And the Oscar winner is… what are the Oscars anyway?

All those Famous People.

All those Famous People.

OK, must admit.

We don’t have a TV.

We don’t know that tonight is Oscar Night.  (Well, we didn’t know that tonight was Oscar Night until five minutes ago when I Googled with the wide-eyed innocent question, “When is Oscar Night?”)

Let's get excited!

Let’s get excited!

So, a billion people are tuned in and wanting to know…who gets the Best Picture award?  The Best Actor award?  The Best Actress award?

I’m scrolling through the list of nominees, la de da, la de da, and sure enough:  I’ve seen one of the movies when Kiah and I went to Marquette at Christmas and she was sick and languished in the hotel.

Les Miserables.  I have seen Les Miserables.   Oh hurray!  We don’t live in the Sticks after all, even though we live in the middle of the North Woods away from any big centers of population.  We recognize titles such as “Les Miserables” and can talk knowledgeably about them in blogs.

I would kind of miss the point.

I would kind of miss the point.

Except, truly, I can’t.

I am not one of those critique type people who can blithely announce “This was a stunning performance!”  No.  The movie was OK.  Truly, it was.  It wasn’t stunning. It was good.  Should it win an Oscar?  Go ask a movie reviewer.

I really WANT to see “Life of Pi” although eight out of ten book club members in our “Bad Book Club” did not like this book.  I adored it.  They have labeled me–once again–weird.  (I think I am just deeper than the average Tiger and can roar a bit louder when inspired.  That’s all.)

Those little statues are the Coolest.

Those little statues are the Coolest.

(Barry just inquired, “What are you doing now?” “Writing a blog,” I responded. “About what NOW?” he asked. “The Oscars,” I replied with a straight face.  He is still laughing hysterically over there in the kitchen at the thought. “A topic near and dear to your heart,” he said, “You had better double-check and make sure they haven’t already happened.”)

But, Barry, I am 99% sure it’s tonight!  A couple blogging friends wrote about having Oscar parties with delicious food.  See Inger’s blog about the Life of Pi Curry Salad if you don’t believe me!

We are eating a poblano pepper stuffed with refried beans and corn.  Topped with some Mexicano cheese and a dash of cilantro in honor of Oscar night!

Happy Oscar Night, guys!

Happy Oscar Night, guys!

I am only writing a blog tonight because a dear friend emailed and thanked me for writing blog posts so often.  She actually thanked me.  Am feeling kinda like an Oscar winner today (thank you, my friend!  Thank ALL of you!)  and thus had to post again…and acknowledge all of YOU.  Without YOU, none of this would be possible.

When was the last time someone thanked you for being yourself?  Did you bow?  Did you truly appreciate the words of thanks?  Did you acknowledge being an actress or actor in the drama of Life?

People waiting for the Oscar results.  Eagerly awaiting...

People waiting for the Oscar results. Eagerly awaiting…

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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34 Responses to And the Oscar winner is… what are the Oscars anyway?

  1. Kathy – If I was anywhere, I mean ANY-WHERE, close to your geographic location this evening, I would pop in to share your poblano peppers stuffed with refried beans and corn and topped with Mexicano cheese and a dash of cilantro. Golly Moses, you’ve got my taste buds dancing at the mere thought!

    Like you, we don’t have a television, and haven’t for almost 33 years. But, big city dwellers that we are, we did—indeed—see the Life of Pi on the big screen in an honest-to-goodness movie theater. And while I liked the book, I loved the movie!

    Unlike the rest of the world, you and I will need to wait until tomorrow morning when we can Google the results of tonight’s Oscars. I’m not worried about it one single bit. And I betcha a dollar to a donut, you aren’t either 🙂

  2. bonnie says:

    I don’t watch the oscars, and have seen very few movies in the last few years. The only Oscar I am familiar with is the one they call the grouch on Sesame Stree, and I only know him from when my girls were little. Personally, I prefer him. 🙂

  3. lucindalines says:

    I might, let’s say might look at the Oscars for a bit, just to look at George C. But, but let’s just say I certainly hope it is better than the Grammy’s. Not impressed. Oh I so admire you who live without TV. I wish I were that strong.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Kathy! I am usually more like you–this is the first time I realized that ordinary people go to Oscar parties. But I’ve had so much fun getting ready–going to the movies and trying new food! Your stuffed poblanos sound great (I am mad about chile rellanos).

  5. I thought Oscar Night was a Sesame Street special!

  6. Susan D. says:

    Oooooo, I loved this blog! Delightful. One year in Cali – of course – I dressed up for Oscars night along with 4 other friends, and we attended the Oscars viewing on the big screen at a wonderfully restored old place called the State Theater in downtown Modesto (of all places). It was fun! It was the year The English Patient won – a very intriguing movie. Loving sweet surprises like your blog on a Sunday evening, and loving you… (and The LIfe of Pi, too).

