Downton Abbey, Flat Kathy and morning meanderings

Snowy icy world

Snowy icy world

Good February 5th morning from our snowy icy corner of the planet with your blogger nestled in pajamas with steaming cup of green decaf tea in blue ceramic mug.

I hope this morning finds you just as you are.  Hoping that you appreciate yourself just as you are.  If you don’t, take a minute to do so.  Thank you.  I shall, too.


Now that we’re friends with ourselves, I’ll update you as to this slice of life here one-quarter mile from the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Here’s what’s happened in the past week:

1.  Snow and cold.  Of course, you’re not surprised.  Neither am I.

Last night's sardine salad. OK, we were a little afraid to eat it.  But it was good, honest!

Last night’s sardine salad. OK, we were a little afraid to eat it. But it was good, honest!

2.  Still tremendously enjoying the detox cleanse diet.  Feel more energy than in many years.  Only lost one half pound more in the second week (five pounds off in Week 1) but was able to dig out a smaller pair of old jeans.  Am baking sweet potatoes for breakfast right now.  You smother them in sautéed kale, spinach and onion topped with cayenne, salt and sunflower/pumpkin seeds.  OK, that’s not quite the “official” recipe, but close enough.  Week 3 starts soon.

3.   Barry received a nice recognition last Wednesday night.  Right before the National Anthem at the Baraga boys basketball game the coaches gave him a certificate of appreciation and a plaque for 34 years of covering Baraga sports for the newspaper. It was very sweet of them. He’s spent more hours than you can imagine in gyms across the UP.  And football fields.  And hockey rinks.  He was so honored by their thoughtfulness.  Of course he’s writing a column about it for this week’s paper.

From one of the two million sports games Barry has covered for the newspaper

From one of the two million sports games Barry has covered for the newspaper

4.  I’ve experienced the most content spell in years.  It’s interesting how long it sometimes takes a person to grow up into their person hood.  Have discovered a well of deep “enoughness” and satisfaction that appears more steadfastly.  It doesn’t always appear, but it does often enough to feel like a significant peaceful change.

5.  After four years of *passionate* blogging, I am not feeling the need to share every day.  Once, a long long time ago, a friend advised to blog only when a deep desire made it impossible not to blog.  I shook my head at her advice.  The deep desire appeared daily.  But now things feel different.  A thought may arise to blog, but I wait and see if the Universe really wants to share.  This feels deeply satisfying–for now, anyway.

6. Most of the drama in this life comes from watching the PBS Masterpiece Theater “Downton Abbey“.  Are any of you mesmerized by this show?  Kiah recommended it when she visited at Christmas and I started watching on the Kindle Fire in early January.  It is such a fascinating series!  Have watched Season 1 and 2 and announced dramatically to Kiah, “OK, I’m done with this!  Can’t close my eyes without seeing O’Brien and Matthew and Mary and Mr. Bates…   Keep hearing cockney accents in this head 24/7!”  However, after watching the Season 2 finale “Christmas at Downton” must soldier on and see Season 3.  It’s a wildfire hit, folks.  You may want to consider this addiction.

See it.  You'll like it.

See it. You’ll like it.

7.  Do any of you readers recall the blog post about the tomfoolery of some Nova Scotia blogger friends?  How they invited me to travel to their fine coastline for a hike, even though it was a 31 hour drive away?  I teased that I’d be there shortly and they constructed a *strange* wooden smiling creature on a stick who henceforth shall be known as “Flat Kathy” who began to accompany them on hikes, visit their homes, and have Grand Adventures.  At first I thought it was my alter-ego, but Flat Kathy has pulled so many crazy stunts that I’m just watching her antics from afar.  Suffice it to say, Flat Kathy was banished to South Africa and is now living with Reggie from Grains of Sand.  Reggie is so enthused she’s started a new blog about her world travels.

Reggie shows Flat Kathy South Africa

Reggie shows Flat Kathy South Africa

8.  Do go check out The Fantastical Voyages of Flat Kathy.  You won’t be sorry.  OK, Flat Kathy won’t be sorry.  (I apologize profusely for calling you strange, Flat Kathy.  Please forgive.  I won’t do it again.)

