200,000 hits? Arms wide open…

Zig zag

You may have noticed a flurry of blogging here on Lake Superior Spirit lately.  (You haven’t?  You thought it was just ordinary blogging?)

I am here bright & early before work on a Monday morning to tell you–it’s been a flurry. 

Flurry, flurry, blogging flurry.

Blooming outside, blooming inside

You are now appropriately wondering why.

Please peek on the right hand side of this blog and scroll down to “How many people paused and read”. 

Yes, you have reached the appropriate spot.

You do see that it’s approaching 200,000 don’t you? 

For a number-counting fool like me this is a big deal.  (It shouldn’t be a big deal and when I am mature and fully spiritually realized–like next week–it won’t be any more.  But in the meantime, I am still foolishly counting numbers.  Sigh.  Please do not follow my example on your own blog.)

Strut your stuff, Lady...



Do you remember, dear long-time reader, when this blog hit 100,000 and we celebrated with a PARTY? 

It was February 28, 2011.  I invited you all to tea–or was that wine?–at our Little House in the Big Woods.  Blog Party!  You’re all invited!  We had a FABULOUS time, didn’t we?  We chitted and chatted and commented and sipped and then people started bringing food and pretty soon we were swapping tales and our house was SO crowded, but then some folks started washing dishes–Sybil was that you and Amy-Lynn or am I just imagining it?–and people were still dropping by days later sniffing into their teacups that they’d missed the party, even though (as we all know) virtual blog parties can virtually continue for months.


Ahhh, 100,000 hits.  Seems like yesterday.

And now it’s going to be 200,000 hits by Friday at the latest if you don’t all boycott the blog.  (Knowing you guys you’ll check EXTRA to see how the tally progresses this week, won’t you?)

I must break the news to you, though.  Stiff upper lips, please.


No virtual blog party this time.

One reason I am trying to get the blogging excitement out of the way before next week is–some of you know this–Barry is scheduled for his first knee replacement.  I may not be blogging as much.  May be waiting at the hospital at his beck & call insuring that no nurses miss his vein when inserting the IV.  (Yah, right…darn nurse missed MY vein prior to the gall bladder surgery.  It hurt as badly as the gall bladder recovery.  Well, for the short-term, anyway.)

Barry sighed a long-suffering sigh when I said this and mildly suggested: “Kathy, this might be a perfect time to blog MORE, especially if you’re sitting around with nothing to do.”

More, Barry?  How much more can this blogging fool blog?

Inside out

I remember when my first WordPress blog (the year-long outdoor commitment Opening the door, walking outside) reached 12,000 hits.  You would have thought it was THE event of a lifetime!  My dad and I whooped and hollered and carried on like there was no tomorrow.  12,000! 

I lowered my voice and dramatically told him, “Dad, people can blog for a lifetime and NEVER get 12,000 hits.  I mean an average everyday unknown blogger sometimes gets ten hits a day, if they’re lucky.”

My dad nodded seriously and we whooped and hollered some more while my mom looked on askance at these two crazy people and swore she was not related to them (although she has been known to view her golfing score with as much seriousness….although, OK, she would never whoop and holler.)

All of this artwork courtesy of the Great lakes Showcase, Rozsa Center, Michigan Tech University, Houghton

So let’s get the magic number out of the way before next week’s knee surgery, yes, and then I am going to finally spiritually mature and not care two hoots about numbers and statistics–EVER again.

When and if 300,000 ever arrives you will  not hear a peep. 

Because numbers–as everyone knows–don’t matter. 


As in the above photo.  Who cares if two boys were sleeping or one boy or three boys?  It’s all irrelevant.

It’s the heart that matters.

One should always blog for one’s heart.  Readership or numbers are secondary.  That’s what all the mature ones say.  (And I shall soon join their numbers next week!  Finally!)


