Can’t decide…

It's snowing!

Hey, guess what? 

It’s snowing.

The first time this year.

It’s actually snowing like crazy right now.  Long sleeting flakes slush against the deck. 

If you try to walk toward the woods down a hill, you might fall from the slippery slope.

I have a meeting tonight.

Will it be cancelled?

So far, it’s still going to happen.

What else new happening here?

Still pondering quitting Facebook.

A person shouldn’t ponder quitting Facebook, day after day, month after month, year after year, without making a conclusive decision.  Should they?

A friend just called from town.  She said she had to drive 25 mph near L’Anse.  Out here we’re in a “pocket” of mild snow.  She said it was slushy, slippery and wild nearer to town.

This is my 498th post on Lake Superior Spirit.

Sometimes I ponder quitting blogging, too.  (Or at least slowing down.  Maybe I’ll slow down after the 500th post?  Stay tuned.  A decision may be coming…or perhaps not.  If I haven’t decided about Facebook in more than two years,who knows how long it will take to come to a definitive decision?)

What about you?  Are there issues you can’t conclusively decide? 

Snow still coming down.  Welcome, Winter. 

(Except the electricity has gone out three times since I started this post.  Will the heavy snow take out our power?  Will this blog be published before the wires sag and sizzle again?)

Heading off into the world of white…wishing you easy decisions and an enjoyable winter.

Leaf in slushy snow

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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61 Responses to Can’t decide…

  1. You may be able to quit FB but I don’t see you ever not blogging … and wouldn’t you miss FB if you completely quit? I think you would 🙂

  2. SNOW!!! Oh, how I wish I could be there right now! ♥
    Crossing my fingers that you won’t lose power completely.
    Good luck with your decisions (don’t quit blogging! You would be missed by many!)

    • Kathy says:

      Michaela, I probably shouldn’t alarm people with my blogging musings. Bad Kathy. We lost power about five times last night. My meeting was cancelled. Wish you could make a snow angel today…although you would have got mighty wet.

  3. Brenda Hardie says:

    No snow here…just bright sunshine, a brisk wind and cool temperatures 🙂 Be safe traveling to and from your meeting Kathy. And as far as quitting facebook and/or blogging 😦 I wish you wouldn’t but then again it’s my decision to make. Just had to let you know my thoughts. I would certainly miss you. I have a decision weighing on me too…whether or not to get rid of my vehicle 😦 I love my van but cannot afford it anymore and it needs some TLC that I can’t provide either. Right now it’s sitting in storage while I struggle with the decision. Follow your heart in your decision Kathy…I need to follow my wallet 😦

    • Kathy says:

      I am sorry to disappoint you re Facebook, Brenda! Good luck with your own wallet-mindful decision. Let me know what you decide. I wish you a decision that feels right in your heart and pocketbook. (We got a couple inches of snow this morning but a nearby town had 13 inches!)

      • Brenda Hardie says:

        Kathy…I’ve simply decided to wait for awhile to decide. The vehicle will sit the winter out (and hopefully not freeze to death) and in the spring I’ll weigh my options. Feeling too much stress right now and I know it’s not a good time to make major decisions when my emotions are running so high. Best to wait it out. Thank you for asking though. Have you gotten any more snow? Still none here, just cold!

  4. Brenda Hardie says:

    oops…that should say “It’s NOT my decision to make”…sorry

  5. Sybil says:

    Glad the power came on long enough for you to hit “post”. Good luck on the quitting FB thing. I tried that and got sucked back in.

    I do enjoy your posts, and would miss them if …

    P.S. love the picture of the leave in the slush.

    • Kathy says:

      Wondering how long it was before you got sucked back in to FB? Were you off it for a short or long time? I can’t imagine quitting blogging, but it is often a question that pops into this head. Not in a Facebook sort of way, though. Glad you like the pic.

  6. Barb says:

    Wellllll – I’m on Facebook but hardly ever check it. Wouldn’t miss it at all if I never went on again, to be truthful. HOWEVER, I would miss blogging, and I’d surely miss you, Kathy, if you decide not to post anymore. Just don’t post as often or take breaks now and then. But, (I’m begging here) don’t just quit. We’d miss you too much.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh no, I am so bad! I shouldn’t worry my readers so with my top-of-the-head meanderings. Please don’t beg. I truly can’t imagine quitting, even though the thought arises. Just need to figure out a way to make it work better for all parts of me, if that makes sense. Thank you.

