A tale before supper of sunrise, caterpillars & ghosts

Sunrise over Huron Bay

Sunrise over Huron Bay

Ohmygoodness!   I’m feeling a creative high lately.  After at least two months of ho-hum suddenly I’m wanting to blog every day!  (Don’t worry, it probably won’t continue to happen, although you never know, she said with an evil grin.)

You wouldn’t believe what a lovely day it is in the Northwoods.

A perfect, end-of-summer, beginning-of-autumn day.  Oh, the world feels like tepid bathwater.  Oh, the world feels like it exists just to make you happy.  Oh, you can sit on the deck and read books whilst sipping tea again.  Oh, may this never end.

I shall tell you a quick tale before you eat supper.

A tale of sunrise and longing and thoughts and caterpillars and ghosts.

Another sunrise view

Another sunrise view

This morning Barry went fishing.  For work, I swear.  (Or he swore, anyway.) Truly, he is writing a story for the L’Anse Sentinel about some charter fishermen trolling our Keweenaw Bay.

Because he didn’t need to arrive at the marina until 8 a.m., he dropped me off up on Townline Road and I walked a mile or more home.

In this exquisite warm delight of holding our breath before frost nips all the squash leaves in the garden, I walked.

I walked, one foot, two feet, one foot, two feet.  Leaves, sunlight, pavement. Litter, red leaves, Good and Plenty candy wrapper (oh maybe someday I shall tell you a Good and Plenty story if the Universe agrees).  Delight, delight, delight.

Caterpillar on deck

Caterpillar on deck

Then I turned down our road.

OHMYGOODNESS!  A sun like you’ve never seen rising above the horizon.  A sun bright orange and vivid astounding the horizon in its majesty.  I gasped.  I gasped again.

Never a more beautiful sun.  Never in the history of the planet.

(But where’s my camera? the mind began to fret.  I have no camera.  And the sun is rising oh-so-quickly and it shall never be captured, never ever, in this beauty.  Never in THIS moment.  Never in this ever-changing exquisite moment of NOW.)

An inner knowing arose:  “Kathy, just enjoy this moment. Don’t worry about anything.  Be present in this moment.  Not your longing in the next moment.  Not wishing you had your camera.  Not wanting it to be different.”

So I walked, one step, two step, down the road, toward home, toward a cup of coffee, toward the computer, but I stayed with the sun watching it rise. Stayed present to the pink and orange and shifting dark cloud-shapes.  Stayed present to dancing shifting magic, ever-changing, always moving.

Witnessed the thoughts going crazy wanting the camera.  But stayed present with the sun, oh dear reader, I stayed present in the moment and did not (well, not to badly) betray the moment by attaching to thoughts of what-if.

Ghost in our living room?

Ghost in our living room?

And, sure enough, when I finally reached home and grabbed the camera and drove the car back to the road to capture the rising sun, oh yes, it wasn’t too late, no it wasn’t too late, and the sun still cast orange shadows against the clouds.

A caterpillar wiggled on the deck afterwards.

A ghost visited our living room.

I have nothing to say about the caterpillar or the ghost because I’m on to the next moment, and the next. Because, dear reader, that is where surely the secret to longing is fulfilled. In our next wild & precious moment, furry or indistinct, painful or beautiful.

Do you think that longing is fulfilled in this present moment or now?  Or have you discovered somewhere else where she completes herself like a sun staining the horizon, like dawn fulfilling its age-old promise to reveal itself?

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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60 Responses to A tale before supper of sunrise, caterpillars & ghosts

  1. Such a beautiful post. I’ve been a slacker lately about reading, but your title drew me. Your pictures are magnificent. I am intrigued by the ghost. I went on my first ghost hunt last week, and plan on going on another this week. I haven’t written about it yet, because I am moving from moment to moment in search of something.

