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I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.

In which I see my first UFO

I intended to write a nice calm environmentally friendly post about a lovely Sunday morning sashay around the woods with a camera.  About this very special time of year when the temperatures hover below freezing and the snow has condensed … Continue reading

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Being abducted

Here is a story that I remember hearing as a child.  I was walking uptown in my hometown, headed toward the library.  Suddenly my parents appeared in their car, insisted that I get in, and whisked me back home. They … Continue reading

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Time Marches On

This March afternoon–with about five to six inches of new wet heavy snow here in our never-ending snow country of the Upper Peninsula–I have been looking through old photos once again.  (Not that I look through them often.  Just every … Continue reading

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“Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life”

Hi guys! I am so sorry that my blog has practically flat-lined these days.  No excuses.  It’s just flat-lined.  And the line is covered with snow. Snow, snow, snow.  That’s all we think about these days.  You can start a … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to the condo

Tomorrow I’m going to fly south through (hopefully) friendly skies.  Over stick-figure tree skeletons way down below.  Perhaps the sun will set through our jet window.  We’ll pass across the snowy vista of the Upper Peninsula and head south across … Continue reading

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Deep January days in the woods

Good morning from our little stretch of woods and lake and snow and cold.  Sitting here at this computer I watch lazy flakes of snow silhouetted against black and gray tree limbs.  Yonder brown oak leaves dangle from branches that … Continue reading

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How big can our love be?

I often wonder. How big can our love be? Does it stop with ourselves?  Is our love only for our individual human self, our Kathy, our John, our Diana, our Lee Ann, our own precious being wearing this human flesh? … Continue reading

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