What’s next

Yesterday the dentist cemented my permanent crown, covering that oh-so-wayward broken tooth.

Later this afternoon our daughter and boyfriend  board silver jet and wing to New York City leaving us with sweet memories.

Yesterday they wheelbarrowed firewood into our wood room in sweltering evening heat.

Last night we all unloaded the 49 Studebaker truck, stacking logs in wood pile.

This morning dozens of birds squawk, scream, sing, chirp, and titter.  So many forest sounds! Birds love mid-summer. They chatter excitedly before heat rises.


Shall I walk outside now?  See what flowers bloom, what animals appear, what newness reveals itself?

At noon we shall, perhaps, eat fish as we drive toward the airport.  Up Hancock-way a gourmet chef sells fish.  He fries up lake trout and whitefish sandwiches. Add fries and coleslaw, knives and forks.  Eat well, dear travelers.

Now it’s cool.  Such relief from sweating heat.  Sleepers sigh as breezes cool hot skin.

Yesterday, we played “Wildlife Adventure” board game.  Our daughter won.

Tomorrow, perhaps, we’ll sip coffee and miss laughter tinkling from the bedroom, deck, wheelbarrow.

Today, I tie sneakers and trot toward the mystery of what’s next.


About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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24 Responses to What’s next

  1. Love the truck and really enjoy your blog – hope you are enjoying your summer. I want one of those fish sandwiches!

  2. Love the image of you tieing your skeakers and trotting toward the mystery of what’s next. Well said. Glad to hear you had a good visit. Sorry they have to leave. Happy weekend, my friend. Love to you, my dear!

  3. CMSmith says:

    What a sweet and poignant post. And boy do I know this feeling. My kids will all be home in a few weeks for a couple short days.

  4. It’s always sad to see them go…

  5. “Today, I tie sneakers and trot toward the mystery of what’s next.”

    Fueled by an oh-so-lovely visit.

  6. lisaspiral says:

    It’s easy to get so sad about seeing someone go that we mis the last of the visit. This post is so wonderful. It allows those feeling, but remains in the moment prepared to enjoy every ounce of the day. Beautiful!

  7. Susan D. says:

    Simply love today’s offerings. Thank you …

  8. susan says:

    Hi Kathy,
    What’s next? I ask that about everyday 🙂 Glad it has cooled down up there. Coming up again next wkend and it will be nice to get away from the heat down here!

  9. Robin says:

    Your life sounds fully lived and wonderful. 🙂

  10. Heather says:

    Seems like you’ve made many happy memories to cherish. I wonder if spending time with dear ones is so dear because it is sometimes brief? I am completely full of brunch, and yet that fish sounds so good!

  11. it is fun to read your “flight of ideas” on your blog. I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I usually do this summer, because I am out taking photography of our beautiful U.P. summer!

  12. Brenda Hardie says:

    I’m glad the wayward tooth is fixed! Sounds like your visit with the young ones was good medicine. When my oldest comes home for a visit, everything seems right with the world while he is here. The fish sounds so good…yummmm. Love your pictures, makes me feel as though I am right there in the northwoods. ♥ I would love your permission to download the daisy picture to use on my desktop…please may I? I hope Kiah and Diaa have safe travels home.
    “Today, I tie sneakers and trot toward the mystery of what’s next.”… perfectly expressed Kathy!

  13. Bobz says:

    Well said and a good way of connecting the sense of serenity and work needed in your life. I see a really tremendous way to state experiences

  14. bearyweather says:

    Whats next? That is the big question, isn’t it. Sometimes it is overwhelming making the choices … but, I am glad that I have so many choices and the freedom to make them.

  15. Dawn says:

    Love that you had a good visit from them. Sad for you that you will miss their voices…I know my Mom felt the same way…excited to see us come, sad to see us go, but also welcoming back her every day life as well. I just wish we could have all lived closer together so that visits from family could have been more often and more casual. You know?

  16. sybil says:

    Can’t wait to start missing mine ! lol

  17. From Moments to Memories says:


  18. Colleen says:

    So glad the cool night breezes have arrived and the mysteries of life continue to unfold 🙂

    Have been thinking about your visit with Kiah as we wait for Mike and Simone and our two grandsons to arrive later in the month. And those fish sandwiches sound like they would be worth traveling for!!

  19. Susan Derozier says:

    Kathy – You always bring such life to life! Sorry your sweeties had to wing back to NY but know that you will continue to process the precious time you had together. How great to have some outside “muscle” to help with your wood pile. Glad you got your tooth fixed. i get my new partial bridge tomorrow….at last!!!

  20. Chris Roddy says:

    Glad you enjoyed your visit, sorry you feel sad. Part of life and you and your tennis shoes move foward. You get to live U.P. North where it is beyond peaceful, not in N. Y. Where it is not peaceful, quiet or beautiful…

  21. Beautiful! Happy trotting into the mystery.

  22. Great old truck! My brother restored a ’57 Chevy truck with similar features. Glad you were able to spend time with your daughter and her boyfriend, although I’m sure it will be hard to say goodbye – and that you finally have that new crown. (I go for mine tomorrow!) 🙂

  23. Dana says:

    I’m happy to hear that you had a good visit with your daughter and her partner, Kathy. It’s always sad to say goodbye, but being apart really helps us cherish the moments we are together. 🙂

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