All joking aside, I want to thank all you readers from the bottom of this blogging heart for your support, for pausing by the shores of Lake Superior Spirit.  I love that you come back and skip stones with me.  I love that we look at rocks together and we share bits and pieces of our wild & precious lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Arms wide open in gratitude…

Arms wide open

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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87 Responses to 200,000 hits? Arms wide open…

  1. All the best with the surgery!

  2. I am so lucky to include myself among your readers. Celebrate and enjoy. Numbers don’t matter, but they sure feel good. 100,000 hits in a little over a year is pretty amazing, and well deserved.

  3. Kerry Dwyer says:

    I am still trying to beat my busiest day of 725. I had a hornet’s nest and I posted about it. Sad when the most exiting thing that happens is something I need to get rid of. Maybe I need to get invaded again – bees maybe?

    • Kathy says:

      725 is a huge number of hits in a day, Kerry! Wow, congratulations! I sincerely hope you do not get invaded again by bees. I hope some of your happy news gets wide readership, too. (Such as you winning the lottery, ha ha!)

  4. Lynne Kovan says:

    Wow! What an amazing amount of people. All looking! Fun isn’t it? Perhaps we could have a post-operative blog-tea party? I’ll bring plenty of recuperative cake???

    • Kathy says:

      Oh, how sweet, Lynne! What a lovely thought. We won’t abandon any plans completely…although I do now we’ll be a tad preoccupied next week for a while. It has been WAY fun!! Thank you for your enthusiasm.

  5. Walking [waaaaaay behind you] a mile in your shoes I do, indeed, understand your excitement about blog numbers as I swiftly approach the 100,000 mark over at Speaking from the Heart. My goal is to reach that milestone BEFORE I leave for the Writers’ Institute at UW-Madison in mid-April.

    Yes, we should write for our heart. But a little hoopla along the way never hurt anybody. I think of blog hits as the Universe’s way of clapping for me. You’re about to get a standing ovation. Congratulations!

    • Kathy says:

      WAHOOOOOEY! Laurie, I KNEW you were getting near 100,000 but didn’t realize it was this close. OK, I am clickin’ on over to look now. I KNOW you’ll get your milestone. You are such a sweetheart to honor the hoopla, too. Learning from you…and clapping for you…and for us….all of us! Thank you muchly.

  6. Colleen says:

    Kathy, arms wide open right back to you! This has been a wonderful journey, more than you might ever know. And the party was one of the best, ever 🙂

    Best wishes to Barry, we’re thinking about him.

    • Kathy says:

      Colleen, maybe YOU were the one washing dishes after the party? Heck, maybe I even have my blog parties mixed up (there may have been more than one, yes?) and maybe we used paper plates, although we probably didn’t, because that isn’t eco-friendly and we’re an eco-friendly bunch, aren’t we? Thank you for thinking about Barry. Will keep you guys updated, for sure. Don’t know how much or when, but it’s comforting to think that you all are caring.

  7. This made me smile, especially since I am one of those bloggers that hopes for ten hits in a day:) Your heart spoke to mine from over 900 hundred miles away. Thank you.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, Yes, YES! I want to hug you up and down, littlestoryblog! I am glad that you smiled and that you weren’t envious. I am glad that our hearts spoke. I honor you and every one of your ten readers. 🙂

  8. jeffstroud says:

    I think you are just too darn excited even when you are trying not to be! LOL! I think this is great, your humor zings along with the truth of your words. But Heck I was distracted by all the art work!
    Will be sending Barry and you some healing energy when called for… all will be well!

    • Kathy says:

      Tee hee, Jeff, it is so weird. A part of me is excited to the moon! The other part is detached and is just smiling with amusement at this whole hoopla. I am glad you enjoyed the art work. Barry and I visited the art presentation up at Michigan Tech and truly enjoyed it. Wanted to share with all of you. So glad you appreciated! And thank you, thank you, for the healing energy.