  7. Susan Derozier says:

    I hope you travel safe on this blustery night. I’ve also thought of quitting FB but know that I would miss contact with the grandkids and folks I don’t otherwise connect with. Even if they aren’t writing me, I can keep up with what is happening in their lives.

    Personally, I hope you don’t quit your blog (though I realize it must be daunting at times to come up with ideas and words). I would miss you.

    Walk softly in the snow for me and breathe into the silence of this night.

    • Kathy says:

      Dear Susan, fortunately we didn’t need to travel through the blustery slippery night. The board president showed up on our doorstep with news of the bad roads and cancelled the meeting. Phew! The poor flickered on and off, on and off, about five times. I will try to explain in a blog tomorrow (or the next day) about my blogging musings and decisions. Just trying to figure out something that works better for all parts of me.

  8. Colleen says:

    Kathy, be safe on your snowy drive tonight. Maybe that almost-full moon will shine through and light the way. XXOO

    • Colleen says:

      …… would be missed, like the dickens!!

      • Kathy says:

        Note to self. Do not disturb your readers with your crazy thoughts and meanderings, Kathy. I am not going to quit blogging…I am 84.6% sure, Colleen. But Facebook went out the window tonight! Already it feels lighter and easier. Our meeting was cancelled last night so, thank goodness, no slushy slippery maybe-in-the-ditch ride ensued. Thanks, as always…

  9. Stay safe on the road. No snow yet in Kentucky, but I did get caught in the recent storm in PA. Happy decision-making–or not–whichever.
    Stary warm and dry,

    • Kathy says:

      Dear Kathy, are you in Kentucky? I need to read more of your blog ASAP! Glad you don’t have snow yet. Thank you for your kind decision making wishes. They probably helped things along.

  10. Elisa's Spot says:

    OOOOOOOOO we had 65 here today! Did your snow say if it planned upon moving my direction?

  11. Geoff Geary says:

    Kathy, I do think that Facebook has its place. Perhaps something you might not want to do all the time, but it does have a different dimension the way it operates. It depends a lot on who you correspond with. What I enjoy about it is posting pics or other things on my page and getting some unexpected responses from different people. It is a very good way of keeping in touch with people.

    • Kathy says:

      Geoff, it sounds like Facebook does have a good place in your life, offering you an expanded dimension with interesting encounters with lots of people. I think my blog provides this for me. There are more than enough people who stop by to talk with, to share, to visit their blogs, to email, etc. I made the decision to quit and feel good about it. Happy that you stop by here.

  12. Dawn says:

    It’s good to rest and it’s good to blog!

  13. Susan D says:

    I’ve gotten kinda sorta used to not seeing you on facebook since you’ve taken your reprieve and I know I can always pop over here to see what’s really going on in your head and in your world. What I’ll most miss about not seeing you on fb is seeing your picture pop up in my Friends’ List because seeing your face always makes me smile! I’m not in love with fb anymore so am not qualified to be an objective commenter (or?).

    I would miss your blog awfully but I’m one of the fortunate ones who actually gets to see you in person and share time together, and I have your email addy, of course. As long as you’re not disappearing completely, I will not go into panic mode. No, I will not.

    Are there any issues I can’t conclusively decide? These days, too many to mention … but there is always, always hope for deciding … conclusively, that is … I wish you all kinds of love in whatever, wherever, whenever, dear friend.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Susan D–it felt good to take a few reprieves from FB, but that didn’t feel like enough. It has been interesting to watch us in our Facebook experience, hasn’t it? We’ve learned, we’ve grown, we’ve changed. I don’t think I am going to quit blogging and I have to quit musing about it to readers. But am trying to find a balance in all walks of this life. Wishing you conclusive decisions, or the ability to live gracefully & lovingly with not-knowing.

  14. The snow is so beautiful. I grew up with it and I miss it. I live in a desert now and this is the first week where it hasn’t hit 90 degrees. Wanna trade? 😉

    • Kathy says:

      C.B, you know 80 degrees sounds really good right now. Had to drag out the wool coat today…brrrr…. 90 degrees might be a little hot, but let’s chat about it again in late January, shall we? **grin**

  15. Reggie says:

    Brrrr, I feel all cold and chilly… that leaf makes me feel all shivery…. BRRRRRR….

    I too would miss your blog dreadfully if you decided to stop… I have similar feelings about shutting down my Facebook account too….

