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Awakening to what we really are

It’s possible–just possible–to drive up the road toward your favorite co-op on a sunny July birthday morning–and watch yourself–who you think you are–completely disappear. An hour earlier you considered yourself a human being in a physical body, a separate distinct … Continue reading

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Sitting cross-legged by the burning wood stove

As many of you know or don’t know, I spend lots of time meditating here in the woods. Meditation started seriously for this one in 2003. Since no formal teacher materialized to teach me, I started sitting cross-legged on the … Continue reading

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Playing with the Queen of Hearts

Hello again, dear friends and family. Ready for the daily update? First of all, Upper Michigan languishes in gray.  We’ve talked about this before.  Gray skies, blueish gray snow, gray faces, gray dispositions.  OK, I’m kind of kidding about the … Continue reading

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