Happy Mother’s Day to all you women & men who’ve never given birth

For all the times you've mothered...

For all the times you’ve mothered…

Mother’s Day wishes are swirling all over the ‘Net.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day in honor of my precious babies who are now grown up.  Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mama Earth who helped birth all of us, big and small.

I want to add another Mother’s Day wish to those of us humans who have never labored and given birth to real live squalling babies with red faces.

Even little boys can mother squalling red faced babies

Even little boys can mother squalling red-faced babies

This Mother’s Day wish goes to those who’ve mothered strangers, neighbors, friends.  Those among us who’ve nurtured, cared for, helped young children, teenagers, the suffering, the sick, the despairing, the dying.

We’ve all mothered.  We’ve all fathered.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve pushed that baby out of our physical womb.

What matters is that we’ve stuck with people and situations that needed long-term love, long-term caring.  We’ve persevered.  We haven’t turned our parental faces from those who needed us.

An elderly friend in the nursing home

An elderly friend in the nursing home

What is a mother except one who (hopefully) loves us unconditionally, who supports us through our ups and downs, who sees in us what we can’t yet see in ourselves?

Thus, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to those who have mothered brothers and sisters on this planet.  Who have mothered that which needed mothering.  Those who did not turn away from those who needed help, love, connection.

Bless you.  Bless every one of you.

In appreciation for all that you do...that isn't officially recognized..

In appreciation for all that you do…that isn’t officially recognized..

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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37 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day to all you women & men who’ve never given birth

  1. Brenda Hardie says:

    Thank you for expressing this gratitude shared by many for the love and nurturing given to the world by mothering figures ♥ We are all so blessed by their gracious compassion ♥
    Happy Mother’s Day, Kathy ♥

  2. Very beautiful and true. Some of the best mothers I know were never physically mothers, some of the worst mothers I know were.

  3. Lori D says:

    Happy Mothers Day to you, for nurturing your grown children, and for nurturing us all with your blog, and for thinking of people like me today. Blessings to you my dear UP friend.

  4. Very nice wishes…thanks!

  5. john says:

    A very Happy Mother’s day to you. Hoping you are spending this day pain free and that your back adjustment did the trick.

  6. Heather says:

    Lovely thoughts and gratitude for some who may never hear it. Yes, bless every one!

  7. A very thoughtful post. There are so many who do not have children of their own but have certainly “mothered” others. For remembering, thank you. (My sister and brother in law fall Into this category).

  8. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  9. Barb says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all who love and nurture others. Hope you had a great day, Kathy – I sure did!

  10. dorannrule says:

    Yes, thank you Kathy for this wonderful tribute to all those who have a born capacity to give to others, to encourage and inspire and love. I even know some men who fit that description too! Happy Mother’s Day all.

  11. P.j. grath says:

    What a happy coincidence, Kathy — I was thinking these very same thoughts yesterday. (Did they come wafting down over the Bridge?) I thought first of my youngest sister, whose working life from college graduation until her retirement last year was dedicated to teaching young people to read. She was a public school teacher, so, like Mr. Chips, she had many children! Then I thought of “mothering” as nurturing and how many different ways there are that women and men nurture young people. Now this morning I read your post — . Thank you for expressing what only drifted through my head on Mother’s Day.

  12. penpusherpen says:

    A lovely thought Kathy, and one which is so true.. So many are not actual Mothers, but loving and caring individuals who are mothering souls.. A bit late , I know, but I add my wishes to yours .. 🙂 hugs to you xPenx

  13. And Happy Mothers Day to you!

  14. Nice post. I was an infertility patient many years ago (it took me 10 years to have my kids) and still remember how grateful I was when someone (I can’t even remember who now) offered up a broader blessing where I didn’t feel excluded.

  15. msmcword says:

    I have never given birth and I don’t have any children. But I was a “mother” to my mother during the final years of her life.
    A belated happy Mother’s Day to you, Kathy


  16. A late happy Mother’s Day. A very nice post, Kathy.

  17. Stacy says:

    Here, here, Kathy. And I’ll add teachers to your list. ❤

  18. Sheryl says:

    Beautifully written. What a lovely tribute to those who have nurtured others.

  19. I love this, Kathy. And happy Mother’s Day to you, too.

    Sorry to be so out of the loop recently. But, Sara and I have arrived safely in Ecuador, and I’m trying to get back into the routine of blogging. Hope you’re doing well.


  20. Colleen says:

    And blessings back to you Kathy. This is beautiful.

  21. I know I’m horribly late on this, but I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!! Beautiful post!! ♥

  22. Reggie says:

    Very belatedly, but no less heartfelt – a happy Mother’s Day to you, Kathy.

  23. Kathy says:

    Reblogged this on Lake Superior Spirit and commented:

    I posted this for Mother’s Day, 2013, but just want to share it again. There are so many people who nurture the planet in so many different ways. For those of you who have never given birth, but still mother others, I dedicate this to you. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • sybil says:

      Awww. Kathy. You always say such nice things. Happy Mother’s Day to you !

      • Kathy says:

        Sybil, I noticed that this post has had lots of visitors every Mother’s Day, so decided maybe it should be recycled. Happy Mom’s Day to you, also. Do you celebrate in Canada today?

  24. this was worth repeating and I agree with every word….

  25. Val says:

    Well, that’s a beautiful way to think of it, thanks Kathy – and happy mother’s day to you. xx

  26. dawnkinster says:

    Awww, thank you Kathy! I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!!

  27. sherrysescape says:

    You are one of those whose words nurture us all.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, Sherry. I did want to nurture anyone who might be reading and feeling like a mother, even though they never gave birth.

  28. Debbie M. says:

    The best definition for explaining who is a mother is summed up as love!

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