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Adventures of river, old windows and poultry

What an exciting day yesterday! We experienced three big adventures, which I am about to share with you, just because. Two of the adventures feature photos. The third and final adventure requires imagination.

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Shhhh, just breathe it in, my dears

  Just sharing a quiet little post today.  In fact it’s so quiet—shhhh–that I’m turning the comments off.  The better for us all to hear the birdsong.  The quiet of the forest. The hush of nature’s footsteps all around.

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Saying goodbye to the condo

Tomorrow I’m going to fly south through (hopefully) friendly skies.  Over stick-figure tree skeletons way down below.  Perhaps the sun will set through our jet window.  We’ll pass across the snowy vista of the Upper Peninsula and head south across … Continue reading

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Horizon Envy (once again)

Dear readers,  I am having a wee bit of a challenged week both physically and mentally, and keep surfing the Big Wide Internet searching for distractions to soothe my spirit. Some of you long-time readers & friends may remember this … Continue reading

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“Keeps on keepin’ on”

  First things first.  I am not going to complain about our endless winter here in the North Woods.  (At least publicly.  Maybe we can gripe together privately, if we’re experiencing a frustrated moment or day or week or month.) … Continue reading

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My first love…before Lake Superior

Perhaps some of you might be surprised to know that my love of Lake Superior birthed on the shores of Lake Huron.  Shall I share about my first love down in lower Michigan, that long arm of the Great Lakes reaching … Continue reading

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Almost Memorial Day weekend walking Marquette’s Lower Harbor

I so enjoyed a three-mile walk along Marquette’s Lower Harbor on Wednesday. ‘Twas another foggy day with chunks of ice melting in Lake Superior. Snapped fifty pictures of the ore dock, harbor, fish house, lighthouse, fisherfolk, marina, you name it. Am … Continue reading

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On the first day of Christmas…

I am perhaps moving this blog in a different direction for awhile, my dear loyal readers.  Today I wrote three blogs and tossed two of them away.  Even though they were both engaging, they felt cumbersome. I shan’t tell you … Continue reading

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Breakfast with wolf hunters

Yesterday morning we ate breakfast with a group of wolf hunters. I shan’t tell you who they are. Michigan sports a new law:  it’s game now to hunt wolves in the Upper Peninsula.  Cost?  $100 for residents.  $500 for non-residents. … Continue reading

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Dare-devil cliff jumper or rock-squatter sipping tea?

Last weekend, as many of you might recall, was the Weekend of the Susies. On Sunday, blogging buddy Suzi Banks Baum, from Laundry Line Divine, and I met in person (for the first time) and proceeded to dine at the … Continue reading

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