Native American Flute Blessing

The way sound swirls in the dark

The way sound swirls in the dark

Last night, in the early hours before midnight, traveling silently through the dark house, I heard a strange sound.

Coyotes singing?

Owls crooning?

Wind danced through the trees, blowing yellow leaves onto the earth.  Wind’s melody crescendoed everywhere, but what else?  What other sound sifted through closed windows, teased bright stars gleaming between clouds?

I opened the bathroom window and listened.

A quarter mile away laps the Huron Bay.  Some music-lover, some kokopelli, some wild soul, threw wide the door to his heart and music reverberated across the waters.  In stereo trilled the beckoning notes, urging us to follow.

Native American flute music-so loud you could almost reach out and touch its liquid mournful joy–serenaded us all.

Native American spirit

Native American spirit

A spontaneous concert from someone’s beloved collection!  The deer ceased chewing.  The raccoons stopped marauding.  The mice quit scurrying.  The people crept outside into the night and listened.  Oh, we listened.

I wrapped myself in a chunky white blanket, pulled up a chair on the deck, and settled in.

The flute trilled.  How could it reverberate so loudly?  Its melody teased the wind.  It lilted into our hearts, human, animal and flora.  It thrilled.  Notes rose and sank, urging us beyond our daily concerns.

Perhaps someone grumped down on the bay, frowned at his wife, bemoaned the inconsiderate loud music keeping him awake.

The rest of us almost stopped breathing as we listened. The wind breathed for us, instead.

We followed the flute where it led us, and it led us into hallowed territory, into blessed land.

A pause.  The wind sang its commercial before the next song birthed.

Then beneath the silver flute waterfall arrived the drums.

Heartbeat of the earth.  Pa-thunk, Pa-thunk, Pa-thunk.  Mother Earth rose from her slumber and danced, her hair wild, her lips red, the soil of her dress blown askew.

Wind gusted and blew hair in my eyes.  Gods and goddesses shimmered, flying up from the dark roots of trees to join the Earth Mother in her abandon.

The woods shivered as it realized its love.

Song after song danced across the water, that dark bay just a quarter mile away.

I heard Barry puttering out by the garage.

Sleep beckoned.  I returned to bed, yet still heard the blessing of the flute, practicing love scales in my heart, awakening something still slumbering.



“Did you hear the concert?” I asked Barry this morning.

“Wasn’t it something?” he replied.  “I can’t believe we heard it over the wind.  Usually when the wind blows from that direction it would blow the sound away.”

I nodded.

Thank you for the Native American Flute blessing, dear Universe, dear beloved divine.

Listen, dear reader, for the silver flute guiding you this day.

I’m up and following it now, wherever it leads…

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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29 Responses to Native American Flute Blessing

  1. Brenda Hardie says:

    Ohh Kathy, what a lovely sound to lull you to sleep! I would love to hear beautiful music like that when I am awake all night caring for Chloe. It would soothe my soul and bring peace to my heart. You are so blessed to be near all those beautiful gifts from Mother Nature and precious people. ♥

  2. Pure magic; wonderful prose; leaving a longing to have heard the Native American flute music float on the wind to the depths of the soul.

  3. Serendipity? Synchronicity? A lovely gift from the Universe…!

  4. “The rest of us almost stopped breathing as we listened. The wind breathed for us, instead.”

    And you right there in Nature’s Cathedral to be wrapped in its Divinity.

  5. debyemm says:

    I have always thought that if I were going to take up an instrument at this time in my life, that is what it would be. I have more than one cd with Native American flute music. Perhaps it is what I will listen to today, on my hike through the forest, to join in with the spirit of your night – continuing the magic for yet a little while – as we welcome October.

  6. Darn, I missed that, I would have liked to have heard it.

  7. You have conveyed a peaceful feeling to me this morning, Kathy. Thank you!

  8. Love native American flute music. I have several CD’s and one of my goals before I bite the dust is to learn the flute. Maybe I can and maybe not- but I really, really aspire to learn a few chords even though it will probalby be on an itty bitty scale…. I really enjoyed this post. Pure poetry.

  9. me2013 says:

    Sounds much nicer than the music we have pumping out over the wind in the middle of the night around here.

  10. Mmmmmmmmm. I honor you stepping out in to the night to experience this offering. You answered the call and we get to savor it with you. I love your writing of this, it feels like an entry point to more writing…a story or something.
    Love, S

    PS I am in Escanaba next week to take care of family stuff. The 10th is the third anniversary of Mom’s passing. Any chance we can rendezvous next week sometime, in Marquette or someplace between L’Anse and Esky? xo S

  11. shirley khodja says:

    Beautiful, thank you!

  12. Heather says:

    What a poetic post, Kathy. Wished I was there beside you in a warm blanket on the deck, but glad you were there to enjoy the offering.

  13. What a beautiful post, Kathy. I love the notion of flute as blessing–as that which leads us and we don’t know where. That’s part of the magic–following almost blindly–listening into the darkness.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  14. Lori D says:

    Thank you for taking us with you to enjoy the magical music with your lovely, poetic words. You are some fantastic writer. You had me right there next to you.

  15. Elisa says:

    yay wooo hoooooooooooo!! wriggle wriggle

  16. lisaspiral says:

    Native American Flute is such a beautiful and mournful sound. What a delight to be anonymously serenaded in the night. Thank you for sharing with us.

  17. Fountainpen says:

    Ah yes I know about such

  18. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a gift with us.

  19. I love this…it’s so beautiful, deeply poetic and evocative. I love the character of the wind, and the line where you describe wrapping yourself in a blanket so you could be outside and listen. Stunning post, thanks for sharing:-) Hugs and fluteful blessings, Harula xxxxxxx

  20. How lucky you are to be serenaded by such a lovely instrument! I love the haunting sounds of a flute and have several CDs with Native flute music. It helps soothe the soul and inspires my writing. 🙂

  21. dorannrule says:

    Kathy, your words are as soothing and beautiful as the flute music. The impact you have on your readers has to be the same. I am listening listening listening for the flute guide.

  22. john says:

    You need to be writing something longer than Blog entries. You have a message within you that must be let out.

  23. Tammy says:

    I’m so happy that happened to you!

  24. Bonnie says:

    How absolutely beautiful. I was holding my breath as I read, and thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear something like that. Kathy, you write with a passion and a beauty that just, well, just speaks to my soul.

  25. Barb says:

    Lovely! Once, we visited a desert oasis near Tucson. As night fell, the lilt of a flute rang from the canyon walls. It veiled the dry landscape in liquid sound. I sat transfixed on our patio and listened. Finally, a man who looked Native American strolled down the trial, the magic music floating around him as he held the flute to his lips. How wonderful that the music you heard was your guide to sleep.

  26. A post that read like poetry. What a magical evening.

  27. Colleen says:

    Oh Kathy, I love your telling of this. And even though I vowed not to say this again, knowing that you are doing what is perfect for you in each and every moment, oh how I do agree with John.

  28. sybil says:

    Thank you for another reminder of the magic all around us …

  29. Stacy says:

    I believe heaven and earth met that night. ❤

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