  9. forestfae says:

    Please pleaaaase tell me more about the ‘strut your stuff lady’ picture? I just adore her, Kathy 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      I don’t know any more really realllllly, forestfae, about that cool picture. It is on exhibit as the Rozsa Center at Michigan Technological University. We visited the exhibit last week and I snapped photos. Isn’t it utterly cool? Here is a website link, but not sure if it will help: http://www.mtu.edu/vpa/art/showcase/

  10. Lori DiNardi says:

    Congratulations Kathy. I’m looking forward to my 10,000 hits day, which is still 6000 away. Heh. Only been blogging since Christmas though, so I’m pretty pleased. I found you through freshly pressed and Barry’s knees. Good luck, btw.

    • Kathy says:

      OK, Lori, there’s a party we will celebrate! Let us know when you near the 10,000 mark and we’ll bring the drinks & food. You’ve had 4000 hits since Christmas? Darn, girl, you should be pleased! That is no small accomplishment. P.S. Thank you for your good wishes.

  11. Susan D. says:

    Having a mini-parade in your honor … just myself and the dust bunnies bustin’ a move. Congratulations, dear friend! What an accomplishment, and an honor! So richly deserved. Thinking of you and Barry and just knowing that all will be well. All the best thoughts. Woohooo!

    • Kathy says:

      A mini-parade, Susan? Can I come over and we can march through your dust bunnies? Never mind, you come over here and I’ll put you to work CHASING dust bunnies! We can play dust bunny hide n seek. Do you think I’m way too excited about numbers? Sigh. What’s a Business Manager to do? (Thank you!)

  12. Congratulations, Kathy! 200,000 hits is a big accomplishment – not just because of the stats, but it means that you have a continued commitment, and people appreciate what you have to say!! 🙂

    All the best for Barry’s surgery next week!! ♥

    • Kathy says:

      Holly, thank you. That is a lovely way of putting it into perspective. Thank you. It certainly has been a continued commitment. Thank you for kindly wishing Barry all the best with his surgery.

  13. Carol says:

    Applause all around! You sport numbers I doubt I shall ever see, and that’s okay. I blog for myself – yes, indeed. And then someone new starts following and I see me doing this little happy dance, which is when I remember we all need validation. We all need a sense of being appreciated, of having someone like what we do. Even if we do it for ourselves. And for just a wee bit of applause.

    • Kathy says:

      Smiling at that subscriber happy dance~~yes, we do so like that sense of being appreciated and validated. Just a wee bit of applause. A wee bit of knowing that people like what we do. They say that when one gets wise, really wise, they realize that they are “enough” just as they are and the need for any of that flies away, far, far, away. In the meantime, I clap for you and your blog, Carol!

  14. Carol says:

    How rude of me – my thoughts and prayers will be with you and Barry next week. Please keep us posted, even if it’s with one or two sentences.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh heavens, not rude indeed. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I shall keep you posted–just don’t know when and how often. Last time it was hard enough to call the kids and grandparents after the procedure…

  15. Fountainpen says:

    You just never know what kind of an impact one small voice can have there in the
    UP!!!!!!!! I am happy I am part of it all…….

    Prayers for upcoming surgery and vigil-keeping through surgery and healing…


    • Kathy says:

      Not sure how much impact this one small voice has…but I am ever-grateful for both the opportunity to blog AND for the support of dear hearts like yours. We appreciate your prayers and vigil-keeping. Oh do we… Thanks you, Fountainpen.

  16. susanblake says:

    Hi Kathy – First off, my hugs and good healing vibes are on their way for both you and Barry – for you cuz nursing can be exhausting! Then of course, congrats on the stats. It’s proof you can write, girl, and heck, the photos don’t hurt either! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I write about health and wellness, dieting, foods to eat for bonus energy and sometimes scould people for the junk they eat. My stats are reasonable but I think it is a sad commentary on people and priorities and just not wanting to hear that oreos are crap or I’d have thousands more reading my blog. Maybe I remind folks of Sister Mary Anguish? I’ve had to absolutely not care, not look at the numbers and just put it out there without attachment, just like I do when I’m giving presentations/speeches. Took me awhile to get to the point of non-attachment! I know I am Healer and Teacher so that is enough for me.