9.  My stomach is growling.  Time for sweet potato.

10.  Wishing you all a fine week.  Amidst the happiness and sorrow, the pain and delight, the cheeriness and grumpiness, I hope you all find some moments to deeply appreciate who you are.   Who you are deep inside, beneath and around and between all the mistakes and tribulations, the yes and no, the failure to be an imaginary “perfect”, the snow and cold, the next cup of tea.

What happens when we fall in the snow.

What happens when we fall in the snow.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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97 Responses to Downton Abbey, Flat Kathy and morning meanderings

  1. Kerry Dwyer says:

    I am trying to be the person in my eulogy. We are all improved in a eulogy imagine what it would be like if we were already so good.

  2. sybil says:

    Oh my. I am stopped by Kerry’s comment. Amazing thought eh ?

  3. jeffstroud says:

    Nice slice of your everyday life! Touching, humorous, everydayness.

    I have watch Downton Abbey since its first showing, and have followed closing every week! Truly a piece of art.

    I didn’t know anything about “Flat Kathy” too cute and what fun for those who have her. A few years ago when I was part of a Barbra Streisand fan blog/website, some of the members had passed an cardboard stand up from place to place to take photographs of themselves and her… Than sometime later, there was a photo group that past on a “coffee cup” to create photographs with in in different area around the world.

    Whoever I am deep inside doesn’t seem to be showing up much these days as much as I keep trying to bring him forth… Each moment I have to be grateful!

    • Kathy says:

      Glad you enjoyed this, Jeff. Glad you were able to appreciate the fun of Flat Kathy and her adventures! Those girls are too funny. Did you have the cardboard of Barbra for a while? You know what has been really helpful, Jeff, about the deep inside showing up part? I am learning that it’s only this moment we have to be concerned about. Can we see the “All” in this moment? If we can see it, who cares about the next moment? Just to see it over and over and over again every minute we choose to bring our attention to it really helps. Not even worry about it being permanent. Just bringing back the larger seeing again and again. P.S. I always love reading your raw honesty. It’s sweet.

      • jeffstroud says:

        Well Kathy, I never did have the cardboard Barbra! Oh well.
        I will check out your followers blogs to see what Flat Kathy is up too.

        I have to be real/raw somewhere these days, and If I am not honest here where else will I not be? We may need another forum for this conversation but thank you!

  4. A great good morning post, Kathy, with lots of good news and good sharing! You’re always a friendly voice to wake up to. Thanks!

    • Kathy says:

      Good morning, Ms. Cindy! Why, thank you. It’s nice to be sitting here at the computer and seeing all of you this cold morning. Hope you’re staying warm there on your little island.

  5. Kathy – Good freeeeeezing morning to you 🙂 I especially resonated with your number four. My heart echoes the same sentiments.

    Sardines? The mere thought gags me…

    • Kathy says:

      Glad that #4 resonated with you, Laurie. (Had to speed back up to the list to see what the HECK number 4 was.) Glad for your contentment, as well. As for those sardines–my dear, the very thought gagged and frightened BOTH of us for these two weeks. We were sorely afraid, as they say in the Bible. And Barry’s a fish lover! However, I am here to report that our thoughts and feelings about sardines are now revised. Don’t you love it when you can turn a gag into a grin? tee hee.

  6. Brenda Hardie says:

    Good Morning Kathy 🙂 I agree that Kerry’s idea is compelling. Might have to give that a try and see what happens.
    This morning finds me sitting here in my robe still…wondering how I can repair the holes that keep appearing in the robe. It’s a chenille robe that is very worn after 10 years of use. The fabric is just falling apart and is in tatters. I’ve tried stitching but that isn’t working. Patching will be my next option. Can’t afford to go buy a new one so I need to get creative and fix this one.
    The house smells like roast chicken this morning. I made a chicken yesterday and after picking all the meat off the bones, I threw the bones and some vegetables and some water into the crock pot overnight. Made my own broth, which I love to use for soups, etc. I’ll use it tomorrow when I made the detox soup that I found on pinterest and love. Today I’m going to make a bone broth that is supposed to be good for detox effects too. I’m starting small…the soup, the broth and a special tea. Sounds like the detox diet you’re on is working great for you. Not sure if I could eat some of the foods you have listed though. Never thought of myself as a picky eater before….
    It’s a snowy morning here…looks really pretty but is slippery for walking and driving.
    Enjoy your day my dear friend ♥ I’ve missed you but I understand the need for quietness.

