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Can’t wait to get out of this boat & share weekly blessings

Way back at the end of September–gosh was that only a week ago?–I vowed after reading Harula’s post: Once a week in October, November and December I will  share Blessings, both received and given.  To consciously acknowledge some of the ordinary … Continue reading

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“Count our Blessings” blogging practice

Dear readers, I have been inspired by a new blogging friend from Scotland–someone I met during The Great Blogging Switcheroo with Roughwighting this month.  Her name is Harula. She writes “Words that Serve” and inspires folks in many different ways. … Continue reading

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Up all night birthing a goat

At morning’s first light–before a busy day–slowly scrolling down the Facebook home page. Marvelling at the differences in friends, family and acquaintances.  Marvelling that I’m not feeling irritated at the differences this morning–that the mind is not judging, sorting, categorizing … Continue reading

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Fare thee well, fallow fields and yet another blogging break

And now…it’s time for this one to take another blogging break. Yes, you knew this would happen, didn’t you? You recognize the pattern, don’t you, even though I’ve tried to deny it? Some of us create, create, create, create…and then … Continue reading

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200,000 hits? Arms wide open…

You may have noticed a flurry of blogging here on Lake Superior Spirit lately.  (You haven’t?  You thought it was just ordinary blogging?) I am here bright & early before work on a Monday morning to tell you–it’s been a … Continue reading

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I would like to send you a Christmas card.

I would like to send you a Christmas card. If you are a regular reader– or commenter– someone with whom we’ve formed a blogging relationship– I would like to send you a Christmas card, a token, an appreciation for your … Continue reading

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What is the opposite of Thanksgiving?

Perhaps we all know what Thanksgiving is.  We know what it feels like.  Underneath all our turkey and stuffing, we know that Thanksgiving feels like gratitude, appreciation and love.  It smells like pumpkin pie mixed with joy.  It tastes like … Continue reading

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Deeper and wider seeing in 2011

Time to show you some more old friends.  (Photos can be old friends, too, you know.) Scott Thomas has posted a photo assignment for us here at his blog Views Infinitum.  Please feel encouraged to play along and post your … Continue reading

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Nothing can take away our memories

These photos come from our trip downstate last week.  My daughter, Kiah, and I traveled “below the bridge” to what Detroiters call Northern Michigan.  It’s a 550 mile trip east and south to reach the Thumb of Michigan. (Look at … Continue reading

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Life is a bowl of cherries and won’t you celebrate with me today?

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