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Thirty days to live

This week one of my friends shared a dream. In the dream, which she described as half-way between waking and sleeping, feeling so utterly “realistic”, a voice told her:  “You have thirty days to live.  Get your affairs in order.” … Continue reading

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Made of dreams and dandelion fuzz

So many lives are made of dreams, of wishes, of wants, of blow-the-dandelion-fuzz across the back yard so the Forest Owls hoot your deepest desires back to you just before midnight. I once dreamed of traveling to Switzerland, to Italy, … Continue reading

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Deer sleeping in the house and stuck car in the driveway

Weekend dream:  I was feeding a deer outside by our wood pile.  Guess what?  A big hunk of raw steak.  (Unconscious impulses arising after a week of detox eating only fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and lentils?  Even though I don’t … Continue reading

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Magical blessing of the butterflies

Today is my last post about beautiful Mackinac Island, located between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas. I surely enjoyed a delightful visit there on my way back home to L’Anse in the Upper Peninsula a week or two ago. Today … Continue reading

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