    • Kathy says:

      Good morning, Ms. Brenda, what a lovely picture you paint of your morning in your frozen neck of the woods. Wishing you the best of luck with your mending and patching of a beloved robe. Happy to hear of your detox soup and tea which will hopefully nourish your body and spirit. We’re lucky that we’ve eaten many of these kinds of foods for the last seven years so are mostly used to them. (Except sardines.) My book club people just roll their eyes at some of the stuff we eat–and love. I had to cancel book club until after the cleanse! Have a good day.

  7. lisaspiral says:

    I love the contentedness that is coming through in your blog posts. Downtown Abbey does suck you in. I resisted a little more than half way through season two before I watched it all and became an addict. Maybe there’s an AA (Abbey Anonymous) group?

    • Kathy says:

      If I get any more content may stop blogging altogether, Lisa, you never know… As for Season 3 Kiah says the episodes will remain on PBS until early March which means I only have a few short weeks before having to pay for them. So will keep on watching! You let us know about the support group. We’ll need it before Season 4!

  8. bonnie says:

    Always such words of wisdom. I am happy you are feeling so well, and right with yourself. I’m going to click along and look at Flat Kathy’s adventures, and Reggie’s blog. Till you blog again, peace be with you.

    • Kathy says:

      Hope you enjoyed some of Flat Kathy’s recent adventures, Bonnie. Not sure about *always* having words of wisdom, though. Just ask Barry and the kids. They’ll say *not always*. Peace be with you, also. Feels like we’re shaking hands in church. 🙂

  9. Susan D says:

    Oh, such a lovely collection of meanderings! I’m happy that you’re still enjoying your detox diet and its benefits. I love sardines but never thought of them as part of a salad. Glad that it was good!

    Another hurrah for Mr. Barry! Well-earned and deserved!

    It sounds like both you and Flat Kathy are in a content space/place. Ahhhh … sweet. The line blurs for me sometimes between self-awareness and self-absorption. Sometimes I just have to let myself alone, but maybe that’s the idea, eh?

    I LOVE Downton Abbey and have discovered that full episodes are online and I can dip into them any time the craving calls. I promise not to spoil any of Season 3 for you. It is truly a quality series, jam packed with talent, wit, and brilliant writing. But you know this, Lady Kathy.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day. Stay warm or warmish, anyway. Thanks for your delightful offerings today!

    • Kathy says:

      Dear Susan Dee, Yep, I know about that blurry line between self-awareness and self-absorption. Yep, know it well. The key to me lately seems to be whether there’s a “story” accompanying it. If there’s a mental story running it’s usually self-absorption. If it’s just being in clear open spaciousness, I think self-awareness. Could respond on & on to you but shall see you SOON for lunch!

  10. Dear World, Just woke up and went right to my computer to check my blog and see what’s new. Kathy has already written a lovely post, has her universe all under control and is sipping tea. She generously shared with us. I’m not awake yet. And I’m baffled and slightly annoyed by the fact that I’m champing at the bit for the next season of Breaking Bad. Oh well, I love sardines. Maybe I’ll try her salad!

    • Kathy says:

      Patty, ha ha, do we EVER have our Universe under control? Just when we think we do…well, we all know what happens then. I have not idea what Breaking Bad might be. (We’re TV-less, you know.) Let me know what you think of the sardine salad. One of the tins of sardines we bought was smoked and that added a nice flavor.

      • I don’t have time for any TV watching unless I record something. Breaking Bad is a show about these guys that cook meth and it is filmed here in Albuquerque. It’s a weird thing because I am so against drug abuse and drugs. But the lead character is just so evil it’s inexplicably entertaining. Well I’m off to buy myself some sardines now!

  11. flatkathy2012 says:

    It’s quite okay to call me ‘strange’, Curvy Kathy. I do stick out a bit.

    As to the alter ego bit, I’m not sure about that either, or even who is the alter ego of whom. The line gets a bit muddled. Perhaps it’ll all become clearer when I return home after my travels around the world, and we have a chance to sit by the fireplace with a nice bowl of pumpkin soup or something similarly delicious, and chat into the wee hours of the night. Hmmm, that sounds nice.