    • Kathy says:

      Lisa, thank you for stopping by. I’ve missed you. Will hopefully get over to your blog and read about your ghost hunt. How exciting! P.S. I’ll tell you the truth. It wasn’t really a ghost. I just kind of thought the picture LOOKED like a ghost. It’s really me in my pajamas doing yoga one morning. Shhhh….

  2. lisaspiral says:

    those moments when I am truly fully engaged, that’s when longing is fulfilled.

  3. lucindalines says:

    Ah to just live in the moment and be happy without that awe filled way to want to share it with others. We are bloggers, in the past they were writers of another kind, perhaps poets, novelists, or journalists. We instead are bloggers. Just one more thing to embrace in the moment. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kathy says:

      Lucinda, yes, even embracing that need to share in the moment and not making it separate. It feels most right to me to listen to what the Universe (or God) wants to do in the next moment. Does It/He want me to stand in awe or run and get a camera? It’s like we can never know that will until the moment, can we?

  4. Oh, aren’t these days golden, though! To relax into the moment and just let be…that is a lesson I have struggled with all of my life. How precious, when it happens! Thanks, Kathy!

    • Kathy says:

      Cindy, I’ve struggled with this most of my life, too. And then there are certain golden moments–sometimes days–a few times even weeks–when it all relaxes and the struggle seems to disappear. Then I often struggle to make it re-appear, darn it. Enjoy this golden weekend, even though it’s turned a tad cold.

  5. dorannrule says:

    Never mind Kathy. You don’t have to send me the link. I just got your “in the moment” post via email! And yes, we are on the same wave length for sure. And though I didn’t get my inspiration from your wonderful ghosts and caterpillar post, I should have! It’s wonderful!

  6. Susan D says:

    Ahhhh, pure delight! Love this!

  7. Dawn says:

    I saw that red sun this morning as I was driving to work! It was pretty amazing. Didn’t have a camera either and I needed to concentrate on traffic…but it sure was nice to see it!

    • Kathy says:

      Yep, Dawn, darn that traffic. Especially the kind of traffic YOU drive in! Around here you can almost take a picture while driving at times. Except about that time a deer would run out in front of the car.

  8. Longing by its very nature is fulfilled then refilled

  9. john says:

    Kathy, you are in a special place and I believe your appreciation of that makes God smile.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh I hope to keep God smiling then, John! We’re going out hiking this afternoon up at the Hungarian Falls–in da Copper Country. Have you ever been there? Barry swears we were there back in the 80’s but he’s wrong. HE was there. I was probably off on a trip.

  10. “Oh, you can sit on the deck and read books whilst sipping tea again. Oh, may this never end.”

    Amen siSTAR!

    (psssst, is your ghost wearing pink toenail polish?)

  11. Brenda Hardie says:

    This is a beautiful reminder to allow each moment to BE and not fuss over the next one or changing the current one. I’m so glad you took the time to enjoy the beautiful sunrise because it was your gift from the universe.
    And now I am so curious about the ghost and the caterpillar! 🙂 Hope Barry caught some good fish!

    • Kathy says:

      Brenda, I think we all need to keep reminding one another to allow each moment to BE and not stress so much. I know I appreciate the reminders! That sunrise was surely a gift. As for the ghost and the caterpillar, it was crazy. One was just sun bathing on the deck and the other was doing yoga in pajamas. Life doesn’t get any crazier than this does it? 😉 P.S. Yep, Barry caught some fish…but not a lot…

  12. sybil says:

    I need to learn to be in the moment. To be in the moment without a camera. To just trust myself to capture the moment in my heart.

    I love you gentle turns of phrase and gentle way of sharing.

    • Kathy says:

      Sybil, I think we’re all in this together, learning, learning, forgetting, forgetting, learning to trust some more. Thank you for liking this. That means a lot to me.

  13. Gee, Kathy you are posting so fast, that now I am behind 2 of your posts to read- I think. It is a glorious feeling to feel the change in the seasons. How marvelous that you witnessed that gorgeous sunrise and that you were able to capture the beauty for your readers to see.

