Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast, you got to make the morning last…

Sitting in a quiet house this morning sipping hot dark coffee with soy creamer from a deep blue mug.  Not running hither and yon, caught up in the what-must-be-done-next.

Excuse me, I will wander out on the deck to give you a weather report from our Little House in the Big Woods one-quarter mile from Lake Superior’s lapping shores.

I’ve returned.  Blue skies smiling at you, overhead, above the green jungle-like canopy. Birds squawking, unseen, forest calls and chirps, hidden ones.  In deep summer the winged ones abandon the bird feeder and join the wild spirit back in the crooked arms of maple and poplar trees.  They’re raising their young and, like the crows and ravens, introducing the new fledglings to the world with deep croaks and cacophony.

It’s 57 degrees right now, heading upward all day, so the forecasters hint.  Summertime, smilin’ at you.

Ordinary curve of grass life  (All photos on this post from the archives)

Ordinary curve of grass life (All photos on this post from the archives)

I am suddenly so happy this morning!  It could be the coffee, its swirling energy depositing pay-loads of delight coursing through veins of yet-to-be-discovered treasures.  It could be because I feel a sudden peace about Facebook.  One of my bloggin’ buddies, Pam, over there at roughwighting said something which opened some closed door of perception.

She said she liked Facebook because:  I see the ‘normal’ of us, the ones who don’t shoot people, who don’t hurt others, who work hard to enjoy this life. In other words, the ‘regular’ ones of us who aren’t ever in the news. I like that. 

Gosh, darn, that hit me alongside the head (in a good way) and suddenly some of my resistance disappeared.  YES!  That is something to cherish.  The same with blogging.  It’s a chance to read the words of ordinary people.  It’s a medium where we can share about coffee and summer temperatures and ravens teaching their babies how to fly.

It can be that simple.



All the rest–the judgments and opinions and liking and not-liking, the sometimes-uselessness, the cliques, the status decisions, the stalking–this all pales beside the delight of a space where ordinary folks CAN share ordinary thoughts and delights.  At least in my mind, for right now. (Always subject to change in the next moment, thank you!)

I was headed over to Facebook to say something lovely about it, but got sidetracked blogging instead.

Sunflower of your smile

Sunflower of your smile

It also feels delightful this morning because I don’t need to work at the school.  Don’t need to do much of anything.  (Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast, you got to make the morning last…)

The refrigerator is filled with organic produce and leftovers.  Whirred broccoli-leek soup thick with avocado.  Garden salad laden with red beans, thin ribbons of peeled carrots, zesty yellow peppers, bold olives, zesty red beans.  Thai-style broccoli smothered in a peanut butter-shoyu-garlic-hot sauce over quinoa.  Strawberries so ripe and luscious to be sprinkled with chopped walnuts and pulsed buckwheat groats and coconut before drizzling with maple syrup, oh my goodness, it must be almost breakfast!

I am head-over-heels suddenly in love with the ordinary, that book to read, the movie to watch on the Kindle.  A walk down the road to perhaps linger by the Eagle Pond, OK, maybe slapping mosquitoes, and maybe wandering down to the bay to dip toes.  A visit up to the Copper Country (maybe tomorrow, who knows?) to delight in a special friend. Garden weeds to pick.  Dishes to wash.

What will you hold in your arms today?

What will you hold in your arms today?

Forget the invasion of ants–why stress?  They come, they invade, they eventually leave. Forget the way our minds can grab hold of kernels of existence and suffer so much.  It’s all impermanent, coming and going, rising and falling, and this morning–yes, just for this morning–is it possible to simply sing with the ravens stretching their wings toward the newness of a yet another ordinary extraordinary sun?

What’s in front of your sweet face when you slow down and sip the gift of the moment?


About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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23 Responses to Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast, you got to make the morning last…

  1. Karma says:

    Beautiful thoughts this morning Kathy. I’m spending far too much time inside my head these days as they start to blend together in the slow-moving pace of summer time. I need to feel more appreciate of the simplicity around me instead of waiting and hoping for the next big thing. Thank you.

  2. Bonnie says:

    My motto, ‘one day at a time’, whatever that day may bring, and as you say it is impermanent. Each day gives you something to enjoy, and I look for those times. Sometimes I have to look hard, but remember all the wonderful things I have in my life. Deep breath – carry on. A wonderful post Kathy, as always. Love the sunflower.

