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We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring you—another Kathy?

Hi, I’m Kathy (a Kathy, I should say).

I may not live on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but what I lack in geography I hope to make up for in name.

As regular readers of “Lake Superior Spirit” know, the Kathy we all love is attending a destination wedding in a yet-undisclosed location, and I’m a pathetic stand-in for that Kathy—the one we’d all prefer to be hearing from.

That Kathy—that real Kathy—the pioneering-in-the-wilderness Kathy—“suggested” I fill in for her while she was gone and seize the opportunity to hijack her audience for a few, glorious-for-me, (potentially) sad-for-you days. She thought I might share a bit about what’s goes on over at my blog, outline what we have in common, and suggest why my site might be the next-best blog to visit in her absence.

(Admittedly, it may not have happened exactly that way. But that’s the story we’re going with.)

Granted, a lot of you might be better suited for this gig. After all, I’m a relative new-comer to the little house in the Big Woods. Like you, however, once I visited “Lake Superior Spirit” a few months ago, I was sold. Like you, I love Kathy’s humor, her photography and spirituality—and, most recently, the peeks she’s been giving us at her past.

However, I’m supposed to be telling you about my own blog, giving you a place to go and posts to read in Kathy’s absence. I’m supposed to tell you what my blog and Kathy’s have in common (besides a “Kathy” as host) and tell you a bit about myself.

Essentially, I’m a writer, artist, and former university instructor, who lived in Vietnam during 2009 and Haiti in 2010, where my partner Sara directed earthquake recovery for a major international NGO.

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