    I really can not say much about the full and filled thing. Reckon I’ve never been full enough to feel filled. 🙂 Or something to that effect. Great post, Lady of the Woods.

    • Kathy says:

      Yvonne, I am a blogging roll! You are right, they are pouring so fast out of these typing fingers no one will be able to keep up–let alone me! Wishing you the gift of some fulfillment this Equinox weekend. May Our Lady of Contentment visit you and whisper secrets in your ears. Only secrets you can hear.

  14. Carol says:

    I think sometimes longing is fulfilled in a moment. Sometimes it takes much longer. Sometimes longing lingers for a lifetime. Sometimes longing spurs us onward.


    • Kathy says:

      Carol, I think you are right. About all of it. Longing’s gifts and Presence changes all the time, like the lady herself. And, yes, sometimes that longing spurs us onward to what we need to do next.

  15. Lovely blog, Kathy. I so appreciate your creativity! I’m often amazed at the rising or the setting of the sun at how fast it moves. How brief the moment actually is. I think, “the planet is spinning awfully fast.”

    • Kathy says:

      Patty, it is deceptive, isn’t it? We think the planet is moving so darn slow and then we see with our own eyes who quickly it’s spinning. good point! I am glad you are appreciating this burst of me spinning faster than usual lately. tee hee.

  16. I love the mood this post creates – so yummy I want to eat your words up.

    Yesterday in the yard I discovered a wall full of those caterpillars. It’s like they all were in a race to the roof and were somehow frozen in time. It was a peculiar site.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh that feeling when we want to eat words up! I love it that you said that, Lunar. I hope the caterpillars aren’t saying it’s going to be a cold winter. Hopefully all your caterpillars weren’t in hibernation already… Where do you live, again?

  17. me2013 says:

    Beautiful as ever. I tend to live my life thinking what I am doing next, but every now and then I do live in the moment, the beauty and the peacefulness of those times make me wish I could do it more, but somehow life gets in the way.

    I shall attempt to live in the moment more often 😀

    • Kathy says:

      It’s so easy to get swept away by life, isn’t it? And suddenly it’s a day later–or six days later–and we’ve forgotten sometimes to just be in the moment, aware, watching the sunlight dance in the corners of the room. I am attempting to live in the moment more often, too.

  18. Joanne says:

    What a moment you lived in Kathy, stunning, spectacular, breath-taking! My logical brain would have said darn and drat about the lack of camera too, but then heart would have urged me to enjoy the moment. I’m learning to do that too. Sometimes, the moment is meant for just you alone. But if you go back with the camera and the moment is still happening, what a joy it is to share! Thank you Kathy. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Joanne, I think it’s cool that we’re all learning this together. That we all have these *in the moment* moments, and then we all have times when we’re lost in thought and feelings and preoccupations. And that we can be gentle with ourselves but remember to simply relax and “be” more often. Thank you for understanding and enjoying this blog post.

  19. Kerry Dwyer says:

    Wonderful weaving of words and images.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, Kerry! I love to weave words and images. And so appreciate when others like you stop by to offer your words of appreciation. Hope you are having a nice weekend over there across the blue and churning sea.

  20. Reggie says:

    Oh, how well I know that feeling, of “Oh My Goodness, that is just specTACular / breathtakingly beautiful / achingly sweet / tenderly sad… Now where’s my camera?!”

    When my hubby notices me going into these non-present tailspins, where I’m wishing I’d brought a camera, etc., he loves to quote Blake’s poem: “He who binds to himself a joy / does the wingèd life destroy; / but he who kisses the joy as it flies, / lives in eternity’s sunrise.”

    “Yes, yes!” I want to shout, “I know! I also want to live in eternity’s sunrise. But, but, but… where’s my camera?!”

    I’m getting better at it, though. At being present, here and now, without judgement, without preference, without wanting to recording every detail. Better at it, but I certainly haven’t mastered it.

    Loving hugs.

