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I will not shut down.

My country can shut down, my friends can throw me away, everything can go to hell in a hand basket, but I will not shut down.   How easy it is to shut down! To tighten up, to fuss, to … Continue reading

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Every which way the blogging heart goes next…

OK, it’s time for another blogging blog.  You know, the kind of blog where you blog about blogging.  (We do this when blogging becomes more important in our lives than, say, thinking about doing dishes.) There is SO much to … Continue reading

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what holds our sadness always, valentine?

what makes me sad is sharing half-truths. no matter what we say it seems we can’t wrap the whole truth of life into 1,000 words, let alone a half sentence. no matter what we say we can’t express the mystery. … Continue reading

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This is so odd. No words have been rising recently. Have you experienced silent times when nothing–no matter how hard you try–wants to come forth? When the Universe issues a Silence Decree? When all the stories dry up and don’t … Continue reading

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I wish you passion and joy and sweet birdsong.

I wish this for you. I wish you follow what brings your heart joy. That you discover what zings and zaps your spirit–and let that delight you. Whatever it might be. If you love taking pictures, take a million photos … Continue reading

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Mean-hearted comments

I have such trouble figuring out people who can make mean comments. People who write or speak from their anger, their frustration, their fighting spirit. People who use their tongue or pen to maim, injure, destroy. I usual react the … Continue reading

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So you’ve always wanted a heart catheterization?

OK, I’m just jokin’.  You’ve never wanted a heart catheterization, have you? We never have, either.  Not Barry.  Not me. Yet, today, we found ourselves in the Marquette General Hospital Heart Institute for Barry’s first heart catheterization. They weren’t looking … Continue reading

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At times fog seems to obscure our lives. We humans face challenges and troubles and can’t see our way through the low-lying mist of clouds come down to earth.  The clouds leave their sky-home and visit rivers, swamps, highways and … Continue reading

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Wandering the foggy shore of southern California the morning after the tsunami hit Japan

 Across the wide and salty ocean from California, past lush tropical islands and craggy rocks, past whales surfacing to blow water toward the sky, past dolphin pods arching and leaping, past underwater schools of colorful fish, past reefs of coral, … Continue reading

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Follow your heart’s quest…

Every once in a while an important quest calls us.  We can hear it whispering in our hearts.  Sometimes the quest is easy; other times hard.  Sometimes it takes everything we have to complete it. If we are lucky, our quest … Continue reading

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