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What really happened at the waterfalls…

Good morning, readers, friends, family, stumblers-upon-this-blog! I just posted the above photo on Facebook with an itty bitty explanation:  Magical hike to the Canyon Falls yesterday. Met up with friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. Other hikers met up … Continue reading

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Close your eyes and imagine your dead father’s face

Close your eyes.  Now imagine your dead father’s face.  Pull it into your inner sight, the wrinkles on his face, the dear crooked smile, the stubble of beard, the gray-brown hair that fell just so on his precious forehead. Feel … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle!

I am reading the book “Dying to be Me:  My Journey from Cancer to Near Death, to True Healing” by Anita Moorjani.  I first heard of the book through Marianne’s blog.  Monday night, at the township meeting held in extreme … Continue reading

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Gondola, going, going, gone…

Venice. Oh Venice, Italy, magic, mystery, city of dreams. I remember you now, looking at these pictures, was it 2007 or 2008? My daughter and me, traveling through Italy and Switzerland and France. Did it really happen, or was it … Continue reading

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Miss Marianne and the Missed Memories, eh?

Please! Please! Help a challenged woman with her memory issues. Here’s the deal, regular readers. At 11 a.m. EST the phone shall ring and I will talk with a dear blogging friend for the first time. Her name is Marianne … Continue reading

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We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring you—another Kathy?

Hi, I’m Kathy (a Kathy, I should say). I may not live on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but what I lack in geography I hope to make up for in name. As regular readers of “Lake Superior Spirit” know, the Kathy … Continue reading

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When we “escaped” to Texas and then “escaped” back to the Upper Peninsula

Chapter 4 Today we shall remember our Great Escapes. Escape is a dramatic word, isn’t it? I suppose you are thinking:  They didn’t really escape to Texas.  They didn’t really escape back to the Upper Peninsula.  She is using artistic … Continue reading

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