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Cha-cha-cha-salsa and not being sure

It’s 3:30 on Sunday, Labor Day weekend. Time to make pesto. Walnuts roast in a 350 degree oven until they smell warm and toasty. Fresh pungent green basil lies newly picked on the counter ready for drenching in olive oil. … Continue reading

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How to meditate. I mean–How to Can Tomatoes.

Dear Would-be Meditators:  I am going to teach you to meditate. You can, instead, read spiritual books and discover the proper methods.  (They will tell you to sit cross-legged or comfortably on a straight chair and watch yourself breathe in … Continue reading

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“Alone” is a relative term & other early morning musings

A quiet morning dawns in Lake Superior land.  Light barely shows above the black shadows of trees at 7 a.m.  The temperature this morning was a balmy 47 degrees (8.3 Celcius). I did start a fire in the woodstove and … Continue reading

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