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Buddha on the page, Jesus in the rafters

Dearest readers!  I had no intention of writing a post today, honest.  But just finished morning meditation and wanted to share it with you here.  Just in case any of you might feel like playing. Do you sometimes have trouble … Continue reading

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Two weddings, a dam, a journal, death and family photos

Last January, just before I quit blogging for ten months, I wrote a post called “The world’s best journal“.  The journal is one of the things that makes me unconditionally happy.  To read back over the years and to remember … Continue reading

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Twelve points on the wall of possibility

 I may be over-doing it blogging lately, but, gosh, it can be fun. Some day, perhaps, the writing will cease again–but for now, it’s alive here. It can be especially fun when it’s cold.  Something to do, you know, in … Continue reading

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Blessings of the flock

Tuesday.  Blessings of the flock. You’re walking up the road.  The air feels still.  Silence reigns between tall trees with lingering yellow leaves.  Fallen leaves smell crisp with childhood memories of burning raked piles.  In the distance, a logging truck … Continue reading

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Dear Diary, thank you for listening while I babble.

Dear Lake Superior Spirit Diary, Gosh, now that I’ve turned off comments (in order to better catch up on reading other people’s blogs, because I got so far behind and feel guilty writing more posts with more comments to respond … Continue reading

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Dear Secret Diary

Dear, dearest diary, I am sorry I have not written in your lined paper pages for such a long time.  I am so sorry to have deserted you for this new-fangled writing instrument called a “blog”.  (I know you are … Continue reading

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Not worrying what John, Patty or Harry think

Dear Reader, I have nothing to say.  (You’ve heard this before, haven’t you?) But really really really want to write this morning, to share, to sprout words like daffodils, to hatch sentences like baby robins, all squawking and chirping and … Continue reading

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Howling screeching winter winds

Good morning! Yawn, stretch, hello computer, hello readers, hello wind… Wind? Yes, indeed.  It’s howling and screaming outside the dark windows, careening between dark trees, scuttling sideways across newly formed ice a quarter-mile away on the Huron Bay.

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I will not wear a bikini and jump in the frozen lake today.

The Informal Schedule of my day in the north woods. 1)  Wake up at 6:20 a.m.  (Actually, I wake up at 5:32 a.m.  5:45 a.m.  6:01 a.m.  You know, think a little bit.  Try not to think a little bit. … Continue reading

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I weep as I walk

I never know how this happens. All day long the thought arises, “Nope, nothing to blog about today.” Tonight, making yellow split pea soup with burdock–you all know what burdock is, don’t you?–OK, I see some of you don’t.  It’s … Continue reading

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