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The joy of cooking (without a recipe)

One of my greatest joys in the last year or two has been tossing the recipe book out the window. Adieu, dear recipe book, you’ve been a wonderful teacher, a darling guide. But it’s time to learn to cook without … Continue reading

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The terrible weight of “should”

Many of us live our wild & precious lives burdened down under a heavy weight of “should”. Instead of celebrating who we are–can there ever be a more perfect you?–we second-guess and third-guess and quadruple-guess our actions.  We think ourselves … Continue reading

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Kinder discovers the bathroom sink

Today I visited Linda at the Skanee Post Office and posted a Christmas package to my daughter in New York City. In return, my daughter sent a picture of one of my grand-cats, Kinder, who recently discovered the bathroom sink. … Continue reading

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When the moon hits your eye…That’s Amore!

Sometimes mysterious wild & crazy things just happen. Like, let’s say, you’re visiting the bathroom early in the evening when–yes! outside the window!–a delicious almost-full moon arises.  It settles between the branches of the poplar trees and winks boldly in … Continue reading

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Can’t wait to get out of this boat & share weekly blessings

Way back at the end of September–gosh was that only a week ago?–I vowed after reading Harula’s post: Once a week in October, November and December I will  share Blessings, both received and given.  To consciously acknowledge some of the ordinary … Continue reading

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I will not shut down.

My country can shut down, my friends can throw me away, everything can go to hell in a hand basket, but I will not shut down.   How easy it is to shut down! To tighten up, to fuss, to … Continue reading

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“Count our Blessings” blogging practice

Dear readers, I have been inspired by a new blogging friend from Scotland–someone I met during The Great Blogging Switcheroo with Roughwighting this month.  Her name is Harula. She writes “Words that Serve” and inspires folks in many different ways. … Continue reading

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