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The quest for pumpkin creamer and so much more…

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a yearning for…a yearning for…and you can’t say quite what you’re yearning for…? You want something. Your heart wants something. But you cannot articulate what you want.

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Do you ever wake up on a Tuesday morning with an undefinable longing?  It palpitates near the heart, perhaps, beating its insistence with a red drumbeat whispering, “Please, please, please.” Of course a mere human can’t figure out what longing … Continue reading

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The lives we didn’t live.

Sometimes I mourn that I’m not living so many other lives. Didn’t you want to be…a sailor on board a ship, sailing the world round, salty and carefree under tropical seas, watching whales dance, whispering to porpoises telling them secrets … Continue reading

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A tale before supper of sunrise, caterpillars & ghosts

Ohmygoodness!   I’m feeling a creative high lately.  After at least two months of ho-hum suddenly I’m wanting to blog every day!  (Don’t worry, it probably won’t continue to happen, although you never know, she said with an evil grin.) … Continue reading

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“We shall not be tamed!”

The Buick’s windshield covered with heavy dew obscures our road in blurry wet shapes.  Up ahead–just to the left!–oh look, it’s a coyote.  No, it’s a fox.  Darn it, it’s a blurry wet windshield reflection moving into tall waving grasses. … Continue reading

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The great and powerful longing

I awoke this morning thinking about–and feeling–longing. The longing, like a swirling snake of energy, which has lived with me since I was a wee putter-snapper.   Do you live with longing? Oh, she can be a challenging guest, that … Continue reading

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