Somewhere around a distant campfire…

Lake Superior campfire

Suzi Banks Baum made my day on Tuesday. 

She wandered by my blog about intentions and wrote these cryptic words in her comment:

Today, you, once again, figure big in to my life. I received a gift from a friend I did not even know remembered me from 4th grade. She came to me, through you. I will tell this whole story on the Line later this week.

Of course, I was intrigued.  Gift?  4th grader?  Me somehow involved?

A dash over to the Suzi’s blog, the Laundry Line Divine, ensued.

Here appeared her latest post:  If I were brave I would tell you my stories.  Here is one.

It is a fascinating story of serendipity and reunited lost friendship.  She found her “Twig” from 4th grade and they are now happily catching up on lost years.

Please read if you have a few moments to ponder your own tales of synchronicity.

Trail of beach stones

 You may find yourself pausing–as I did–upon reading this paragraph:

Last summer, Geri was in Marquette, Michigan at a memorial gathering for a dear friend of hers who had died 2 years ago. Geri was sitting around a fire on the shores of Lake Superior with friends talking about the interesting people to emerge from the Upper Peninsula.

Her friends run an online business called While talking over wine and warmth, the group turned to talking about Lake Superior Spirit, who, you close readers will recognize as my dear Kathy Drue’s site.

What?  What?  My heart stopped, I swear it did.  People in the Upper Peninsula–strangers, even!–were talking about THIS blog!  And, it almost sounds like they were calling this blogger “an interesting person to emerge from the Upper Peninsula.”  (OK, they may have finished that conversation, and then turned and said in an entirely different tone–“Yes, and then there’s this blog that some crazy woman is writing in the U.P.–”  But no.  I am going to pretend they said it kindly and appreciatively.)

You go read about Suzi’s adventure reconnecting with her long-lost friend from 1968–which involved Suzi’s guest post here on Lake Superior Spirit last July– but I am still stuck around an imaginary campfire bathed in a glow that strangers were talking about this blog.

Yep, it made my week.

As Barry and I were driving to Marquette on Tuesday, I mentioned it.  Mentioned it on Wednesday, too.  Probably gave thanks on Thanksgiving.  He’s probably ready to throw water on that particular campfire.

Lake Superior stones

The reason we bloggers get so excited when strangers call attention to us is this:  I swear half the world really doesn’t understand what a “blog” might be.  They kind of incline their heads and wiggle their eyebrows if you say you’re a “blogger” as if you’re some kind of strange aberration.

You blog?  Oh…yes…I see.

When I accompany Barry around town with my camera during his official capacity as a local newspaper reporter, I have ceased to even explain blogging.

“Are you his sidekick?” people tease.

“Yes,” I monotone, with a smile.  “I just like taking pictures.”

If you say something like, “I’m a blogger!” they start to back away, ever-s0-slightly, I swear.  They nod.  They think it’s something kind of weird, or maybe cool, but 98.5% of them aren’t going to ask the web address, are not going to click, and definitely won’t subscribe.

It’s too new-fangled, maybe.

Or, as someone once asked, “Why would anyone want to read thoughts people put on-line?  Kind of like a diary?”


I want to retort (and once did):  “It’s like a newspaper column!  Darn it!  It’s a respectable column!  Don’t you read newspaper columns?”

I realize that statement–especially the “respectable” part–may have been pushing the envelope.  But it gave me a good feeling.

Lake Superior sky--just before the sun sets. Put another log on that campfire, will you?

Back to the campfire.  To think!  Somewhere along the shores of Lake Superior last summer, while talking over wine and warmth, someone spoke kindly about this blog.  They set in motion the cogs of a serendipitous wheel which would eventually reunite Suzi and her long-lost elementary classmate. 

Stranger things have happened, I know.  But that campfire has warmed me all this long Thanksgiving week.  Thank you for sharing this crackling smoky story, Suzi.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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14 Responses to Somewhere around a distant campfire…

  1. HolEssence says:

    I’m fairly darned certain I heard the Twilight Zone theme song playing softly in the background as I read this post. Wowee — that’s pretty darned amazing!

  2. Elisa's Spot says:

    God! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I want to touch each and every stone there. Maybe lick a few or rub them on my face… Are they all just there?? Do they get dumped there by a truck? or….might I romantically think that the lake rounds and patiently softens each and every one? I’ll have to go read the connecting bits to the story you told today, after supper, or maybe in the morning with my tea. Kathy? What was that book that went with the Silver River posting again? I think that I want to read it, even if I inter-library loan it.

  3. Susan Derozier says:

    Dear Kathy – The only thing that surprises me about this post is that you would be surprised to imagine people actually discussing your beautiful blogs. I am sure it feels like the “ripple effect” in that the circles around you move out further and further into that glorious lake! That they did so around a camp fire on the lake shore really brings it all back home to source. Lovely…both for them and for you!

    Your stones bring such memories to me. My daughter used to collect some every time she returned for a visit to lake Superior. Before they moved away to TX, she returned and brought stones back to the shore from where they came. Everything seems to return to the source in this story. Your good feelings are well deserved!

  4. Manoj says:

    Cant help but agree on the part about blogging. Good post.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sweet Blogging Sister, we are those polished stones by the big lake, marked and smoothed and carried by those waters.
    Sending you love today. xoxox Suzi the fortunate blogger

  6. Brenda Hardie says:

    Wow Kathy…how exciting and heartwarming for you! It doesn’t surprise me at all though…your blog is priceless and I am sure many many people thoroughly enjoy it! And ooooooo your pictures make me want to pack my bags and come north (and west)! I miss those beautiful rocks and that sand and the crystal clear water of my favorite lake!! Makes me feel homesick ♥

  7. john says:

    You are a writer and an artist, not a blogger. You make ideas take form and become real. You capture wandering thoughts and capture fleeting scenes and intermingle them in a way that is pleasing to the eye, the ear and the intellect.

    Your tribe does not keep coming back because we feel sorry for you, but because we cherish you. A blog is just media, you are a writer and an artist.

  8. Awww ♥
    It’s always wonderful when old friends unite.

  9. P.j. grath says:

    I know just what you mean, Kathy, and I share your excitement.

  10. This doesn’t surprise me either. Of course, folks would discuss your fine blog. And I, too, have had some amazingly seripidous things happen in my life. Love it, Kathy.

  11. gigi says:

    “It’s like a newspaper column!”

    These are my thoughts exactly and why I write a weekly blog (that hardly anyone reads – even the friends that do get it). Ah well, I write because I am a writer and the photos are a bonus, both for myself and my readers.

  12. Kathy says:

    I am glad that you all enjoyed. It was fun to sit beside that campfire this week and hear the crackling logs and reach out to feel the smooth beach rocks. Summer feels a long way in the past…or would that be the future? Love you all for pausing to read and listen what’s in my heart.

  13. Colleen says:

    Kathy, I SO agree with John’s words. Plus so much more. The first time I read your blog I actually had goosebumps, knowing this was something and someone very special XXOO

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