    • Kathy says:

      Awww SuZen, you are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. I wish you thousands upon thousands of readers who really want to learn about health, wellness, dieting, good eating. (I suspect it would be challenging to get a big readership, darn it all.) The lesson of non-attachment you are learning–and your embracing of your role as teacher and healer–speaks volumes. Bless you and your blog!

  17. Love the vivid Great Lakes Showcase artwork!

    Many congratulations on your statistics, Kathy! 🙂 It’s fun to keep track of them and having them increasing in spite of them not being the reason for blogging in the first place. Your heart is in the right place and I’m happy to hear that you are preparing to be a useful patient advocate for Barry. Will be thinking of you guys and sending healing energy your way…

    • Kathy says:

      Isn’t the artwork magnificent, Barbara? We loved it, too. It has been fun to keep track of the stats. Glad you think this heart is in the right place–I KNOW your heart is in the right place, too. Preparing to be with Barry and whatever he needs in the upcoming weeks. So appreciate the energy, my friend.

  18. lucindalines says:

    Well, good luck with the surgery and the recovery. A friend of mine just went through that whole issue with her husband. They are on the mending end of it all, and soon you will be too. Hope to read more about it in the days to come.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, Lucinda. It’s been a long 15 months since his knees started to fail. He’s had two arthroscopic surgeries, plus some heart procedures since then. We hope this next step at least starts his left knee on the road to healing. Then perhaps in late summer/early fall we can think about having his right knee done.

  19. ....RaeDi says:

    Numbers… what are numbers… congrats! A big congrats from one whos numbers move as slow as a snail! The numbers are what your words bring… countless laughs, countless thoughts and even re-thoughts, your photos tell us as much as your words. I have been following you but a very short period of time and I can see why you have so many readers! May your words and numbers be blessed and I want to add my thoughts and prayers to the surgery and quick recovery for Barry!

    • Kathy says:

      RaeDi, I think we all know the story of the hare and the turtle (or was that the snail?) Sometimes those silly numbers don’t mean anything. The snail can win the race! Or we can all realize there was never a race in the first place, and the person who moved the slowest and most appreciatively learned the most. Who knows… I do appreciate your kindness so much. Blessings to your sweet hummingbird and recipe and so-much-more blog.

  20. sonali says:

    This is amazing Kathy! Oh yes, I too attended the party at yours the last time, its been another lakh of numbers since then! Congratulations Kathy, you truly rock in the blogging world. Do not worry much about Barry’s knee replacement – it will all be fine. May god bless you abundantly.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh good, Sonali, I am glad you were at our crazy party in the woods last time. We’ve known each other a while, haven’t we? I always keep going over to your blog to see if you’ve posted any more. To see what you’re up to in India! Thank you for your prayers. They mean a lot.

  21. Carla says:

    Congratulations, Kathy! More blogging and Barry will be able to dance again!
    PS. I don’ think I ever acknowledged the lovely Christmas card I received from you in my mailbox beside the road. Thank you! What a delight! You are the best!

    • Kathy says:

      I am sitting in front of the computer laughing at the way you combined dancing and blogging, Carla. Big smiles. I am glad you liked that Christmas card. Gosh, Christmas seems a long time ago, doesn’t it? Wishing you the happiest of springs, dear Diva.

