Every which way the blogging heart goes next…

Follow your heart, my dear.

Follow your heart, my dear.

OK, it’s time for another blogging blog.  You know, the kind of blog where you blog about blogging.  (We do this when blogging becomes more important in our lives than, say, thinking about doing dishes.)

There is SO much to blog about blogging!  One could blog from now until death-day and never adequately cover the extensive possibilities.

I always advise—quit thinking, and follow what your heart has to say about blogging.

Of course, like all Life advice, this is harder to DO than to type.

Therefore, I listen to all my thoughts and sometimes get confused, just like 99% of the rest of the confused planet.

Upside down heart?

Upside down heart?

We all search for that *absolute* *sure* *knowing* voice of our heart to guide us through our days.  However, the noisy thoughts often intrude with their opinions.  And thoughts have 1,000, 005,348 opinions—and that’s only in a single day!

What is the voice of our heart, you ask?

The voice of our heart is the sure silent knowing what we’re supposed to do next.  It’s a feeling.  Not usually a noisy emotion; usually a still sureness that seems to simply know what’s right.  Sometimes our life work is cultivating how to listen, how to truly hear, what the heart is attempting to communicate beneath the noisy partying crew of thoughts.

More thoughts than rocks on the beach...

More thoughts than rocks on the beach…

Back to blogging.  (You knew I’d curve back to blogging, didn’t you?)

For more than five years my heart knew—just knew—that one of the most important parts of blogging involved inviting worldwide bloggers into my virtual living room and listening to their comments and sharing back.  We’d have marathon comment sessions.  I talked and you talked and then sometimes I talked again and then you added your final six cents.  It was a blast!  Blogging comment marathons can be super fun, especially if you have a deep true desire to connect with the Universe.

Sometimes there would be over 100 comments on my blogs (half of ’em by yours truly) just chattin’ our lips about this and that, the small ordinary everyday mixed in with the deeply meaningful.

Repeating:  It was a blast.

What a blast feels like

What a blast feels like

But then one day the Heart said, “No more.  Not now.  Enough.”  And it spoke in a loud enough way that I heard beneath all the thoughts proclaiming yes/no/yes/no/maybe/yes!

So I quit responding to comments on blogs in a public way.  (Except for sometimes when the Heart reversed its decision, which it’s prone to do without a moment’s notice, maybe even after writing a blog about the opposite, crazy heart!)  It hurt some feelings.  Some people missed the living room atmosphere.  A couple of people ceased reading because they didn’t feel acknowledged anymore.

But, do you know what, dear reader?  The heart always knows what to do next.  I would have QUIT blogging otherwise.  Right now it feels so golden, so lovely, so wonderful, so beautiful just to share, share, share and not feel obligated—yes, that dreaded word, obligated—to reply.  (When one reaches a place of grudging obligation we’re usually not listening to our heart, are we?)

I feel free again!

Phew.  Thank you, Heart.

What freedom feels like

What freedom feels like

So often I feel what another person is feeling–and want to be and please the other person–but this creates only suffering.  The world is too large to be and please anyone except our deepest self.  Amen, amen, have you got that lesson yet, Kathy?

What is also interesting is that sometimes the heart reads and comment and whispers, “Hey, email this person right now.”

So I do.

Email responses to comments when the heart nudges.

It’s working great.

I’m happy, the heart is happy, hopefully you’re happy…

When the heart speaks

When the heart speaks

Now how do you apply this advice to your life?  (Because you must never assume these blogs are solely about the blogger.  Blogs are always about you, too.  If you don’t look into your own life and discover where you’re agreeing or disagreeing—and learn from it—you’re missing a wonderful part of blogging discovery. )

Here’s the moral of this blogging fairy tale:  Your heart knows what you must do next.  Try to listen beneath the noisy thoughts.  Feel the way you must go next, no matter what Person A, B and X says.  The Universe is trying to live THROUGH us, in a most unique and individual way.