    • Kathy says:

      Ha ha–stick out a bit! Flatkathy, I adore your sense of humor. In fact ALL of your caretakers/alter-egos have had such a sense of humor that I feel like a *stick* in the mud! It will be lovely to errr, meet you, someday. (And guess what, I’m a little strange, too, so we’ll be pals.) Have a great time with Reggie!

      • flatkathy2012 says:

        Oh, would you like to host me for a little bit, Curvy Kathy? Please let me know.

        I am compiling a list of all the places and people I’d like to visit. It would be lovely to meet you in person someday.

        • Kathy says:

          Flat Kathy, it would be good to meet you in person some day. How about when you’ve traveled some more around the world? Then you’ll have lots more interesting stories to share! Love, Curvy Kathy

  12. I know how it feels to shift toward less frequent blogging. So far it’s worked well for me. However, our upcoming move to Ecuador is sort of forcing me in that direction, but I’m okay with it. Once we’re settled, I hope to post more frequently again. I’m just too damn busy for now.

    I’ve been so preoccupied with selling ou home that I haven’t read many blogs either, so I’ve missed your new header image until now. I LOVE it, Kathy–the texture especially. Looks almost like lace given the perspective.

    Take care, my friend. And stay warm!


    • Kathy says:

      I’ve missed having you visit, too, Kathy. Nice to see you here! I know all about getting behind reading blogs. Can’t wait to read about your move to Ecuador. A girl I sponsored lived in Santa Lucia. Wonder if that’s anywhere near where you are going?

  13. Heather says:

    I’m glad the push and pull of blogging has subsided leaving you content to blog just whenever. Though, for my own sake I must say that I miss the daily blogs 😉
    I agree with Ms. Laurie. Sardines? Blech! I can’t stand them. Again, I’m glad you’re still loving the detox. I continue to make small changes here, and am happy with that.

    • Kathy says:

      Heather, yep, FINALLY that push and pull has subsided. (But you make me happy saying you miss the daily blogs. That’s why I like you, Ms. Heather.) Congrats with the small changes. Those are the ones that count for the long run.

  14. lucindalines says:

    Love the flat Kathy thing. My daughter was in on one of those for school one year.

  15. Colleen says:

    Good morning to you Kathy. How nice to wake up to this.

    I have been mesmerized by Downton Abbey too. Addicted might be the word! And Flat Kathy is a delight. So glad she made friends with the cat and is holding up in the heat. Hoping she might have a chance to see some wildlife soon 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Colleen, are you all caught up to date with Downton Abbey? Are you watching it on TV? I am scurrying to finish it by March 4th when they take it off the PBS site. Glad you enjoyed the Flat Kathy fun. Gosh, it’s been so interesting to see my blogging friends taking to this adventure!

    • flatkathy2012 says:

      Oooh, I hope so too! I’ve already met a pair of lions…

  16. susanblake says:

    Hi Kathy,
    I found your blog today absolutely THE MOST powerful thing I needed this morning. Thank you! I’m going thru some pretty rough territory right now so your words to appreciate who I am felt like a warm hug! It reinforces the confidence I need to keep walking on my chosen path.

    • Kathy says:

      Dear SuZen, now it appears you need one of those hugs that you are always so lovingly sharing. Rough territory can be so painful. I am sitting here now imaging you surrounded with confidence. May your deepest self communicate to you clearly what it needs and wants now. Love, Kathy

  17. P.j. grath says:

    (1) Congrats to Barry!
    (2) I love sardines!
    (3) We have to wait until the current episode of “Downton Abbey” comes out on DVD, but we’re still enjoying old seasons of “Six Feet Under.”
    (4) Happy winter contentment, Kathy!

    • Kathy says:

      1) I’ll tell him.
      2) Oh good, another sardine lover!
      3) Just discovered you can watch Downton Abbey on PBS on the computer until March 4th. Haven’t heard of “Six Feet Under” at all.
      4) And also with you, Pamela…

  18. love Downton Abbey; would like to achieve contentment; have fallen many times, not just in the snow

    • Kathy says:

      LouAnn, haven’t we all fallen so many times, in the snow and otherwise? I’m not sure this contentment is here to stay long-term, but it’s good to know it’s here for now. As always am most interested in how to live in this contentment even during the times we fall. Thank goodness that there are pointers that we’re more than our limited selves, and can follow those foot tracks in the snow.