  22. Kathy congratulations as you creep up on your impressive 200,000 clicks!!!! I have been lagging behind both you and Laurie at a mere 56,000 during close to the same time frame. However, it is just right for me. I love the creative interaction and attention given to my paintings and photography over at Creative Potager. However, it is sometimes equally as much fun and inspiring to join you at your crazy blogging blog with its noisy crowd of comments 🙂 You do an amazing job of sharing your world in the most entertaining manner. I wish Barry all the best with his knee surgery and look forward to a full report on his quick recovery. Warm hugs Terrill 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Terrill, I do love your blog. I love it because it feels so beautiful to my quiet side. I love quiet blogs so much. And that you are feeling good about it–so wonderful! Perhaps some day I shall have a Quiet Blog, too. I think so. Although I already have one–my baby spiritual blog, Simply Here. It is so quiet that you can hear it breathing. Thank you for appreciating this noisy blog and pausing here and participating and wishing good thoughts for Barry’s recovery. I honor you, dear Terrill.

  23. Heather says:

    It’s funny how our maturity and calmness go right out the door when the numbers start calling. I’m half astonished anyone reads my blog at all – I certainly blog for myself, and yet, I still get excited at statistical milestones 🙂 Congratulations!
    Best wishes for Barry and yourself. I’ll be thinking of you both as he recovers.

    • Kathy says:

      I love your attitude, Heather! Sounds like you have the best of the blogging world at your doorstep–you write for yourself, yet you’re excited at the stats. Thank you for being with us as we go through this next time in our life…

  24. Brenda Hardie says:

    Doing a happy dance here here too Kathy! I love that the number of readers excites you and makes you happy….it’s the childlike wonder and delight that so many adults lack. I can practically see your heart light and bright smile from here!! 🙂 You deserve it Kathy…you bring so much wonder and delight into our lives, so it only seems appropriate that you get some of that back.
    I’ll be praying a novena for both you and Barry…it will all go well next week and before you know it, Barry will sweep you into his arms for a long overdue celebratory dance ♥

    • Kathy says:

      Dear Brenda, thank you for saying that! I do so cherish when we can cultivate or allow this state of childlike wonder. It’s so precious–and so many of us let it go as we approach “mature” adulthood. Hmmm…I wonder what will happen to the childlike wonder when I finally mature next week. Hmmm…. **big childlike but mature grin**

  25. irenelefort says:

    Pray all goes well with Barry’s operation.

  26. lisaspiral says:

    The numbers may not count but the party sure does. If not this week before the surgery then certainly when everything comes out well.

  27. solitaryspinster says:

    Congrats on the stats (so close); i try to ignore mine but it is so hard not to judge through numbers.


    My sister, the nurse, and my mother, who’s had both her knees done said to tell Barry that post-surgery exercises are very important.

    Sending good wishes,

    • Kathy says:

      It is so hard not to judge through numbers–that is true, Gigi. As a number-counter from way way back, I try not to judge, too. What is it about numbers that can trap, excite and depress us? We have heard over and over again that those exercises are the most important thing. Hope he can do them with his other challenged knee. Thank you so much.

  28. Karma says:

    Best wishes to Barry and you for next week (sometimes it is just as hard for the person doing the waiting as the person having the surgery!) I’ve no doubt you’ll hit your magic number before week’s end judging by the number you are at today. Sending you an extra “WHOOP!” 😉

    • Kathy says:

      It is hard to wait, sometimes. I feel like I’m in complete waiting mode–not to mention Barry. Yesterday you readers gave the numbers a huge boost, a huge WHOOP. (But my heart melts to think of all of you as something other than numbers–as real live people like you Karma who are WHOOPING your way toward a cruise very soon!) Thank you.

  29. Sybil says:

    Kathy, I bet it was Amy-Lynn who first headed to the kitchen to do the dishes. I probably followed behind so I’d “look” like I was helping …

    Thanks for the mention on your “mega-hit” blog. I’m sure I’ll be seeing a jump in my meagre numbers as a result.

    All the best with Barry’s knee replacement. BTW my mom had both done at the same time. NOT a good idea. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Good morning, Ms. Sybil. I hope at least ten people clicked excitedly on your name! (You know how hard it is to get people to click on ANY links. We are such a busy society. Hardly anyone ever clicks on my links, sob, sob, into the coffee cup…) I will be responding to your email soon. Barry’s surgeon wouldn’t do both of his knees at the same time, thank goodness. But it’s going to be a long year… I hope your mom is doing ok with the replacements.

