Give a wave as you fly to Tokyo or Hong Kong, will you?

Good morning, friends and family.  Coming to you live from a very chilly morning here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  It’s four degrees (-16 C) and I just donned socks and a hooded sweatshirt over these jammies in order to type with more comfort.

Oh, do excuse me.  Must also stoke the wood stove with more logs.

Mission accomplished.

Inside our wood stove

Inside our wood stove

Where was I?

Yesterday was the 31st birthday of our eldest son.  He and I talked on the telephone for 44.44 minutes.  (Truly, that was the exact time as we hung up.  Very auspicious, don’t you think?)  I love talking with him and some weeks the conversation proves much shorter.  So he gave his mama a present for his birthday!

One moment please.  Must go close the damper on the wood stove.  Be right back.

Chris had just bought an $11 suit from Goodwill. Boy, did we raise that boy right!  He knows how to recycle and re-use and save money like a pro.  Good Christopher.  He has to present a paper in Boston later this month and will pass through New York City to visit his sister.  Mama will drink up every detail of their visit because she’s so happy they’re still good friends.

Our Chris

Our Chris

Speaking of airplanes (well, I’m sure you imagined Chris flying to NYC, didn’t you?) Barry and his fishing buddy, Mike, were out ice fishing again yesterday.  They looked up in the blue March sky to witness airplane contrails forming overhead.

Don’t you sometimes wonder where the airplanes are going?  Mike whips out an app on his iPhone (lucky him, his phone has service where he lives) and actually KNOWS from whence the jets came.  A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Tokyo.  Really?  The next one:  United Airways from Toronto to Vancouver.  Next:  American Airlines headed from Chicago to Tokyo.  Guess this is the flyway from the Midwest to Asia.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t know where every overhead plane is going.   I’d be jumping up and down shouting, TAKE ME!  Take me, too, please!

We are going to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, in less than three weeks.  That should be enough for any snow-bound survivor, right?

(A foot of snow dumped on us on Monday once again.  This winter shows no sign of ever ending.   The ice fishermen rejoice with the extended cold.  I just dream of Florida beaches.)

I also dream of flowers.  Color.  Anything but white snow.

I also dream of flowers. Color. Anything but white snow.

Speaking of daughters, I am not allowed to mention her name on the  Internet again.  She did a Google image search of herself and discovered photos of her in bathrobe and her father on the floor repairing a toilet. (Remember A spiritual tale of two toilets?)  From now on, said daughter shall be known as “K”.  She did give me permission to type this paragraph.

One never knows with kids when one has permission to discuss them.  I did have permission from Chris (whose name is not as searchable) to put his dapper suit photo (along with Goodwill details) on Facebook.  That should be permission enough to include him in a blog, yes?

Luckily, our kids grew up being publicized in the local newspaper column, courtesy of their father.  The can’t really complain.  They were weaned with him sharing public details of their flu, hospital visits, and aftermaths of trips to Florida where we “waddled like ducks” to the State Police building after the back window of our car shattered into a million pieces.  What can embarrass them now?  (Hmmm, let me think…)

Now I wonder why this photo doesn't show up when you Google Barry's name...

Now I wonder why this photo doesn’t show up when you Google Barry’s name…

Speaking of public conversations, I suppose some of you astute commenters have gathered that I’m not responding to comments these days.  All of a sudden, just like that, your blogger ran out of commenting steam.  After five years and over 30,000 comments, she couldn’t keep another conversation going.  She’s always felt like she’s chatting with the world in her living room, but lately…

Let’s change pronouns.  I am simply feeling quieter.  Every time I try to force the typing fingers to say something–anything–in response to a comment, they refuse to articulate.  It’s time for some silence for a while. Will respond to any questions–or if the spirit speaks and the fingers agree–via email.

If you’re very quiet, though, you will probably feel me reading your comments and sitting with you in what you share. I may even sit longer with your comments.

The March sun is rising through the trees now.  The house is warming up.  I’m pondering what to do today.

Wishing you the best of days.  If you fly by on your way to Hong Kong, Tokyo or Vancouver–do give a wave!

As if we ever know exactly where we are...

As if we ever know exactly where we are…

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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32 Responses to Give a wave as you fly to Tokyo or Hong Kong, will you?

  1. Kerry Dwyer says:

    Everyone keeps sending me snow photos. In the main they are not very interesting, all white with no depth, maybe they are really sending pictures of pieces of paper.
    I have had no snow (yet – touch wood – cross fingers) but it is cold today. The ground was white and frosty when I went for a walk this morning.