  19. Nice to check in with your contentment Kathy. I have decided “contentment” is my word for the year after Laurie suggested we pick one a few weeks ago. Your post is a nice supplement to this budding practice of acknowledging contentment in my life. All the best of today to you!

    • Kathy says:

      Terrill, it’s been liberating for me to discover that contentment exists beneath, between and around all our thoughts and beliefs and stories about ourselves. To think that we’re actually contentment itself…until we convince ourselves otherwise! P.S. I love that it’s your word of the year. Contentedly being with you, Love, Kathy

  20. I find contentment to be a coming and going process, perhaps I have years still to master it. I would have to say your breakfast sounds yummy, I have some sweet potatoes, perhaps I will pull out the recipe as well :-).

  21. Kathy,

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited. I’ve been trapped in my own head, my fears, my illness (flu, cough, etc.) and my sadness. But today, reading your words, I realize that I deserve to find the peace you have found. I deserve to appreciate myself for who I am even with my flaws. Thank you for that.

    • Kathy says:

      Lisa, I am so glad whenever you stop by. I know what it is to be trapped in one’s head and it seems impossible to find a way out. Mostly, I’ve discovered, it’s a self-defeating loop. We’ve learned to identify our thoughts and feelings with ourselves when, really, we’re so much more. You DO deserve to find that peace. (And you already are that peace, beneath any fears and sadness.) I know. I’ve been trapped in the hell of mind and discovered that there are secret trap doors that lead to freedom. (And even when I get trapped back in, which undoubtedly shall happen, I can live knowing there IS a way out.) Blessings and hugs and love…

  22. Flat Kathy really gets around — will have to check out her adventures! I, too, am a Downton Abbey addict — and even have my husband hooked on it watching it with me every Sunday. I enjoyed this post immensely — so many things rang true. Growing in our personhood is a neverending journey — just when we think we may have “arrived” another fork in the road appears up ahead. ~ Kat

    • Kathy says:

      Flat Kathy may be my new hero, Kat! (Well, maybe not, she’s had some rather–unspeakable–adventures as well.) I almost had Barry hooked on Downton Abbey, too, but he’s been caught up with other things so I plowed ahead on the Kindle Fire. As for personhood being a neverending journey, that is so true. We’ve things to learn and discover until we use up all the forks in the road ahead and simply lie down and join the earth. (Hmmm, hope that didn’t sound morbid.) Glad you enjoyed this post!

  23. Stacy says:

    I like This Kathy as much as the Kathy who blogged more often. Whatever This Kathy says is equally as inspirational. I, too, am feeling a contentedness and an enoughness spell right now. Maybe it’s an alignment of the stars? Whatever it is, I’ll take it (and will keep reading This Kathy). ❤

    • Kathy says:

      Gosh, there are so many Kathys! Flat Kathy, Blog-a-lot Kathy, Blog-a-little Kathy, Kat, Kathryn…so many parts of self (and not self.) So happy that you are feeling this spell of contentedness and enoughness, too, Stacy. Loving whatever alignment allows this.

  24. Joanne says:

    As I type, the first two seasons of “Downton Abbey” on DVD sit on my desk in front of me Kathy. They haven’t made it to the DVD player yet, but they will. I have watched a snippet on TV and know that I will love the series. 🙂

    I am also sipping herb tea and feeling a tad frazzled that I must go out to work again. No time for blogging, taking photos or reading. Blah! My daughter tells me that going OUT to work is what people do, therefore I shouldn’t complain. I complain because I worked from home for many years and I took my little business out of home for all the right reasons, but wish it was no at home again. It sounds like I just had a whinge, didn’t it? Ignore what may sound like whinging, I’m really just stating facts.