  30. Joanne says:

    Congratulations! It is a milestone Kathy and I’m so glad you have marked the occasion, even though there won’t be a party. I am amid a blogging frenzy of my own, as you know, so didn’t think there was anything unusual going on at Lake Superior…I’ve just been enjoying my visits here!

    It’s so comforting to hear that you are to become mature next week. That means we still have another week of ‘The Zany Kathy We All Know and Love’, and by next week, who knows? You may have changed your mind about becoming mature! 😉

    All the best to Barry for next week. My almost eighty year old father-in-law had the same operation a couple of months ago and they had him up on his feet again in no time! You know I’ll be thinking about, and praying for Barry. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Joanne, it was partially your comment the other day over at the Secret Diary that prompted this blog! So thank you for the inspiration!

      Did you just call me Zany? Oh no, my cool, calm and collected spiritual self is now shattered. **grin** Actually, a few people who have known me in person as a rather quiet sort seem to be quite taken aback by this blog. They didn’t know that Kathy HAD a zany part! (Kathy wasn’t sure, but she’s now taken with the idea of being a comedian.)

      If your 80 year old father can get back on his feet, so can Barry! Phew! Thanks for the second inspiration. 🙂

  31. Hooray for you, Kathy! How great to have the numbers on your side! I’ll do my best to help you hit the big number before Barry’s knee replacement. Blessings to both of you as you prepare for his surgery.
    Happy Monday, my friend.

    • Kathy says:

      Awww, Kathy, you are a sweetheart. You have some pretty powerful numbers on your side in the blogging world, too. (But whose counting? We’re only counting powerful words, right?) Blogging is actually helping the time go by until next week… By the way, Happy Big Birthday, my friend!

  32. bonnie says:

    Kathy, you have a lot of hits because you have a wonderful blog. I found you from someone else’s blog list, and I’m glad I did. There is something special about your pictures and your words, so check your numbers and celebrate. You deserve it. Best wishes to Barry, and if he doesn’t mind I will say some prayers for him. I do hope all goes well. By the way, I’m one of those unknown bloggers, who once in a while sees mabe 6 hits in one day. Cheers!

    • Kathy says:

      Bonnie, congratulations that six souls find their way to your blogging hearth. Perhaps one of those six will be changed by your words, changed so deeply that they blossom into someone totally unexpected. When St. Peter meets you at the Pearly Gate parades will follow you whooping in joy because of that one person your words touched. I believe this could be so… (And thank you for the prayers and your kind words, as well.)

  33. Dawn says:

    Congratulations! And here’s hoping surgery goes just right, with no unnecessary pain and a very speedy recovery so that he can enjoy the spring and summer!

    • Kathy says:

      Dawn, thanks for the congratulations and positive thoughts for Barry’s knee surgery. He’s planning on going to Isle Royale in July, so hope all is well!

  34. I’ll be celebrating with you BIG TIME when you hit 200K! Very well done, Kathy!

    • Kathy says:

      Patty, I’m still thinking it’s going to be Friday, or possibly Thursday, or maybe even Saturday, ha ha. I have to work Friday–and go to Book Club, so hoping it changes during a time near the computer. High five!

  35. john says:

    May the Aura of Aura be healthy, successful and loving. Positive thoughts, good wishes to both you and Barry.

  36. Reggie says:

    You had me in stitches here, Kathy. I totally understand your whooping and hollering at hitting the various milestones, as I find myself doing the same down here too!

    Ohhh, I remember that last Blog Party at your place! It was sooo nice and cosy, with people dropping by and having tea, and chatting, and people brought food to nibble, and it was all such FUN!

