A mountain man lives in my mom’s basement.

Today’s photo prompt from Susannah Conway at April Love 2018 is:  Smile.

Since I’m visiting my mom downstate in Lower Michigan, I had to truly ponder.  What photo to take?  My mom didn’t look like a willing victim (err, subject).  No nieces, nephews, brothers or other stray smilers looked like they would stop by.

The perfect answer suddenly popped in this brain:  The mountain man who lives in my mom’s basement!

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Is home where the heart is?

Keely, Tianna, me and Mom

Keeley, Tianna, me and Mom

Where, my dear reader, is your home?  Is it the place where your heart says “yes”?  Is it your childhood home?  Is it the house where you now live?

I am a lucky sixty year old woman to call two places my home.

  1. Our Little House in the Big Woods, in Aura, Michigan, in our dear Upper Peninsula.  We’ve made our little house our “home of the heart” for about 35 years.
  2. My childhood home in Yale, Michigan, where my 85-year-old mama still resides.  As many of you know, I am visiting her downstate this week. How many people can still visit their childhood home at age sixty, I ask you sincerely?
Mom doing her puzzles on the iPad in the sun room

Mom doing her puzzles on her iPad in the sun room

Yesterday, upon arriving at my childhood home, I was surprised to see my niece Keely!  (Who had just been surprised to learn that Aunt Kathy was on her way.)

We decided to drive to the Dorsey House for lunch.  Keeley surprised us by inviting her sister, Tianna, to join us.

What a day of surprises!

Today, I am fulfilling the photo challenge for the month of April. Today’s prompt is “Inspiring Quote.”

You do know what quote I’m choosing, don’t you?

Home is where the heart is.

(I suspect Home could be anywhere, then, if our hearts are wide open. What do you think?)

Love, Aunt Kathy who is going to make roasted cauliflower for her and Mom for dinner.  (We ate lunch TODAY at the Olive Garden in Port Huron.)





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Sleeping beneath the Mackinac Bridge last night

Sleeping beneath the Mackinac Bridge last night

Today’s photo prompt from April Love 2018 is Simplicity.

Alas, the last twenty-four hours have been anything but simple.

Twenty four hours ago Barry and I were eating Easter dinner (turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing) and chatting casually about this and that.

Suddenly–out of the Easter blue–I said, “Gosh, I really miss my mom.  She’s all alone this week, you know, with the brothers both down in Florida.”

And just as suddenly–out of the Easter blue–Barry replied, “Well, go down there and visit her if you want to.”

This is the wrong thing to say to an impulsive soul, if you don’t want her to hop in the car within 45 minutes and drive away.

Which I did.

I didn’t tell my mom, but phoned both kids with the news.  I am sure they raised their eyes heavenward at their mom’s spontaneity. (It’s been less than a month since my LAST spontaneous visit to lower Michigan back in March.)

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All you bunnies out there…

Thanks to Robin over there in blog land at Breezes at Dawn I’ve decided to play a little game here in April.  She discovered a photo challenge for the month of April called April Love 2018 where you post a photo each day of the month (or whenever you feel like it) based on a certain theme.

For example, today’s theme is Morning View. 

As many of you know, ahem, I haven’t been very good or diligent or regular about taking photos lately.  This challenge might jump start the old camera fingers.  (If it doesn’t, then maybe this will be the only post you see during April!)

Here is my, ahem, photo of the day:

Still winter

Still winter

The “ahem” notation is because–well, it isn’t my photo.  Husband got all enthusiastic this morning and said, “Let’s say Happy Easter to everyone on Facebook!  And tell them that it’s April 1st, Easter, snowing lightly and 15 degrees (-9 C).”

I muttered from a pre-coffee daze on the couch, “That’s OK, we really don’t have to do that…” but he chirped,  “C’mon, Kathy, I’ll help!  I’ll take the picture!”

So it’s his pre-dawn photo.  His caption.  His enthusiasm that got things going. (Although those are my snowshoes, if that counts.)

Tomorrow’s theme is Simplicity.  Either you’ll see something simple or you’ll see nothing at all–which will be very simple, indeed.    *grin*

Happy Easter, All you bunnies out there!  Stay warm!

P.S.  This also could be an April Fool’s joke.  (Just covering my bases, readers…)

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Ice fishing, robins, winner, Easter


My husband ice fishing on Lake Superior

My husband ice fishing on Lake Superior

  • Good Easter weekend to all of you!  Our celebration consists of roasting a turkey, the frozen bird a courtesy of Barry’s boss at Christmas.
  • The snow keeps melting, but oh-so-slowly.  Spring teases us, promises us, then withdraws her favors.
  • I saw the first robin on Thursday.  What a puff-ball, attempting to stay warm!
  • I saw three robins this morning on dry land.  What will they eat when one to two feet of snow still cover the earth here in our neck of the woods, except in the melted places?
  • A winter storm warning is forecast for tomorrow.  Five to nine inches of the heavy wet white snow.  Hide, robins, hide!


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Keep giving away…


Journeys on an Inland Sea

Journeys on an Inland Sea

I have been pondering giving a lot lately.  When the world seems turned upside down and backwards, it’s often not clear what we can do to help.

One thing that can so soothe a weary or confused soul is really very simple.

We can give.

We can give of our love, our time, our attention, our possessions, our laughter, our unique self expressions.

I love the feeling of giving, the way joy fills the heart, the expansiveness of it.

We give to our local St. Vincent de Paul store regularly:  it’s Recycling 101.  What no longer serves me can serve you.  What no longer serves you can serve others.

I was going to give this book–Superior, Journeys on an Inland Sea–to St. Vinnies.  We’ve enjoyed it since the late 1990’s.  But, a little voice whispered, what about your Lake Superior Spirit readers?  Perhaps one of them might enjoy the magnificent photos and stories of a 2,000-mile circumnavigation of Lake Superior by Gary and Joanie McGuffin.

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Squirrel and chickadee love, February snow, and healing silence


Let's strap on some snowshoes and go for a walk around our Little House in the Woods

Let’s strap on some snowshoes and go for a walk around our Little House in the Woods

We awoke to a February snow.  Maybe five new inches decorated our winter landscape. The temperature promises to inch up in upcoming days into the 30’s and 40’s (0 to 7 C), but for now winter still sings her black and white songs.

Black and white world out here

Black and white world out here

When I first returned from Florida I felt kind of black and white and blue for a few days. There’s so often a feeling of traveling transition, of settling back into the quiet after days of busyness.

Then news of the school shooting down there pierced this heart to the core, and I felt raw and sad and despairing.

I’m sure many of you felt the same.

I’m having trouble even typing a paragraph about it a week later.

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