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I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.

Hungry bear in the neighborhood

We’ve experienced a little excitement in our neck of the woods this week.  On Monday morning we awoke at 6 a.m. to a broken bird feeder and garbage strewn about the lawn. “I think we’ve been visited by a bear,” … Continue reading

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The herd is our brother, too

All week I intended to share a poem here.  Written six days ago.  I lounged on the couch in pajamas pre-dawn last Wednesday, happily anticipating quiet peaceful meditation.  Instead, a poem lassoed me.  The poem circled its rope from the … Continue reading

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Back in the blogging saddle (yet again)

Dear Blog Readers, I know it’s been almost ten months since last writing here.  No excuses.  The muse simply departed and headed elsewhere.  No huge creative outpourings arose.  The camera rarely clicked.  My WordPress plan expired and they insisted upon … Continue reading

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For my birthday, please consider donating to love

Yesterday was my birthday.  Wow, 62!  Who knew this age would ever arrive on the doorstep, bringing with it this very flavor of aches and pains, joys and laughter?  Who knew? At age 11 or 35 or 54 we can … Continue reading

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Once upon a partridge and other spring mailbox stories

Imagine walking to the mailbox, afternoon after afternoon.  Out the front door, down the three circular wooden steps onto cement and grass and gravel.  To your right lies a garden (in springtime newly planted) and to your left a tall … Continue reading

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Dad’s phantom 85th birthday and an upcoming Italian wedding

There is not one thought in this head. Can a person write a blog with nothing in the world to say?  With no important theme to share?  Nothing strung together in connected paragraphs? Let us try. Today shines forth as … Continue reading

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Mystical green hat and red shoes

Years ago I wanted to tell you a story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blogging at that time.  Taking a break, as you’d have it. So the story was swallowed away into memory. Today I am going to share the story of … Continue reading

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What burns me

What burns you? Ignorance?  Stupidity?  Negativity? I consider myself a rather mild-mannered person. You’ll find me whistling Dixie long after your neighbor has lost his patience. You’ll find me cheerful much longer than the majority. But some things really, really … Continue reading

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Lake Superior Creature Fairy Tale

In the old days, older than the oldest days, long before you drew your first ragged breath, long before your grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother drew her first ragged and tentative breath–that’s when this story begins. In the bottom of Lake Superior … Continue reading

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Keeping an open heart

One of the hardest challenges in life–I think–is cultivating and keeping our hearts open. I don’t know about you, but I learned quickly in life that an open heart can be a big liability.  Often, when we speak and share … Continue reading

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