    Stay safe out there on the slippery roads, dear Kathy. Feel yourself embraced by the warm summer sunshine of the Cape.

    • Kathy says:

      Reggie, I shut down the account today! Let me know if you ever decide to. I kept weighing the pros and cons over and over again, and suddenly I just feel like a huge weight lifted. Thank you for sending your Cape sunshine all this way.

  16. I hope you don’t quit blogging, maybe taking a break would help. I would miss your posts if you were to quit. As far as Facebook, I finally updated my status for the first time in two weeks, hate the new version of it.

    • Kathy says:

      That might be a good suggestion. Am pondering balance in my life. I deleted FB today and feel very good about it. Blogging helps us make decisions, doesn’t it sometimes?

  17. john says:


    1) Life must be pretty good if what you worry about is whether to stay on Facebook and whether to blog
    2) If you have that much trouble making up your mind about everything, I hope I never get caught behind you in the canned vegetable aisle in Pat’s.

    Seriously, why don’t you try podcasting and interviewing your friends and interesting people you meet along the way. It is really very easy. Just post the podcasts on your blog. (One hour later) I resurrected something from my past life so you can see how easy it is. If I can do it you can with your hands tied behind your back … follow the link

    Remember, it’s content that counts and yours is wonderful. Just try a different media for fun.

    • Kathy says:

      1) Yep, life must be pretty good if these are my main worries, and

      2) Trouble making up my mind about everything? Oh no, not at all. I whip through Pat’s without hesitation. Ask me if I want to go to Florida and the answer is “how soon?” NYC? “Today?” I don’t have trouble making all decisions; just a few.

      Kind of think most folks are like that.

      I am not sure I would like to podcast, although yours look pretty easy. I am not the journalistic sort, even though I was trained in journalism and can do it in a pinch. It usually doesn’t make my heart sing. Although today I accompanied Barry on his assignment and if the photos turn out you may see them here soon!

      • Kathy says:

        P.S. John, I’ve noticed you haven’t posted much on your blog lately, how about you doing podcasts? Your readers would enjoy it, I’m sure!

        • john says:

          I would give my eye teeth to have the time to do that again. It is something that I miss very much. With my schedule I miss my wife, L’Anse and communicating with my friends.

  18. Dawn says:

    We had highs in the mid 50’s with wind…but not snow. Yet. Though I think I’m getting ready to accept snow. I’m on facebook and it’s how I know what’s going on with extended family on my husband’s side. I know when they’re pregnant, when someone is sick, when they’re going on a trip, when they break up with partners. We’d never know any of it without facebook. That said, I only check every week or so, and mostly don’t post anything about us…

    • Kathy says:

      Sounds like you’ve worked out a good personal relationship with The Book, Dawn. Seems like some folks have found peace and acceptance with it; for others it’s not the right communication venue. Mid 50’s sounds tropical already.

  19. holessence says:

    On the heels of a bright, mango-colored sunrise, we had about 10 minutes of cotton ball sized snowflakes, and now it’s gone. But it was drop-dead gorgeous while it was happening this morning 🙂

  20. bearyweather says:

    We had some snow last night, too. Not much, but a sign of things to come. 😦 If it would gracefully melt after the holidays I would not mind so much … but, it will be with us until sometime in April.
    As for Facebook, I don’t have one for many reasons. I am watching the new social network forming at Google and will think about that awhile longer before signing up. I prefer live phone call conversations (even if they are short) then sitting even longer at this computer to get little snippets from “friends”.
    Here is a link to the procedure for completely closing out a Facebook account. They don’t make it easy … on purpose. Maybe it will help your decision process. How to get out of Facebook

    • Kathy says:

      We only had two inches, bearyweather, but a town near us had 13 inches. I know what you mean about the snow lingering until April. Usually here, too. I love phone conversations and snail mail and email! And blogging comments. 🙂 And I did de-activate my FB account. Didn’t delete it, so I can sign back in for any needed email addresses or anything. Thanks for the link.

  21. P.j. grath says:

    Blogging and Facebook make different connections for me. Sometimes I find the airy, superficial, ephemeral nature of Fb exchanges irritating, but I’m learning (with some backsliding, as usual) not to get bogged down there but to take it for what it is and move on quickly in those moods. The upside for me is connecting with a network of friends around the world, plus the younger members of our family, who can’t be bothered with anything as dense and slow as e-mail or a blog. The other thing I do when frustrated with Fb is simply take a break from it, knowing I can come back and see what is happening in the lives of nephews, grandchildren, and second cousins by marriage, once removed. That’s not advice, Kathy, just my perspective.