Let’s keep listening, shall we?  Appreciating all of you so much…

The fountain of life at the center of who we are...

The fountain of life at the center of who we are…

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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25 Responses to Every which way the blogging heart goes next…

  1. I’m trying to listen to my heart, but right now it feels broken.

  2. Karma says:

    I wish I knew for sure that the heart knows what to do next. It is true, the thoughts interfere, and interfere way too often for my taste. They prod me with what they feel I should be doing. Does the brain know better than the heart? Perhaps it is simply the practical side, where the heart does the dreaming, the desiring. Hopefully, one of these days, the heart wins out.

  3. elmer says:

    Don’t be too obligated Kathy. Read: Jason Russell Kony 2012 🙂

  4. debyemm says:

    Yes, as we discussed with one another recently, I just didn’t know how you did it, how any blogger does it. Responds to EVERY comment with some acknowledgment; and then, goes and reads other blogger’s blogs and comments there. Where is there any time, for actually living that life which gives content to write about, to begin with ?

    You admitted to me (the gist of, what your topic has been here) – “It was getting to be way too much. Too many words! Thank you for recognizing that, my friend.” And I replied – “Glad to”.

    An aside, I love your round, smooth rocks. We have some like that on our backporch (here in Missouri) that came from Lake Superior in the Duluth (and northward) region. One of our favorite haunts was Naniboujou Lodge.

  5. bonnie says:

    My heart tells me that I should say, “Bless you, Kathy”.

  6. Brenda Hardie says:

    I’m glad you’re listening to your heart Kathy 🙂 I’m trying to stop my worrying long enough to hear my heart speak as well. Might be time to just settle down and focus on breathing for awhile.

  7. I’m chuckling to myself right now. My husband and I are considering moving to a home about 35 minutes away–a home that is different from both the kind of house we’ve ever lived in, and the kind of community we’ve ever lived it. We’re scared to take the leap from semi-urban to semi-rural, though I, especially, simply find myself drawn to it. Can’t stop thinking about it. A feeling of excitement rises up in me and then I tamper it down with fear of the unknown–what if the few neighbors around the house aren’t friendly? What if we hate walking 200 yards for our mail? What if the move scars our young children (not yet in school, even)? This has been going on for three months. Just last night I was telling my husband that although “signs” are ours for the interpreting, I keep getting all these signs that I need to “listen to my heart”, “follow my instinct” “quiet the noise” etc. And, of course, then this morning I read your timely post.

  8. Kathy – I know a few bloggers who disable comments altogether. Their space is provided as a “resting” place to go and simply be.

  9. penpusherpen says:

    thanks Kathy, I’d forgotten how I used to view blogging my self… and it was as you say, to communicate, to share your thoughts and ideas.. I used to blog in a conversational way as you do, and then I changed to poem form… just ideas flowing into verse.. and I must admit, either way, I do enjoy sharing.. Hugs to you, and I hope you keep blogging, for you have a lovely way with words.. Your heart tells you so much that’s true. … whilst the brain tells you what ‘else’ you should be doing instead. 😉 Have a great weekend. xPenx

  10. Lori D says:

    Oh, I’m not one of those people who would feel slighted for not getting a response to my comment. In fact, sometimes I forget I commented, and then I get a nice surprise response in my WordPress box. As far as feeling obligated, you’re right, sometimes I do feel obligated to respond to comments on my blog. Other times, a comment stirs up lots of thoughts and I just have to respond. Which leads me to the other topic on this blog post… Thoughts. Boy, do I ever know how billions of thoughts can interrupt the heart. Always nice to read your thoughts. 😉

  11. Marko says:

    Spring greetings from Poland. I invite you to watch of crocuses.

  12. lisaspiral says:

    I’ve always loved your comments, and it’s nice to get a surprise. But I also know that I don’t always have something to say or time to make a comment, so why would you? Follow the heart is always the best advice and you are so good at leading by example!

