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Buddha on the page, Jesus in the rafters

Dearest readers!  I had no intention of writing a post today, honest.  But just finished morning meditation and wanted to share it with you here.  Just in case any of you might feel like playing. Do you sometimes have trouble … Continue reading

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What makes you shine? (the tale of a book tour…)

Hello, dear reader, you with your stories, with hands that create breakfast, lunch and dinner along with many mysteries. I am finally returning from the Giving Motherhood a Voice tour through our fair Upper Peninsula.  The waves of Lake Michigan … Continue reading

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Last night Barry revved up the lawn mower.  The Husqvarna tractor chugged around the house, the blades trimming grass and clover and weeds and wildflowers, when–unexpectedly–I heard a loud crash. Barry continued to drive the mower over to the shed … Continue reading

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“And I thought you were JUST a housewife from Michigan!”

Dear friends and gentle readers, As promised, here is the blog entry which, edited just a tiny bit, vacuumed its way into Suzi Banks Baum’s “An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice” published in 2013.  If you’ve … Continue reading

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The art my camera liked in San Diego

Before I quit posting photos and stories about our recent trip to San Diego for the wedding of our eldest and his bride, may I show you some pictures of art that my camera liked in the streets among farmers … Continue reading

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I cannot write another dashing headline. Cannot type another amusing or clever or exciting word. (Even if it’s only amusing or clever or exciting in my own mind…) Someone pushed the “pause” button and everything creative simply screeched to a halt. … Continue reading

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Eggs are nothing to yolk about…and other scrambled thoughts about creativity

Today we shall discuss the Common Egg. (Of course we shall discuss much, much more.  But we shall start with the Common Egg.) When you look at the above carton of Common Eggs, what do you see? Pause for a … Continue reading

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Don’t sign your blogging contract when you’re sleeping.

I can’t imagine not blogging almost every day, can you? OK, that’s an outright lie. I can imagine not blogging almost every day. It almost feels luxurious.  It feels wide-open, limitless, free.  It feels like you’d have time to create … Continue reading

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We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring you—another Kathy?

Hi, I’m Kathy (a Kathy, I should say). I may not live on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but what I lack in geography I hope to make up for in name. As regular readers of “Lake Superior Spirit” know, the Kathy … Continue reading

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Back in the bathroom again…

OK, folks, we’re heading back into the bathroom. Remember when we kept visiting public restrooms with my little Sony Cybershot camera back in the olden days, circa 2009, during my Opening the door, walking outside blog? There are SO many … Continue reading

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