALWAYS tells me a joke when I come to visit her. We get together maybe twice a year. She’s so together and has the greatest memory. I can only hope to be a little tiny bit like her at age 90…. That’s my wish for all of YOU, too!

  20. bearyweather says:

    I love jokes … sorry to say, I can not seem to ever remember them to even attempt to share them. At one point in time, I picked a cute short joke about snowmen and I practice it over and over again trying to make it stick in my brain … thinking I should be able to remember just one to be able to participate in joke telling times with friends … I would tell it to you, but I have forgotten it. ;0)

  21. Kathy says:

    Thanks again…I am going to try bearyweather’s technique…repeating the jokes over and over and over and over and over and over (and over) again. **grin**

  22. Brenda Hardie says:

    Thanks for the laughter Kathy! Please tell your dear friend Anita thank you as well 😀 Laughter is such good medicine, we would do well to grin, giggle and guffaw much more often!

  23. Kathy says:

    Laughter IS good medicine! The doctor should prescribe more. lol!

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