  13. Val says:

    We’re again on a similar track (as you know, from my own recent post). One of the things I didn’t include in my post was something about how tired I am of replying to comments. But unlike you, the reason it didn’t get mentioned was because there is a part of me that still needs the two-way connection that replying to comments gives me.

    I do suspect that some time in the future I may go the same route as you. In fact, if I’d not made the decisions I’ve made just recently about the Like button, etc, and slowing down, then I would have headed for a blog closure instead as that’s what had happened in the past. I want to avoid that, if I can. Though – who knows?

    You have to do what you feel, Kathy. And you are. And I applaud you for that. Be steady. (But also allow the unsteadiness in, as that brings its own rewards of spontaneity and discovery.)

  14. I always learn a lot from you–and I am glad you have come to terms with how you want to move forward–yours will be a blog I always read–so it does not matter how you decide to proceed–I love the advice to listen to your heart–I sometimes think I am too connected to this whole process and have had to pull back somewhat so I know whereof you speak–

  15. Joanne says:

    I’m pleased you wrote this post Kathy. Some people needed to hear this in words, but for some reason I can’t explain, I just read words that I already knew. And I’m happy with what your heart tells you, if you are happy. And I also know that if my heart is happy, then Kathy is happy. And I also know that you will understand what I just said too. Because you are Kathy. 🙂

  16. Sheryl says:

    Wonderful post! I agree that you should follow your heart when blogging. I go back and forth on whether or not I respond to comments. How many other things are happening in my life on any given day really affects whether I respond.

  17. Right on sister.:-) Put IT OUT THERE.! Blogging is free and should be freeing to the blogger as well. I comment only on the blogs that I like and do not expect a reply in return. But I keep all of this small because I have no inspiration to be “big” as some bloggers. I like the interaction so in a way my commenters are the same ones and yes I suppose it has become a “group.” I did not expect anything when I opened a new blog on my own territory but I like the people that comment and I maybe they “like me.” So the main commenters are like family to me and some I have gotten to know since I email with some from time to time. One in particular I care about a lot and that blogger knows who “they” are. I think most bloggers eventually become sort of an email pal/bud/friend are whatever name you want to call the interaction with one or several individuals. I exchange emails with several bloggers but with just one on a fairly regular basis.

  18. Stacy says:

    I have been rife with indecision for several years now, but my friend and mentor says that my indecision comes from not listening to what my heart is telling me – that my brain is trying to convince me that my heart is wrong, but I know deep down that my heart is right. And she is right – when i listen – really listen – to my heart, I always make the right decision. Funny that it takes someone else to make us believe what we already know. ❤

  19. Colleen says:

    Kathy, my heart is shedding a quiet tear but it is also feeling the joy as you prepare to soar. Love you.

  20. Katie says:

    The thing I love most about blogging is that you blog how you wanna blog. It’s ok! Really! Sometimes I forget to blog how I wanna, but then I remember and I’m happy again. I hope you are happy, too. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  21. I love this post. Anything that turns into a dreadful obligation when it shouldn’t needs to be revisited. Mind you, sometimes we have to do things that keep our feet dragging, but for most of us, blogging should not be one of them — it is our outlet. We have to recognize that sometimes our exchange of conversation comes through our blog posts, and the comments are merely that — comments, rather than conversation. Just like many things in life, important to say “no” sometimes, so that we continue to find joy, rather than drudgery. Blog on, blogging friend, and comment (or not) as your heart moves you!

  22. sybil says:

    My brain just never shuts up. It talks so much I can’t hear what I’m thinking. It’s so bad my heart has taken out a restraining order.

  23. Janet says:

    I enjoy what you write. I feel like I’m really getting to know you.

  24. Scriptor Obscura says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I feel exactly the same way about replying to comments. I try to quiet my anxiety of feeling obligated to reply and I try to reply only when I feel like it. If its not fun then what’s the point.

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