    So I for one am looking forward to A Big Blog Party In The UP Woods when you reach 200,000 views! I am also slowly creaking towards that milestone, but as you and my regular readers no doubt noticed, I have been very silent on the blog front for over a month… which is not a good thing in the blogosphere!

    Love and hugs, as we wait with bated breath!

    And hugs, in particular, to Barry for his knee surgery.

  37. Kathy says:

    Reggie, you know some people don’t think we should advertise our numbers–they think we should keep our excitement under lock & key so not to offend those who have 200 hits. I think that not being true to our excitement is wrong. It’s as true as being envious, or disappointed, or sad. Comparisons–no matter how we make them–aren’t “where it’s at”. I am glad you agree, and will gladly accept those hugs… (The electricity went out as I typed this comment, but weirdly enough, was still here when I reloaded the computer. We have high winds today.)

  38. flandrumhill says:

    Kathy, congratulations on reaching the big 200 🙂 If you’re not having a party this time, perhaps Sybil and I can just celebrate here in Nova Scotia. We’ll toast to your success with Tim Horton’s coffee and light a couple of candles (one for every 100,000 hits). Then we’ll do our best rendition of Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time.’

  39. Robin says:

    I hope all goes well with Barry’s surgery next week.

    Congratulations on your big numbers! I remember last year’s party well. It was great fun. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks, Robin. We are getting closer by the day. Thanks for the positive well-wishes. (I think it was this blog that put the “mean” commenter over the edge. He probably thought I was bragging or something, instead of just being childlike enthusiastic.) Sigh…

  40. Dana says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishment, Kathy, and all the best to Barry with phase 1 of his knee surgery. I’ll be crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery!

    PS: I’m proud to report that I have NO IDEA how many hits my blog has received. I was so caught up in that numbers game for a long time (almost as soon as I started blogging, actually), but now I’m just happy to know that a small community of people are receptive to my words, no matter how many people are actually counted in that community. So maybe I’m part of the “spiritually enlightened” bunch in that respect (ha!), but I obviously need to work on my outlandish pride now. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Dana, You are my New Guru! I have always been caught up in numbers. As a wee-one, maybe your age, I used to count DISHES while washing them. One dish, two dishes. Finally I grew up and started counting monthly finances. Counted for years with glee, until one day nixed that and started counting miles on the car. One day–grew up and stopped. And then started counting blog hits. Until yesterday. Today I am a free woman! I shall not count another thing (compulsively) until the day I die. Amen.

  41. Congrats on reaching…. and surpassing!…200,000 views!

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, Michaela. It felt like running a race, gotta get to the finish line, gotta get to the finish line, and somebody in the crowd is yelling, “You stupid racer! Why are you trying to do that?” And now that I’ve run the race it feels like that truth that you always hear, “It’s not the goal that’s important–it’s the journey.” And it’s been a wonderful journey indeed with all of you. It’s so good when we learn that again and again, isn’t it?

  42. Should I just click “like”?….Congratulations to a deserving, faithful, fun blogger.

    • Kathy says:

      I’m a little embarrassed about how excited I got about this, Linda. Still just like a little kid sometimes about such silly things! I was always a sucker about numbers. They lure me. When we all know that the heart doesn’t operate with numbers… Thank YOU for taking the time to read all these old posts…don’t feel like you have to read them all, friend. Way too many!

      • I have OCD at times! So I HAVE to read ALL…if not, I miss something important, however, I may never catch up with everyone’s blog…and it seems I am refusing to write…it stays in my head and I dream weird dreams.

        • Kathy says:

          As,um, ahem, someone a little OCD at times, as well, I do understand, Linda. Wishing you words when the words are ready. You could write your weird dreams. 🙂

  43. Strategic Journey says:

    I am in love with the pictures that you use for your blog! Where do you get them?

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, Strategic Journey. I just take pictures from around here. We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I have a Canon Rebel camera. These pics were taken up at Michigan Tech University in Houghton. Thank you for being in love with them. The photos thank you kindly!

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