    Thank you for sharing your contented morning here Kathy. I am feeling less blah from knowing that you appreciate who you are, sipping tea with you and chatting. PS. Congrats again to Barry, and I’m okay with sardines! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      I think you will like Downton Abbey, Joanne, when you first start watching it. I was hooked early on in Season 1. Imagine it is hard to go out to work when you’ve experienced working from home. It’s lucky, indeed, when we get some sort of work balance. I go out three mornings a week and work in the remainder of the time. Hope that you get some more free time soon! Especially for taking more of your beloved photos. You seem to light up with your photography enjoyment.

  25. Karma says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Downton Abbey lately. Been meaning to try watching it myself, but it is one of those things that keeps getting put on the back burner.
    I think it is cute that FlatKathy has her own blog! Maybe Reggie could send her on to other bloggers when she is finished seeing South Africa so that she could really have some global adventures. I realize Massachusetts is not exotic by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d be happy to host her sometime!
    Love the picture of you in the snow!

    • flatkathy2012 says:

      That is a lovely invitation, Karma. Of course I would love to come for a visit!

    • Kathy says:

      How exciting that you want to host Flat Kathy–and that she has already agreed to come meet you! I guess I’ll get to meet her someday too. (Maybe after she’s seen some of you. Then she’ll have more stories to tell.) As for Massachusetts not being exotic…I’ll bet Flat Kathy will think it’s fascinating. All new places to visit are utterly fascinating. I have it on the best authority.

  26. dorannrule says:

    Folks around here actually have “Downton Abbey” parties! It’s practically an addiction – the series i mean. Lovely post by the way. You sound so very content. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Seriously, Downton Abbey parties??? What IS the world coming to? How fun that would be. Except, I suppose you have to dress up. That would be a little challenging. Glad you liked this post. Have been very content lately.

  27. Carol says:

    We share that Downton addiction. I just discovered that season 3 can be viewed on PBS Masterpiece website now so I shall be heading off to catch up!

  28. You would think that I would ADORE downtown abby but I don’t like it! I have tried to watch it but I just don’t!!! What’s wrong with the world LOL!!

    • Kathy says:

      Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine! Seriously? Is there someone out there in the world that really doesn’t like it? Well, good for you! Maybe you’ll balance out our severe addiction with Downton Abbey, lol.

        I didn’t like the first season but the second with the wounded vets and all OH I was SOOO over it.
        When the maid made the mistress slip out of the bath tub… I was OVER IT!

  29. Reggie says:

    I *love* Downton Abbey, it’s one of my all-time favourite series. Can’t wait for the next season to come here.

  30. I have not watched Downtown Abbey. Having an addictive personality, I would watch it all until finished.
    On the subject of detox, tomorrow I begin my all day liquid diet in preparation for the colonscopy. Is that a detox diet?

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, Linda, I totally understand about that addictive personality bit. Is today your colonoscopy day? If so, I hope it’s going well. Need to have another one of those…someday…soon. And YES, I would definitely call it an Ultimate Detox Diet. Let me know how you’re doing.

      • Will do…I am writing a very dull chronicle of the day before and this liquid diet. I will go back and try to make it less dull…posting it at 4:30 or thereabouts. This is my way to occupy myself all day today.
        Tomorrow morning is the time…this is prep day.

  31. Reggie says:

    Flat Kathy has just nominated your blog for the Shine On Award:

  32. Val says:

    I wonder if your new diet is contributing to your no-longer-need-to-blog-daily feeling? I wish I felt I didn’t need to blog so often, not that I blog every day. 🙂 Hugs to you Kathy, sorry I’ve not been around here much.

    • Kathy says:

      Val, it’s so good to see you here again. Thank you for dropping by and sharing. You know the diet may be contributing to it, but actually started feeling this way more in December or early January. Wishing that you find the blogging balance that feels best for you right now. Funny how that balance always keeps shifting. *Hugs, too*

  33. AnnieR says:

    I’m a bit behind the power curve yet again… Hope you are still feeling as content and cleansed as you were when this was posted. I think Flat Kathy must be having an absolutely wonderful time on her overseas adventure-I’m very much looking forward to hearing of the next one! The sweet potato with spinach and kale sounds wonderful-I’m going to make some this weekend!

    • Kathy says:

      I still am, Annie, thank you. Had a friend over for lunch today and that was so nice. It will be interesting to see where Flat Kathy ends up next! Nova Scotia, then South Africa, then…? Well we shall see! Hope you enjoy that sweet potato deluxe.

