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Forest teaching about Intent and coming from love versus division

For years now, too many years to count, I’ve walked in the woods opening up to spiritual teachings. Ordinary thoughts go silent as the feet crunch dried leaves. An expanse opens, an inner reflection sometimes begins. Like a dream this … Continue reading

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How not to make a New Year’s resolution

Just sayin’, New Year’s resolutions usually don’t last. On January 1, 2018, all over this round multi-faceted world we’re stating resolutions.  We’re pleading, begging, praying, insisting, intending and focusing.  We’re gonna nail it THIS year.  We didn’t nail it in … Continue reading

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To learn how to sit in the scary woods of the mind

“Do you really,” my good friend asked, “want to be an old woman who can’t remember things?  Do you really want to lose all your faculties?” Sigh.  She had read my latest blog post. “Ummm, no,” said I.  “If the … Continue reading

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