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“Count our Blessings” blogging practice

Dear readers, I have been inspired by a new blogging friend from Scotland–someone I met during The Great Blogging Switcheroo with Roughwighting this month.  Her name is Harula. She writes “Words that Serve” and inspires folks in many different ways. … Continue reading

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Thirty-five years ago the bridesmaids wore yellow

Thirty-five years ago the bridesmaids wore yellow. A hot yellow sun oven-baked the Methodist church on September 9th, 1978.  We sweltered.  We sweated. (OK, maybe it rained.  Maybe the bridesmaids wore baby blue and maybe we married in the Presbyterian … Continue reading

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Thirty days to live

This week one of my friends shared a dream. In the dream, which she described as half-way between waking and sleeping, feeling so utterly “realistic”, a voice told her:  “You have thirty days to live.  Get your affairs in order.” … Continue reading

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“Friendship is the breathing rose”

Last week my friend Doris invited me to stop by.  We get together every few months at her house.  She serves coffee or tea and delicious sweets.  Her husband, Howard, usually stops puttering to say hello, pausing at the table … Continue reading

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Love letter to you, Dad, on Father’s Day

Dear Dad, Today hundreds of thousands of fathers will open Hallmark and American Greeting cards and read aloud loving sentiments shared by sons and daughters across the heart of this land. Perhaps they’ll wipe away a stray tear knowing they … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you women & men who’ve never given birth

Mother’s Day wishes are swirling all over the ‘Net.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day in honor of my precious babies who are now grown up.  Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mama Earth who helped birth all of us, big … Continue reading

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Blogging to illuminate, to reconcile

Lately I have been enjoying writing blogs that seem to reconcile stuck, limited, or judging viewpoints within. Something arises.  Some judgment, some feeling, some sorrow, something that’s not yet integrated. Perhaps it has to do with a friendship.  A sense … Continue reading

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