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The beginner’s guide to meditation (and we’re all beginners)

Today a Facebook friend complained that he tried meditation and only lasted seven, maybe eight, seconds. He didn’t know if he had attained a state of mindfulness but made a list of 73 things he wanted to accomplish today. He’s … Continue reading

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“Anyone who can’t figure this out is an idiot!”

People will fight about anything–I am now 100% sure. We were forced to buy a new Cuisinart food processor this week. (Our old one just celebrated its 20th birthday, give or take a half dozen years.) We chop, slice and … Continue reading

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Make a list of good things when you’re feeling blue

Yesterday was *mostly* not a good day. I was quite sad about many things, which shall remain nameless. In the middle of the day, however, my good buddy, Susan and I met for a picnic at the waterfront park. We … Continue reading

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Just a little celebration!

We are having a little celebration today in our little house in the woods. After fourteen weeks–three long months–we are finally FINALLY done cutting our firewood this year! Heaving an absolute sigh of utter relief…

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Will money and time buy happiness?

A younger Facebook friend posed a question yesterday: If you had an unlimited amount of money and time, what would your LIFE look like? I scrolled through all the answers. Many people wanted to travel all over the wide world. … Continue reading

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Our neighborhood “Point” of Lake Superior magic

Good morning to all on this cloudy cooler Saturday morning in our Upper Peninsula woods. Just wanting to post some photos of our recent drive out to Point Abbaye which juts out into Lake Superior like a finger pointing toward … Continue reading

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Should I stay or should I go?

I am feeling so much indecision these days.  Are any of you feeling the same? Let’s take a simple action like driving into the “big city” of Marquette tomorrow or the next day.  I need new summer pajamas, a lightweight … Continue reading

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In the shadow of one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes

      This morning I paused and looked at photos from our gala Italian wedding trip last June.  Most of you may recall reading about that here on the blog recently, one year later, but better late than never, … Continue reading

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Shhhh, just breathe it in, my dears

  Just sharing a quiet little post today.  In fact it’s so quiet—shhhh–that I’m turning the comments off.  The better for us all to hear the birdsong.  The quiet of the forest. The hush of nature’s footsteps all around.

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Primitive, prehistoric, bygone, lost, irrevocable, lapsed, expired, run out, ended, finished

A heavy-hearted moment is upon me. This moment has been coming for years and years and years. It is time. Time to throw away my cherished childhood friend.  She that accompanied me through crushes, pimples and teenage angst.  She that … Continue reading

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