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Hi ho silver & let them eat caviar (Cowboy Caviar, that is!)

Dear friends,  I can’t help myself.  Barry and I stumbled upon this post from 2010 yesterday morning at 6:30 and totally cracked up.  (Well, he may have left for work, rolling his eyes!)  I insisted upon reading it aloud to … Continue reading

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A hullabaloo over cattywampus

Little did you know that Detective Kathy has been on the job–working hard just for you–searching around the corners of this round globe for answers about a very mysterious word! Journalist Kathy has scoured the amazing Internet, interviewed hapless and … Continue reading

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The mystery of the loud thuds

Yesterday, in between listening to Christmas carols and making a pomegranate kale salad, I heard a loud thud. What in the world could it be? First thought: The mail carrier is delivering presents from Portland, Oregon, or Edgewater, New Jersey! … Continue reading

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Lock your cars in late August or beware…

Sometimes I love this twilight hour of a late November afternoon.  Darkness approaches; the gray overcast sky nestles among the bones of tree branches.  Dinner beckons in the mind’s recesses:  what shall we have? Tonight it’s zucchini fritters laced with … Continue reading

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Blame it on Downward Dog

  It all started during Downward Dog. There one is, upside down and backwards, staring at nothing in particular, yoga-stretching every limb to wake up & shine, when suddenly a thought arises out of nowhere. “I want to blog again.” … Continue reading

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To learn how to sit in the scary woods of the mind

“Do you really,” my good friend asked, “want to be an old woman who can’t remember things?  Do you really want to lose all your faculties?” Sigh.  She had read my latest blog post. “Ummm, no,” said I.  “If the … Continue reading

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Barbecue sauce, cousins, and maybe a sideways grin

OK, pals, this is one of those blogs that I sometimes write with nothing to say.  It’s kind of a stream-of-consciousness blog, so stay away if you want something congruent and logical. (Although, who knows, perhaps that may happen!  I … Continue reading

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