  7. Oscars are on past my bedtime – I am rooting for a documentary about Rodriguez though.

  8. Stacy says:

    I’ll admit that I knew they were tonight, but they hold no interest for me. I’m not the red carpet type! ❤

  9. sandiwhite says:

    The only reason I can see to watch the Oscars is because I’m wild about Seth Macfarland, the Host this year. And since I most likely wouldn’t see much of him, I doubt I’ll watch. The Daytona 500 is much more my speed, (what a Yawn, I took a nap) and the ONLY movie I went to see was Silver Lining Playlist, was another yawn. I can give the Oscars a pass, Danica Patrick didn’t win the Daytona and that was my reason for turning the thing on to start with. I’m good, it won’t change my life.

  10. What are these things that you call movies?

  11. P.j. grath says:

    Okay, we have a TV set but no TV service. We watch movies on the set. And since our library had “Beasts of the Southern Wild” on DVD, we have seen that, but it’s the only one of the candidates we’ve seen. We’re even, Kathy, you and I!

    I love the part of this post where Barry asks what you’re blogging about and then collapses in laughter. And of course where you feel like an Oscar winner. Listen! The ROAR OF THE CROWD!!!! 🙂

  12. Movies? I have not been to the movies in___________years. I don’t know the number.

    Confession time: I have 2 TV’s; they both work, if I happen to press the right button.

    I did have cable. Living in a fairly large city one would think that you would not constantly have “weak signal, weak signal” and a blank screen so I gave that up besides, if I want to watch TV I can stream from my computer through my grandson’s XBox and see everything for free…except I don’t know how to hook that up.

    Red carpet….”Much ado about nothing.”

    I had a piece of Texas Toast to celebrate; that is after I finished cleaning up after the main sewer line backed up and all three bathrooms had dirty smelly water to contend with after Mr. Rooter left.

    I should write my own blog post rather than clutter up Kathy’s; however, I find her more fun and would like to say……….drum roll…………..

    ………………………LAKE SUPERIOR SPIRIT…..invisible bloggers stand up and cheer…………………

    Your turn………

  13. Elisa says:

    laughing hysterically on His side of the kitchen…remembering to stop laughing cause if it were directed to me when i was having a moment, it might sting a lot–sorry if you didn’t find it funny, the way you said it was, very to me.

    uhm no i think no one but you periodically thanks me for being me
    other people just try to correct me or tell me i’m afraid when I’m being me and actually allow others to see it, maybe my life is to live all in my head and only to walk alongside of others? OOOOOOO IF SOMEONE GAVE ME A STATUE FOR THAT I’D FEEL MUCHERLY BETTERISH! hops up and down.

    I don’t have a tv either and i dont’ know what an oscar is for, i DO so like and love oscar the grouch though. He’s very funny and sensitive!

    Thanks for being you Kathy! And thanks for allowing me to walk alongside really closely once in a while, so I can just sit for a moment and…

  14. dorannrule says:

    Congratulations Kathy! Applause is due. You have seen Les Mis! I haven’t seen that one yet. But we do have a TV and I tend to get restless waiting for the “big” awards for the “Bests” they leave for last. So, I never stick it out. How grand that you have no TV. It must be a wonderful life even if Barry does collapse in laughter that you’re blogging a bout the Oscars! 🙂

  15. Sara says:

    You have me beat when it comes to seeing movies nominated for Oscars. I don’t even know what’s nominated. It’s kind of fun to see all the stars in their gowns and tuxes, but if that’s the only reason I’m going to watch I’d rather not watch at all. I’m catching up with my blog reading on this fine Oscars night!

  16. sybil says:

    Loved the book “Life of Pi”.

    Knew the Oscars were tonight. No interest at all.

    “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players …”

    I am lucky. My friends appreciate my weirdness and let me know often.

    Like I said: I’m lucky.

  17. We have 2 TVs and I’m not the least bit worried about not seeing the Oscars, tonight. The only movies I’ve seen recently are The Avengers and The Hobbit, and I had to Google the Oscars just to see if they made it on the list! I really don’t care about all the hoopla and Hubby isn’t too impressed with it all, either, so we’re just watching some pre-recorded TV – shows we actually care about. 🙂

  18. Sheryl says:

    Okay, we have a TV–but it’s turned off. I must admit that I’m not watching the Oscars tonight. 🙂

  19. Katie says:

    I can’t answer you questions because I got stuck–you don’t have a TV???

  20. lisaspiral says:

    I liked Life of Pi too, but I haven’t seen the movie. I did think Les Mis was brilliant but that’s the theater geek speaking and one with an understanding of what the artistic vision was supposed to be and how well they achieved it. My daughter is pissed that The Hobbit didn’t get more nominations. To each their own. (I refuse to acknowledge the idea of a blogging Oscar! I can’t handle the competition, the stress….) 🙂

  21. Lori D says:

    Some might think that having no TV is weird, but others may think that I am weird because I have two of them and could care less about the Oscars. I’m not a fan of celebrities, or actors, or “stars” or “gods” or whatever they’re being called today. I could climb on my soapbox further, but I will spare you.