  34. Saw this (UP snow) link and thought of you:
    And yes, I am a serious Downton Abbey addict!

    • Kathy says:

      Inger, yes, we surely have quite a bit of snow coming yet this winter. It’s snowing–lightly–right now. Glad to know another DA addict. I’m watching Season 3 Episode 2 tonight.

  35. Karen says:

    It is wonderful that your detox is making you feel so wonderful. Your breakfast sounds good but I’d much prefer it for lunch or dinner. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Am feeling really good, Karen. Ate some tofu for dinner and thought it tasted like meat or cheese or something really rich. Who would have thought tofu could taste so good? Funny how perspectives change after a couple weeks of detox…

  36. wolfsrosebud says:

    getting up with snow shoes is no easy task…

  37. We’re Downton Abbey addicts, too. We got Tim’s brother and sister-in-law hooked on it as well when we introduced it to them over Thanksgiving weekend. They watched seasons one and two after we left and were ready for season three when it began. Now I am looking forward to upcoming episodes of the Fantastical Voyages of Flat Kathy, too. 🙂 Hmmm – sardines, sweet potatoes – I think I’m getting some interesting ideas for lunch today…

    • Kathy says:

      Downton Abbey is really great, Barbara. I just finished Episode 6 of Season 3 and look forward to catching up before next week’s season finale. Although don’t they usually offer a special addition after the finale? Truly enjoyed some of the recipes on the detox. You might like them, too. They’re on the magazine’s website and really yummy for a vegan-type person.

  38. I’m hooked on Downton as well, Kathy, although in my recent state of mind I took a few of the more dramatic moments hard. But I soldier on, and will be adhered to my TV tomorrow night with you!

    Good on Barry for his recognition and for the dedication that earned it.

    • Kathy says:

      Sid, I should get over to visit your blog and see what your “recent state of mind” might imply. Some of those dramatic moments had my heart palpitating! (As for TV, we don’t have service here the woods, so am watching via the Internet. Have just caught up through Season 3, Episode 6 so am only one episode behind the rest of you.) I will tell Barry of your good wishes.

  39. Sartenada says:

    Quite a week report. Downton Abbey is also presented in Finland, but we are not following it I love the first photo presenting snow art.

    Happy new week.

    • Kathy says:

      Sartenada, this snow art is created every year by the students at a local university. I used to go up there and take pictures of it every year to show readers. Haven’t done that in a few years, though. This photo is from 2009 or 2010.

  40. I hope Flat Kathy continues to have great adventures, although I am a little jealous because I wish I was with her! lol

    I’ve heard lots of raves for ‘Downtown Abbey’, but haven’t had the chance to watch it yet. Hubby & I PVR a lot of shows each week, from CSI & NCIS to Merlin & Prime Evil to The Mighty Andersons and have little time to watch anything else. Maybe when our shows all close down for the summer we’ll have a chance to catch up with other shows, like this one. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Withershins, I do agree with you. I am a little envious of Flat Kathy myself! When you eventually start watching Downton Abbey I will be interested in hearing what you think. Wondering exactly what about it has made it such a success? But, indeed, it is.

  41. All these snow pictures are giving me a twinge of snow envy. I’m so cold natured I have been known to wear sweaters during the intensely hot/humid summers in Memphis I’m not a winter person, but it is so beautiful!

    Also? I grew up eating sardine sandwiches with my grandparents. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      No kiddin’, Lunar! Sardine sandwiches? Who would have thunk it? P.S. I’ll bet your sweaters are beautiful. If you lived in snow land you’d wear them every day, for sure.

  42. Robin says:

    I love coming here to visit. I always end up smiling. 😀 I’ve been wondering about that sardine salad and if I’d have the courage to make it. I will officially get started on the detox diet tomorrow. I hope. There might be a trip east in my near future due to a family illness so I may have to put it off yet again.

    • Kathy says:

      I LOVE that you love to come here and that you go away smiling, Robin. How I love it. I love that you will try the sardine salad and be brave. I pray that the family illness situation is not serious. And that you will enjoy the detox diet, because I suspect you shall…

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