    • Kathy says:

      I chuckled out loud when reading this comment, Reggie. Both your husband (and Blake’s wisdom) and your recognition of it but still the human response, “Yes, yes! But where’s my camera?” You know I used to think that there might be “mastery” of living in the moment, but am now much more content to just appreciate it when it happens. Oh, and OK, sometimes I’m a complete whining baby and not content at all. LOL! We crazy humans. Loving hugs back across the great blue sea and down around a certain cape.

  21. Oh, Kathy, the writing here is lovely–simply lovely. That’s one of things I enjoy most about your blog–you enjoyment of language and gift for putting words together.

    Our 20 foot container arrived from the US a day ago, so we are busy finding places for our books and art. Feels a bit like Christmas.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Kathy says:

      Oh, Kathy, I always appreciate it when writers like you say you love the writing. Makes me jump up and down with joy. (Well, deep inside anyway…)

      You MUST be feeling like it’s Christmas! A 20 foot container, you say? Oh that must have cost a fortune to ship all the way down to the land of Ecuador.

  22. Heather says:

    It can be a struggle to stay present – especially when distracted by not having the very thing you most long for. I hate it when I forget my camera, but I have learned to let it go quickly and just live.
    Are you still enjoying beautiful summer/fall weather? We’re having a couple of days of rain. But it’s warm and might help give us a beautiful fall.

    • Kathy says:

      Ms. Heather, how ARE you? Oh this weather is, as usual, bipolar. Today it’s rainy and cold (49 degrees?) but we are pulling a Heather & Tony and we are going hiking to a local waterfall. Might even take ye old camera because I’ve now learned my lesson. Whatcha doing this weekend?

      • Heather says:

        I saw that you were going out and was excited for you 🙂
        We worked on some house projects and just puttered around. But we did welcome Fall appropriately today!

  23. solitaryspinster says:

    The caterpillar is sun-bathing 🙂

  24. I think longing actually doesn’t want to catch up with what it’s longing for because the longing in itself is so enjoyable…and yes, in the now. That for which we yearn is often not as we wished or expected it anyway. Sometimes it’s even better, or just totally different. I enjoy longing, yearning, stretching, feeling alive now and having a reason to keep on living because there’s still something else I want to experience, something I’m longing for….:-) Beautiful post Kathy. Blessings on your weekend, H xxxx

    • Kathy says:

      Harula, you make such a beautiful point–one that many of us could take to heart–is that the longing is in the moment. It’s not something to push away. She’s alive and beautiful and a gift to us, whether we know it or not. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Hoping you, too, are in the midst of a beautiful weekend with or without Lady Longing’s accompaniment. Love, Kathy

  25. bearyweather says:

    Morning moments are the most special when you can be in the moment without worldly distractions … and you have some gorgeous sunrise pictures to go with …. I am envious of your morning.

    • Kathy says:

      The mornings can be spectacular–especially when we don’t have to go to work. But on Friday I had a dentist appointment in late morning so went into school way before the sunrise. I was actually there at 6:10 a.m.! One of the parents called to say her child was sick and couldn’t believe someone actually answered the phone.

  26. Stacy says:

    My longing can only be satisfied – rather, abated – in the present moment. Never in the past, never, ever in the future. The future never comes, so I must shut out the longing by being here, now.

    I must say, Kathy, I am longing for the Good and Plenty story. It’s really hard to be in this moment, knowing that I await the Universe’s answer to “May I write this story?”

    Please, Universe. Let Kathy write the Good and Plenty story so the Lady Longing will shut her face! ❤

    • Kathy says:

      Stacy, oh dear, I may have forgotten the Good and Plenty story already! Oh no… Well, we shall see. I have two blogs lined up before G & P ever sees print. Unless the Universe hears your plea and insists. 🙂

  27. I WIlkerson. says:

    The ability to be in the present is definitely a skill I want to cultivate more! I went on a sunset boat trip without my camera last month–not knowing, yes, it was going to be an especially great sunset…

  28. Sartenada says:

    Wonderful post. My favorite photos are those sunrise photos!

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