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The lives we didn’t live.

Sometimes I mourn that I’m not living so many other lives. Didn’t you want to be…a sailor on board a ship, sailing the world round, salty and carefree under tropical seas, watching whales dance, whispering to porpoises telling them secrets … Continue reading

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The Green Man

I spend seconds, minutes, hours, days, watching leaves on our forest trees. Electric early-summer leaves in shades of velvet green and lime green and verdant green. Leaves fluttering. Leaves lying stock-still, not phased by any ruffling wind. Leaves kissed by … Continue reading

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The 12-foot gorilla in our woods

I walk through the darkened living room. It is dusk. Oh look-out there on the deck–is a–what is it?  Oh my goodness, it’s a 12-foot gorilla peering in the window!

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Death by Nazi, yet again.

Thank you to Lisa’s post Dark Reality and My Writing Journey for inspiring this blog. Do you believe in past lives? I am not sure.  Part of me believes 100%.  The other part of me doubts.  Perhaps we’ve lived past lives.  Perhaps … Continue reading

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When corn grows unexpectedly in your dreams.

Last night I dream-walked through my garden, a garden planted a long, long time ago in another dream–and, look, how unexpected, sweet yellow ears of corn grew amidst the zucchini and beans and squash vines. What an unexpected delight during a melancholy … Continue reading

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My enemy

Once upon a time I had an enemy.  It’s hard to believe when enemies appear in our lives, isn’t it?  I mean, congenitally don’t-rock-the-boat smiling people shouldn’t have enemies, right? However, in this fairy tale called life we sometimes meet … Continue reading

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I dreamed of pink hummingbirds in snow

I awoke this morning after dreaming of pink hummingbirds in snow outside our deck window–dozens upon dozens of them flitting in tropical beauty against our windowpane.  The snow fell softly between their swiftly beating wings. The impossibility of it took … Continue reading

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Dream a little dream for you…

I am thinking and pondering with intense focus this morning. A dangerous thing, especially when you’re trying to meditate and not think. Thinking about yesterday’s post. My love of words, sentences, paragraphs, ideas, scribbling, writing, sharing! About how many of … Continue reading

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Whisper your dreams to the stone-woman of the lake

No stories today on this blog–only the stories that nature herself shares.  You, of course, may tell your own stories as you gaze at the photos. You may find yourself transported to the south shore of Lake Superior.  You may … Continue reading

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When a dream tells you how to write your blog–and how everything is possible in dreams

All I did last night was dream about this blog.  About the above photo, specifically.  About how it was necessary to post this picture in a blog today. Of course–silly dream!–the picture had already been posted.  When we wandered the … Continue reading

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