  3. It is a lovely day, isn’t it? I hope you make that dash up to the Copper Country tomorrow. It’s been too long. ❤

  4. you know, you are a gifted and lyrical writer–I enjoy your way with words–the way you make the everyday seem special

  5. Oh my, I’m tingling Kathy. Because you have just changed my morning from dreary and a bit low and slow (woke up at 4:45 a.m., began drinking my green tea at 4:55, checking off my to-do list). Oh how I love that S & G song – it lifts me every time I listen to it. In fact, I just realized I should change my phone ring to that song. Currently if someone special in my life calls me, the phone plays “good morning starshine,” but it may be time to move on. Like me, I’m moving on in my thoughts way too fast on this slow morning. About to take my walk and look for caterpillars and sunflowers before off to work. But I’ll be smiling all day because of this post. 🙂
    P.S. should I ‘like’ you on FB??? xo

  6. bearyweather says:

    My morning is much the same as yours (except slower – got up early, started reading and fell asleep .. I am starting again ;-)). Birds are singing, it is cool (suppose to get to 80 maybe .. have not seen that kind of warmth for weeks), coffee brewing. Projects unfinished sitting here and there but no nagging need to rush to work on them … just relaxing.
    FYI – ants – take some ordinary soap (dish soap, spic/span, etc..) I used a cheap off brand all-purpose cleaner, add just a little bit of water (no suds), so that it is liquid enough to seep down into the heart of the ant hills) … then they are gone.

  7. sybil says:

    What’s in front of my sweet face is a blog post from a wonderful woman who often reminds me of what is really important in life. And who apparently knows how to make a wicked salad.

  8. What’s on my face? Well, I think life is in my face and it’s about how I’m going to live my life just for today. Very insightful post. I liked this one a lot, Kathy.

  9. My feet up on the open window sill, bare and warm and not moving. xo S

  10. Carol says:

    This post – your words – your thoughts – reminded me of those times my heart swells and threatens to burst out of my body with the sheer joy of living.

  11. sonali says:

    This is why I love you so much! Beautiful blog post. I’m feeling much relieved and happier.. for the simple living. cheers! Thank you very much, Kathy 🙂

  12. lucindalines says:

    Thank you so much for reminding us that here we can be ordinary people doing regular things. And thanks to the Facebook friend who pointed it out in the first place. Today I long to grab that book and curl up on the porch, but the kitchen is calling and I am bring the camera so I can share later.

  13. Susan D says:

    A smile is on my face as I look back at your words, and feel them touching all the places that just need to luxuriate in the sweetness. Words of life and delight. The photos are perfect complements. Thank you for this, Kathryn D. Thank you, too, for lettuce and lessons and sharing your wisdom. Happy Day 🙂

  14. Susan Derozier says:

    Oh Kathy – You are always there to lift when it is needed. Our power has been off all day and just returned. There you were waiting. I loved your blue pots and sunflower and drooling over the treasures waiting in your frig. Thank you for another beautiful connection. You make everyhing brighter and clearer. By the way, I will be moving soon to be near Celeste in San Antonio!

  15. yes, Yes, YES — embracing your lovely word picture (and absolutely love what’s inside your refrigerator) 🙂

  16. Brenda says:

    Kathy, I love your post! It makes me feel so grateful for my friends on fb and for quiet times here at home. I’ve been spending my time writing many lifelong memories for a book I want to make for my sons and family members. And I’ve been playing with Alex and Gracie, while enjoying beautiful summer days. Thank you for sharing your sunshiny day with us ❤ And thank you for being my dear northwoods friend ❤

  17. Lori D says:

    Ahh, this post refreshed me. Thank you. 🙂

  18. Wonderful thoughts! I hope your day continued on just as nicely as it started! Thanks, Kathy!

  19. Stacy says:

    I find that ordinary days are the most extraordinary, even if this sounds paradoxical. What do I remember about things like, let’s say, my childhood? Ordinary days. The big events seem to pale by comparison. xo

  20. The cappuccinos Tim makes me using his fancy machine often ‘deposit pay-loads of delight’ in my veins, too. I love how you love the sayings and doings of ordinary people, the natural world, the simple pleasures and treasures that come your way. Tonight I saw American oystercatchers down at the beach for the first time – a wondrous gift of the moment.

  21. I Wilkerson says:

    Always loved that song! And don’t forget “Don’t hurry, don’t worry, and don’t forget to smell the flowers…” (while we’re quoting the 60s)

  22. ! The pictures are so interesting.

    The plants on the ladder is a really neat composition.

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