    Snow in our forecast for today, but I don’t think we’ll see accumulation or icy roads. Temperatures aren’t supposed to fall that low. Salut!

    • Kathy says:

      I am tired of the rising of irritated feelings in the Facebook world, Pamela, and have been down that path of trying not to get bogged down. And backsliding. Sounds like you’ve worked out a good rhythm for yourself. Wondering if you saw any snow that stayed on the ground? Much of ours has melted, but it’s still a pretty white world in places.

  22. penpusherpen says:

    Haven’t been tempted to open a Facebook account yet, Kathy, … so I just make do with my Blogger and WordPress blogs… I’m almost ashamed to say my Blogger account has petered out, as I’m spending all my time just keeping up on here… I used to try and post every day, but now…just when I can works for me… and keeping track of all the interesting blogs fills my time (yours being one of ’em 🙂 ) … NO snow yet over here in England, but we get rain aplenty to make up for it… ‘They’ the forecasters are predicting some next month.. but I’m not holding my breath..more often than not long range forecasts end up being wrong…
    I hope you come to a decision which suits you, so I’ll wish you Happy Decision Making, and happy snow boarding?… (:-D) xPenx

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Ms. Pen (I love your name). It is hard to get everything in during a day, isn’t it? I find it challenging at times to reply to comments AND read interesting blogs. But that’s my priority and today made a decision to throw Facebook to the wind and feel very happy about it. Perhaps it’s our Happy Decision Making wish which made a difference. Hoping you get a little snow–just enough to make it beautiful–but not too much to be dangerous or too long. Thanks, Pen.

  23. Val says:

    “Help!” Cries the leaf in slushy snow, “I’m sinking!” It did try to stick it’s stem out and tried waving it about, but failed to attract attention. Or did it? Didn’t that nice photographer just notice it. So sinking into the snow was not such a bad thing after all. Quite restful for a leaf, really.

    I read your post after this so know your decision. I like that sort of time travel. Good on you! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Val, you crack me up. I’ll bet that leaf WAS crying fitfully and what was the photographer doing but ignoring it? Its mind-self thought it was sinking, but its leaf-self knew it was just rest. Thanks for time-traveling with me and the leaf and Facebook and all that. 🙂

  24. Robin says:

    I can understand quitting Facebook but do hope you’ll continue blogging. I’m so far behind in reading posts that you may have made your decision by now.

    I ponder some of the same things and cannot make up my mind. I know that something has to give soon. I’m just not sure what that something will be.

    Love your snow photos. We have had barely a dusting so far.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh, Robin, I can’t imagine quitting blogging. Well, I do imagine it–but it never lasts for too long. I have been SO happy since quitting Facebook!! It has actually energized my blogging…brought my love-of-blogging back in the forefront a bit. Didn’t realize that I would feel such an exquisite feeling of relief. Happy snow days to come!

  25. Elisa's Spot says:

    “If a writer is so cautious that he never writes anything that cannot be criticized, he will never write anything that can be read. If you want to help other people you have got to make up your mind to write things that some men will condemn.”
    – Thomas Merton
    New Seeds of Contemplation

    I saw this and thought of you. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Thomas Merton is very wise. I am happy to write what comes into my mind without censoring. Part of me has been nervous about this since Kindergarten. The other part is totally willing to be condemned. Do you feel the same way, Elisa?

      • Kathy says:

        P.S. thanks for sharing that quote!

      • Elisa's Spot says:

        I had to think about answering this one. I arrived at this: The only condemnation that I mind, is my own….and I can rip me to shreds. Now, within my not-mindingness, I DO care if the message that is decoded by the receiver is not what I intended to impart AND this translation of what I said causes harm. I’m not responsible for the mind of others, however I do like to take the time to comprehend and to sit in another interpretation.

        I’m still having issues with sharing things that scare me, or that I have been taught will be refuted. Mostly these things can pop forth like the sharing of a victim of sexual abuse. That condemnation in my head tells me that I won’t be hard and that some harm may come to me. That condemnation of late, says to me that there are and can be ‘good’ things about such persons. I guess that holds true for any person, which I think, is what you wrote about in your ‘rant’.

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