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Poof! (and she disappeared again)

I apologize in advance for the times of silence on this blog. For quitting reading your posts. For just going quiet and seemingly disappearing into thin air. Poof! Just like that…gone. This time, during the 75 day spiritual blogging commitment, … Continue reading

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Pause, relax, breathe

Are you longing for some peace, some quiet, some relaxation deep inside? Is it time to wrap up Christmas prep, pour a cup of tea, sit quietly? To close your ever-busy eyes and breathe? Deep in, Deep out. Deep in, … Continue reading

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Listening, listening, to what wants to be said

Yesterday I walked down “Tamarack Trail” looking for color. OK, it’s not really called Tamarack Trail. You can call it “Larch Lane” instead if that sounds more lyrical. A logging crew clearcut this patch of woods about a mile or … Continue reading

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Do you want to talk about you, you, you or listen to me, me, me?

Yesterday I meandered over to Carol’s blogging back step where she revealed she just visited Cee’s back step.  Some of  you may know that Cee invites us to answer blogging questions. These help our readers know us better. Perhaps they … Continue reading

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Three dancing maidens

Once upon a time there were three dancing maidens.  You wish to know their names? The oldest maiden was called Time. The second-oldest maiden was called Life. And the third-oldest maiden was called Joy. Time arrived first to create the … Continue reading

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Silent blog. Please read quietly.

Shhhh…  It’s hard to talk.  Challenging to write.  I haven’t spoken a word aloud for twelve hours since 6:30 this morning when Barry left to fish at the Otter Lake Fishing Tournament.  The phone never jangled.  No music  played (oh, … Continue reading

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