    I’m more a fan of bloggers. And, yes, today I got a very nice compliment (from a blogger) that I didn’t even realize about myself. And, congratulations on your award for being you. We followers are also very grateful for the authenticity of our royal queen … Her Weirdness. 🙂

  22. Dana says:

    Kathy, I loved both the book and the movie for Life of Pi. I didn’t think it was possible to turn that sort of book into a movie, but they did… and it was SO GREAT. See it if you can. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

    We knew the Oscars were on tonight, but our suite in AZ doesn’t have a TV and we are just fine with that. (We usually use our TV at home just to watch DVDs, so nothing much has changed in that respect.)

    I’m thanking you for being you, too. You are truly a ray of sunshine in my inbox. 🙂

  23. Heather says:

    If it weren’t for your blog, I wouldn’t know it was Oscar night tonight! But, I assure you that I will know all about who was the best and worst dressed, as that kind of important “news” is how I distract myself (in dribs and drabs) from tedium during the work day 😉
    I’m so glad a reader emailed you. I don’t want to cajole you into posting, especially since you are trying your best to follow your inner blogging heart, but I also love how often you post. Even if you’ve only seen one of the Oscar-nominated movies. Which happens to be one more than I’ve seen!

  24. Love your humor 🙂 And no I didn’t know it was Oscar night either (rarely watch TV), and no I didn’t care that I missed it…although I do admit that I did google Oscar Red Carpet to see if someone was looking spectacularly lovely! I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked spectacularly spectacular! Certainly her gown was gorgeous! Haven’t seen any of the movies but I loved Life of Pi too! The book I mean.

    Otherwise – I’m still very happily ensconced in the ‘Meany’ universe, having just finished A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving which is the best book i’ve read so far this year and indeed in many years 🙂 Books over movies for me any day!

    How wonderful to have a friend like that – the best kind 🙂

  25. AnnieR says:

    I have 3 televisions and don’t watch the Oscars, nor have I seen any of the movies nominated. I can’t remember the last time we went to the movies-just don’t ever seem to find anything worth spending the cash on. This evening we watched 4 stages of the Tour Down Under bike race that I’d recorded for my triathlete/bike freak husband. Your stuffed poblanos would have been an awesome meal! Your blog is as good for dinner ideas as it is for making me think! Thank you very much.

  26. I loved the “Life of Pi” book too 🙂 ~ Kat

  27. I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You may not do awards or you may already have this one.

  28. I don’t usually watch the Oscars because it’s on after my bedtime, but, I managed to stay awake last night because I wanted “Life of Pi” to win Best Picture so badly – I’ve already seen it three times. When I read the book a decade ago I wondered how they could ever make a decent movie out of it.

    But, at least it won “Best Director.” On NPR director Ang Lee was quoted, “It’s a miracle that I could make this movie. I carried the anxiety for a very long time, four years. It’s a philosophical book and expensive movie, a scary combination.” I, for one, am so glad he did!

  29. Colleen says:

    I must admit, I really do enjoy the Oscars. And watch them, not obsessively but when it’s possible. We both really enjoy watching movies and it’s been a shared common interest in our families, all generations. There is always lots of lively conversation and spirited (at times very spirited) debate! Like Barbara, I was glad to see Ang Lee acknowledged for his work and efforts!

  30. I’m scared to admit – I watched the Oscars. And I love (good) movies. I thought Lincoln was an instant classic, and could easily see it again. I’ve seen Les Miz in London and NYC (not braggin’, just lucky) and enjoyed it just as much (and differently) on the big screen. I hate all the hype, and I hate all the numerous awards shows over and over again with the same characters and the same babble babble babble. But I love talent, and many of the actors in this year’s categories are spectacularly talented. So I recoreded the Oscars, passed through the commercials and the babble babble, and watched the clips of nominated films, the musicians and singers who braved the billion watchers, and I was impressed…with the talent.

  31. laurabennet says:

    And I thought I was the only one who didn’t watch. I have no clue who won what even though I’ve loved many recent films: Les Miserables was phenomenal – watched it twice so far. Loved Lincoln and looking forward to the Life of Pi.

  32. pearlz says:

    I loved the Life of Pi book and want to watch the film too. I found it very interesting. Thanks for this post Kathy.

  33. Kathy says:

    Dear friends, I really enjoyed reading every one of your Oscar comments! Smiled about the many references to Oscar the Grouch. (You weren’t talking about me, were you?) Still laughing over Barry’s utter disbelief that I was writing an Oscar blog. Kind of like the last subject on earth I know anything about… Much appreciation for ALL of you! You all deserve Oscar awards in my books.

  34. Hey, you did even better than I did – I didn’t see ANY of the Oscar nominated movies!! My husband and I still make our selections from the ballot each year (just for fun). We don’t get out to the theater very often anymore, usually we wait for the Blu Ray, or watch it on HBO. We still have fun watching the Oscars, though – it’s our annual tradition! 🙂

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