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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

I used to think truth was something simple. Something one felt.  Something essential.  Something easily revealed. After years of meditation–and the practice of blogging–it becomes more and more apparent that, yes, Truth is very simple.  But it’s extremely complicated to … Continue reading

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What you don’t know about me

Still pondering what isn’t spoken, what isn’t shared on our blogs and with casual acquaintances. What don’t I share here? What words aren’t uttered and why? I spend most days deeply contemplating spiritual questions. Looking at things deeper and deeper … Continue reading

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Saturday night at the local bar after meditating for 48 hours

On Thursday at 12 noon, sharp, I began meditating for 48 long hours.  OK, it wasn’t continuous meditating.  But it did involve turning off the Internet, email, Facebook, WordPress, the News, books, movies, magazines and other fine amusements. Off went … Continue reading

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Not about me

Sweet readers, A confession! Often these posts are not about me. Even though I use the word “I”. Here’s what happens. I’m meditating. The Universe announces the day’s blog. (WHAT? You want me to write about THAT?) Yesterday during meditation, … Continue reading

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Do you sometimes practice Presence? Listening to birds sing in trees, feeling sandals on gravel, seeing shades of green thimbleberry leaves. When thoughts arise, watching them. Sometimes, if a thought snags you like a thistle burr, you label it “thought” … Continue reading

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Magical blessing of the butterflies

Today is my last post about beautiful Mackinac Island, located between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas. I surely enjoyed a delightful visit there on my way back home to L’Anse in the Upper Peninsula a week or two ago. Today … Continue reading

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There’s a WHAT living in our basement?

On Saturday morning I was meditating in the basement, cuddled delightfully beneath a heavy winter blanket, listening to the fire crackling merrily in the woodstove, the outside temperature hovering near freezing. It was one of those “ideal” meditations in which … Continue reading

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Sitting cross-legged by the burning wood stove

As many of you know or don’t know, I spend lots of time meditating here in the woods. Meditation started seriously for this one in 2003. Since no formal teacher materialized to teach me, I started sitting cross-legged on the … Continue reading

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The invitation to truly “occupy” ourselves

As any hermit in the woods knows–there’s a big “Occupy” movement going on in the world.  Even though I’m sometimes oblivious to national politics surrounded by Upper Peninsula trees without a TV that works, I know this much:  people seem to be sick … Continue reading

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Yin/Yang and in pajamas ’til noon

Good Tuesday morning to everyone from our Little House in the Big Woods, one-quarter mile from the lapping waves of Lake Superior.  The autumn colorful show ends quietly; a few green and yellow and red leaves still flap on branches, … Continue reading

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