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Our neighborhood “Point” of Lake Superior magic

Good morning to all on this cloudy cooler Saturday morning in our Upper Peninsula woods. Just wanting to post some photos of our recent drive out to Point Abbaye which juts out into Lake Superior like a finger pointing toward … Continue reading

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It takes a lifetime to grow deep roots

It takes a lifetime, perhaps, to really know a piece of land.  We men and women, tramping here, and peering there at robin nests and butterfly landings, are merely infants in nature’s scheme, even though we like to imagine we’re … Continue reading

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Needles of fiery-orange

I didn’t want to deceive you. First, you must look at the first two photographs.  They show what much of the Upper Peninsula woods looks like now. Most of the autumn leaves have fallen.  The long swaths of brilliant color … Continue reading

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No goose soup for us tonight.

Gunshots down by the bay. Hunters taking careful aim at Canada geese.  Goose soup tonight, perhaps? I prefer to glimpse them flying overhead, winging south, honking loudly, taking turns at the tip of their “V” formation, letting their fellow travelers rest … Continue reading

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“Bat Event Today”

Let’s start with a funny story about bats. Here’s what happened last week to Barry. He headed outside to his garage with a glass of water in the early evening. He opened the side door of the garage when, suddenly, … Continue reading

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