  2. Oh, the perils of being related to an avid blogger! LOL!

  3. Robin says:

    I’d like to fly off somewhere too. Just for a day or two. Or maybe a week or two. Although we don’t have nearly as much snow (or cold) as you do, I’ve had enough. That said, it is kind of pretty outside today with the freshly fallen snow and the geese swimming on the sunlit pond. 🙂

    A belated Happy Birthday to Chris!

  4. Dawn says:

    I always wonder about the airplanes… what are they eating? are they watching movies? who is napping? How many people on business? who is reuniting with a loved one? So many stories. xoxo

  5. Katie says:

    A lot of good comes from some silence. Your Florida journey will be so much more colorful and lively for you, coming from all white. I hope you have lots of fun!

  6. Perfectly aceeptable to take a commenting sabbatical, for however long or short as it may last. If it’s not fun, and turns into a burden, time to tweak it. Blogging should be a fun outlet, not another thing to do on the “to do” list (however, I must turn my attention to my to do list tonight rather than my blog, as my taxes cannot be ignored just because they are not fun!). I am hoping the snow stays nice enough for a XC ski with a friend on Friday or Saturday, as I just have not got out enough this winter to enjoy it, even though I am getting that itch for signs of what most people call spring rather than more snow (which as we northerners know, unfortunately also goes with early signs of spring up this way). Ciao! 🙂

  7. bonnie says:

    A trip to the warmth (let’s hope) of Florida. Do enjoy. Happy Birthday to Chris from NS. I mention my ‘kids’ on the blog. So far, no backlash, but there is always next time. Let’s see if I can come up with something embarrassing. Just kidding. Planes out of Halifax fly over here all the time, along with the planes from Greenwood Airforce Base. At least the ones out of Hfx are higher and quieter. I’m a little nuts, so I most enjoy the planes in the summer, at night, watching their flickering lights as they zoom across the dark sky. Cheers.

  8. It’s somewhat alarming to me that I am absolutely certain I could get extremely fascinated with a phone app telling me where planes are coming from and going to. I think it would be instant addiction! No idea why.

  9. Lori D says:

    I comment to most of the comments on my blog, but sometimes I choose not to, especially the comments on my quote posts. We in sunny Florida are patiently awaiting Kathy’s arrival. The beach knows you’re coming because I told it so. 🙂

  10. I have taken a sabbatical from writing…

  11. I love when the words don’t come. It’s feels like a language hibernation 🙂

    • Dana says:

      Thank you, littlestoryblog, for instantly and forever redefining the concept of ‘writer’s block’ for me. I am a Cancerian who *gets* the idea of retreating and turning within– I’d just never applied that idea to words before. Genius!

  12. sybil says:

    My condolences on the continuing cold. We’re creeping above freezing and the snow is gone from the Eastern Shore of NS. It’s wonderful that you have that trip to look forward to as you stoke the stove and revel in your son’s good choices.

  13. Kathy – I just love that Chris (and he’s oh-so-handsome) bought his gently-used new suit at a resale store. When Len or I need a new piece of clothing, that’s the FIRST place we look — and we’re usually successful!

  14. Heather says:

    Glad you clarified on the 44.44 minutes – I was going to ask 🙂
    I’m very impressed with Chris’ find – I never find good stuff at GoodWill.
    And…I have noticed the comment-replying hiatus. Sniff, sniff. I shan’t whine too much, but I do miss the little conversations. Sigh. Kathy must do what makes Kathy happy.
    Wishing you some sunshine to get you through these lingering winter days. I’ll be okay with warmer temperatures after this weekend. Then you and I can be on the same team 🙂

  15. Brenda Hardie says:

    Kathy, I love shopping at Goodwill, Savers and Unique (all thrift stores). And not just because that’s about all I can afford but more because I love the idea of reusing things over and over until they cannot be used anymore. Being wasteful is very unappealing to me. My oldest son, age 25, also shops at thrift stores….but once in awhile will splurge on nice jeans or a cap. 🙂 Chris looks like he got a great deal with that suit…and he looks quite handsome in it as well!
    Your trip will be the perfect medicine for winter doldrums, Kathy. Everything will be so vivid with color, the sun will feel so warm, the sky will look bluer and the ocean will seem like bath water. I pray you have safe travels and a wonderful time!
    We got a bit of new snow but not anywhere near a foot and the temp is quite mild (already at 34 degrees). The sky is blue and the sun is bright so it feels like a spring day…as long as I don’t look at the snow!
    I feel your silent presence and am respecting your need for quiet. ♥ Hugs and love coming to you ♥

