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The widest largest possible view

I don’t know about you, but it seems like our minds focus a lot on small views.  They focus on reading words.  They focus on performing the next task.  They focus on objects throughout the day. The dog, the cat, … Continue reading

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Psychedelic lake art and dreams of driftwood~~

**Thank you for pausing to look at some of the paintings and photos and other artistic expressions the lake daily creates.  The lake wants to remind all of us humans that art exists everywhere.  We need only open our blue … Continue reading

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Whisper your dreams to the stone-woman of the lake

No stories today on this blog–only the stories that nature herself shares.  You, of course, may tell your own stories as you gaze at the photos. You may find yourself transported to the south shore of Lake Superior.  You may … Continue reading

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The quietest Labor Day bridge walk in Michigan

 Hello, everyone.  Just trying to fit a blog in between a busy day of going to town, visiting friends, the first day of my official new work year (school started yesterday and I am shifting  my part-time hours from early morning … Continue reading

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Anyone want to go for a walk after dinner? How ’bout down to the lake?

Ripples in blue   Didn’t we have a nice walk down to the lake?  Didn’t we catch up on our lives?  Didn’t we connect?  Aren’t we glad that dog didn’t attack us? Wasn’t the evening beautiful?  Didn’t we enjoy the … Continue reading

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