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Birthday seashells and blessings (like friends, electricity and raspberry crumble)

Today is my birthday. Sixty three years old, or so the birth certificate says. My mom agrees–back in 1957 she gave birth to her first little baby some time just after 1 a.m. She doesn’t remember the exact time, and … Continue reading

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One year memories of Positano, Italy wedding

Such a nostalgic day!  One year ago today–June 22, 2019–our daughter and her fiance married in Positano, Italy. It was the trip of a lifetime.  Twenty of us traveled across the ocean from the United States to see the bride … Continue reading

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Dad’s phantom 85th birthday and an upcoming Italian wedding

There is not one thought in this head. Can a person write a blog with nothing in the world to say?  With no important theme to share?  Nothing strung together in connected paragraphs? Let us try. Today shines forth as … Continue reading

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How big can our love be?

I often wonder. How big can our love be? Does it stop with ourselves?  Is our love only for our individual human self, our Kathy, our John, our Diana, our Lee Ann, our own precious being wearing this human flesh? … Continue reading

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The Christmas Eve blues

  Dear Blogging Friends, I am having one of “those” Christmas Eve moments.  I’m sure some of you have had them too.  Those moments when you’re suddenly feeling blue, out-of-sorts, dismal.  It’s not yet time to open gifties (that’s tomorrow … Continue reading

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Gorgeous glowing glass & gardens in Seattle, Washington

  Say you decide to visit the Pacific Northwest.  Say you find yourself in Seattle, Washington.  Say you find yourself with a full afternoon to explore the bustling city.  Where might you visit?  What might you do? Many folks head … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day weekend (random blogging musings)

I am having so much trouble writing a blog these days.  There’s either nothing to say, or too much to say. It doesn’t feel easy and carefree in ways that it used to be. It appears I may quit blogging … Continue reading

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A mountain man lives in my mom’s basement.

Today’s photo prompt from Susannah Conway at April Love 2018 is:  Smile. Since I’m visiting my mom downstate in Lower Michigan, I had to truly ponder.  What photo to take?  My mom didn’t look like a willing victim (err, subject).  … Continue reading

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Is home where the heart is?

Where, my dear reader, is your home?  Is it the place where your heart says “yes”?  Is it your childhood home?  Is it the house where you now live? I am a lucky sixty year old woman to call two … Continue reading

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Sleeping beneath the Mackinac Bridge last night

Today’s photo prompt from April Love 2018 is Simplicity. Alas, the last twenty-four hours have been anything but simple. Twenty four hours ago Barry and I were eating Easter dinner (turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing) and chatting casually about this and … Continue reading

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