  16. dorannrule says:

    I have a feeling you are counting the days to the Florida trip. Around here everybody’s sick of winter and we have only had a few snow storms. Still recovering from the last one that we thought was horrendous – 9 inches that melted the next day. Ho hum. Right? Wishing you sunshine and roses. 🙂 Dor

  17. lisaspiral says:

    Today I’d be happy if the old commercial were true “calgon take me away!”

  18. Dana says:

    Feeling grateful for a new winter experience this year. Today in Tucson, it is 30C (about 85F). SO DIFFERENT than our usual grey and rainy winter days in the Pacific Northwest!) May thoughts of Florida keep you plowing through your Michigan winter days, Kathy, and bless you for always staying true to yourself (re: writing/commenting/responding).

  19. john says:

    I am having such wild visions of what my front yard looks like from the snow plows and the snow accumulation since I left. I feel like such a wimp being down here because of my knee when Barry was cutting, splitting and hauling wood with two bad knees many times worse than mine.

  20. Chris Roddy says:

    Kathy, I can relate. So over winter. It’s off to NOLA in April, tagging along while hubby works. I too have a handsome son that is 33 yo. and is still friends with his sister. Ah youth, atleast physically.

  21. sonali says:

    Kathy! I enjoy reading from you so so much! I wonder will I ever fly above your land? so very far! Aha… I’ll be howling and screaming.. Kathy!!!! 😀

  22. me2013 says:

    You have snow and don’t want it, I want it and don’t have it ‘TUT’ we are never happy. :D,

  23. Stacy says:

    You’ve said so much in this post, I don’t know where to start! Well, let me say that I’ve flown enough in my lifetime that I feel sorry for those poor souls up in the planes going who-knows-where. Anywhere but home is disconcerting to me. ❤

  24. $11 for a suit – what a great find and it looks good, too! We’ve only had five snowstorms this winter so I’m not tired of the snow just yet, though I certainly can see why you are. May the time pass quickly until the date for your trip to the beach in Florida arrives…

  25. lucindalines says:

    It is perfectly fine not to comment, and as for your children growing up being written of, mine were too, but by me not the father. Today they have other drama to deal with in terms of the public eye, but their stories are not mine to tell, also I don’t wish to fan any fires. I am just the super supportive mother who is there when they need to vent.

  26. Sartenada says:

    Although You are not answering to my comment, I write here. I saw nice photo from Your wood stove. We lived in our detached house during 19½ years and our heating system was direct electric heating and wood stove. Our heath-storing fireplace was made from soapstone and radiated warm during 24 hours after warming it. Its capacity was meant for 90m³ = 3178.3ft³.

    The inside area of our house was 139m² = 1496.2ft² and the fireplace was enough for it. Once a week we heated our Sauna and it gave additional warmth on Saturdays. We used in our fireplace birches and average amount in a winter was about 8m³ = 282.52ft³. The amount of firewood was stacked not thrown. During our coldest moths temperature was -34ºC = -29.2ºF. The heating season lasted six months. Average consumption of electricity in a year varied between 10000kw-10500kw. This amount includes all electricity we used. I forgot to mention that in our house we had triple-glazed windows which are standard here in Finland.

    In Finland we have basically three warming system: electricity, oil and geothermal heat. It would be nice to know which kind of heating system You have and how much it requires electricity and other system whatever it is then.

    Happy week-end.

  27. Claire says:

    Living in the far south west of England I like you see many vapour trails going west but now I wonder about their destination, I had just thought USA but now I need more…………….:)

  28. Karma says:

    I’d love to visit somewhere in an airplane. Off to some warm locale sounds wonderful. I hope your trip to Ft. Myers is filled with sunshine. That is a pretty neat sounding iPhone app – perhaps I can get hubby to try it out.

  29. bearyweather says:

    From one snow survivor to another … I am looking for any color besides white, too. + 4 feet on the ground, plies +8 feet high, two inches and below zero temperatures last night … 4-6 more inches on its way Monday … will this winter never go away?

  30. Alas after all the whining I did in January about not enough snow, I am now ready (err, more than ready) for spring. Flying somewhere warm sounds soooo nice!

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